Festival City

November 10, 2014


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Festival of Folklore (Festivelhas), spreading of the popular culture. In 1867, the city almost was raised to the capital of Minas Gerais. The president of the province at the time, Jose of the Coast Axe of Souza, vetoed the law, alleging precariousness of the State Treasure and difficulties that the change would cause. ' ' He was to be capital miner, why not to be the mining capital of the folklore? ' ' , he inquires the municipal mayor of Jequitib, Geraldo Saturnine Antonio. is of considerate and acolhedora form that this full city of history and tradition waits for the event and prepares everything so that it fulfills its objectives. As it can be seen in the following words of the illustrious violeiro and master of Folia de Reis de Jequitib, Nelson Jac: ' ' still I am a boy of 77 years.

Boys like folia. Therefore, it is with much love and much honor that I receive the FestiVelhas in Jequitib' '. In the streets and the mounted palcos groups of some parts of the city had been presented, beyond guests of other mining regions. The visitors and spectators had been able to witness the joy and nimbleness of diverse folias as of Ours the Lady of the Rosary, the traditional The holy ghost and the Folias de Reis. Attractions that if also detach are presentations of the Ox of the Blanket, Incelncia for Rain, Encomendao of the Souls, Row, Pastorinhas, Dance of the Sewing press, Against Dana, End of Weeding, Dance of the Pole, Dance of Serrador and Cantigas de Roda. The newness of 2 Festival of Folklore of this year was the retaken one of the traditional folclrico parade, for the main streets of the city that congregate representatives of the groups, folclricos personages and local authorities. The objective of the parade was to show for the spectators the diversity that if joins to defend the culture and the wealth of the mining traditions kept by generations for half of the dance and I sing of it.