Ambient Licenses

October 22, 2015


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Currently they is esteem that less than 28% of the country properties of the State of Mato Grosso they are registered in cadastre in the base of the Sema. The state possesss about 140 a thousand country properties, with 73 million ha and only 19,9 million ha are permitted. The number of ambient licenses of country properties active turns around 7.800 LAU? s. The Ambient Licensing in Country properties is carried through from the protocol of an letter-image with information on its property. In this map they are indicated to the open areas and to be explored economically, the legal reserve, the remaining area when it will have and the areas of permanent preservation. The letter-image is overlapped the information contained in stored images of satellite in a proper database of the fiscalizador agency, competing the SEMA verifying if it had deforestation in permitted and/or not forbidden areas. Had to the great ambient liabilities, many producers do not feel themselves to the will to adhere to the regularization, since, beyond the regularization next to the ambient agency, the majority of the country properties necessary to be adjusted in I lease, having that to recoup the areas of permanent preservation degraded (APPDs) and/or degraded areas of legal reserve (ARLDs).

This generates a high cost, discouraging the majority producing them to permit its country property. In this way, the same ones only request the licensing when notified to permit, duly warned filing and fine in case of not attendance the notification in skillful time. Although the incentive of the government of the State in launching the Program Weed de LEGAL Ambient Regularizao Agricultural-TM, a landmark in the development economic partner of Mato Grosso, created for decree 2,238 of 13 of November of 2009, whose objective is to promote the regularization of the ambient liabilities of the properties, amnestying the agriculturists that had deforested until December of 2007 without authorization, the adhesion index still it is very below of the waited one.