April 14, 2018


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How it is possible, at home with little effort and in the shortest time, to make your own favorite chocolate itself. Five pure ingredients make chocolate itself although the expansive opinion is that the production of chocolate was technically very complicated and would therefore not in the ordinary budget, anyone can do at home chocolate itself. This is not meant to melt ordinary chocolate, they then have to bring in another form, but these five basic ingredients from the ground up to synthesize. Roasted cocoa beans to cocoa mass processed for the industrial production of chocolate at the beginning, which is mixed with sugar, certain types of oil and milk powder. To remove the “Sandy” mouthfeel, this chocolate is finely vermalen affiliated with rollers. The chocolate then adopted an almost dusty consistency, it comes in a Conche. Although there are different types and different procedures, however, the mass is here basically to at least 65 C heated and rolled again. It liquefies the chocolate again and the smell and taste substances are released.

This process can take depending on the procedure several hours and even days to complete. Then, the ground has a creamy and liquid consistency which is matt glossy. Now, the chocolate in forms is poured, ultimately to cool down and become hard again. What is the difference, if you want to make chocolate itself? In most kitchens at home the resources and machines lack, to heat the chocolate on the exact required temperatures these rollers and conchieren. Therefore, the mentioned extensive opinion right here. However, it is possible cocoa powder, ground cocoa beans, melted cocoa butter, vanilla and Agave syrup over a warm water bath gently to mix and then pour the resulting couverture forms. According to taste, you can now decorate the chocolate before cooling down. With fruit, berries, nuts, and all the other ingredients, the taste one.