November 19, 2015


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Unhappyly many companies are not obtaining spoon all the fruits that have right. She is known that in the companies we find problems material, financial and human. How to decide them? She is very easy to explain: Therefore while the devil comes to, To steal, To kill and To destroy, Ours Mr. Jesus came stops in giving to a life and a life to them with abundance. Jo 10,10 ' ' My friends, vocs know that our wealth comes of this ours ofcio' ' (business, company, work). Acts 29:25 b Then, if the entrepreneur is not harvesting everything what he has right, something is missed.

Normally the companies contract professionals for Motivacionais Lectures on: Human resources, As To increase Its Sales, As To manage with efficiency, As to get Profits, As To please its Head, As To prevent Wastefulnesses, Atingimento de Metas, As To prevent Conflicts and, for measure there! Unhappyly they forget that it has a side spiritual in everything this. The world spiritual is much more real of what it is imagined We are not saying of espiritismo or ocultismo, far of this! For who he does not know the man is a Spirit that has a soul and inhabits a body. He is not toa that the Evanglicas Churches are growing in all Brazil. Already we are more than 40.000.000. Many times the entrepreneur, its company, or its employees are affected in its ' ' alma' ' is necessary to make some thing.

She is necessary to disinfect it, to clean it. The great success of the professionals who write Books of ' ' Auto; ' – ' ' Auto; ' they use and they explore ' ' alma' ' of the human being, for in such a way, many use of the Saying Book of our beloved and millenarian Sacred Bible. We need is to spiritual fortify the entrepreneur and its employees so that it in such a way has growth and development of the Company as of the Employees. Before becoming me Evanglico, Minister, Professor of Theology, I was Executive of Companies, Business consultant and Entrepreneur, therefore, I know ' ' another one lado' '. Here it is some of the subjects that we talk in the companies: Administration of the Money Administration of Life Financial Freedom Why I have financial difficulties? It has Biblical base for Strategical Planning? Will of God or Disorganization? Time of Decision! Strategy Spiritual Banishes its macaquinhos! It plans, for glory of God Reconstructing the Walls (the company) Placon Joo – Minister – Professor of Theology – Palestrante Evanglico – Contributor