New Publisher: Edition Balch

April 5, 2016


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New services for authors around the publication of the book. What is an author who has a manuscript in the drawer and find a Publisher. Often, he ends up on his search for fraudulent literary agents and/or subsidy publishers who get dizzying advances and provide little or nothing in return. The Gelackmeierten are the authors who are rid of their money while but stayed sitting on their manuscript. Around 90,000 books appear on the German book market. A higher number does not appear at least not serious, because the authors find no publisher. Because only large publishers can go in advance, bear the full cost of pressure and even an advance pay the author.

This situation is exploited by literary agents and subsidy publishers, which certainly have a raison d ‘ etre, but often with exorbitant costs investments across the table authors. Costs, which amounted to several thousand euros quickly and probably never recoup if at all books sold be. These facts and personal and unpleasant experiences with fraudulent literary agencies and grant publishers have motivated the living on Lake Ammersee author of Renate Balch, to set up his own publishing house. Edition Balch”means the young company and is a mixture of traditional publishers and a service provider for authors around the book publishing. Editing, editing, book design, envelope design, illustration, image editing, letterpress, advice and active support in public relations and advertising up to the authors homepage. This service package offers Edition Balch”on with experienced and reliable freelancers as a partner. There is detailed information and references on the weblog of Edition Balch.