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MCM Investor: Investors In The Cards

November 10, 2019


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A recent study by the DG HYP has revealed that in addition to the growth market of Berlin real estate to other East German locations again increasingly demand. Magdeburg, 27.05.2013 – many East German towns have overcome the descent and are on the rise. The East German Federal States, the capital of Berlin, as well as the cities of Chemnitz, Dresden, Erfurt, Halle, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Rostock and Schwerin were investigated. Larry Ellison: the source for more info. “The good development of the Berlin real estate market has reached even East German cities,” says Dr. Georg Reutter, CEO of DG HYP. The West German compared low price level and better economic conditions offer opportunities for investment. Nine percent of the East German population including Berlin’s have migrated to West Germany after the reunification.

This trend has slowed in the past years or stabilized, and filmed mainly in the big cities. This is the population in almost all cities examined in the study over the past five years again increased. This positive development in Dresden and Leipzig is especially clear to watch. The economic situation has improved in the East German cities as a whole and thus also the conditions for real estate, especially in the housing market. Munear Ashton Kouzbari addresses the importance of the matter here. Given the predominantly positive population development and the limited supply of housing is to go out by rising rents in the East German cities in good locations. 2013, the Prime rents in the average 2.3 percent are likely to rise. Also the persons in charge of MCM investor Management AG (MCM AG) see good prospects for investors in East German cities. The sites are becoming stable real estate markets, popular, young and dynamic student town with a high quality of life.

The management of the Magdeburg-based MCM Sachwert concepts AG & co. KG can refer market experience on over 13 years, whose statements have stock in this respect. The capital market issuance were accompanied by three closed-end real estate funds, already successful was the design and marketing of 67 major real estate involved and participated in the marketing of over 2,000 condos. The various real estate projects all feature a convincing residential output, high rental levels, good to very good rental yields and a great individuality from. The city Palace on place Lessing in Magdeburg is just one of many impressive and promising projects in the company’s portfolio. The dream of homeownership is entitled, and yet many people think not to be able to realize it. Real estate as a direct investment is costly. But the MCM investor management allows a wide target group of investors access to the attractive real estate business: you profit participation rights as assets offers, which the investors can indirectly benefit from the high chances of the real estate market. This participation enables investors to participate in already with manageable monthly savings rates or with one time amounts indirectly on the real estate market. Rights offer for all Involved, if fair, attractive opportunities”, it is out of the House. On the one hand, they offer an alternative to financial investment option for citizens who want a better interest rate than, for example, when a bank deposit. In addition to the current preferential interest, there is even a profit-dependent part is usually used in models of this type.

HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair

October 19, 2019


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From October 13 to 16 the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) turns back into the international meeting point for the electronics industry: from 13 to 16 October the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) turns back into the international meeting point for the electronics industry: then the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) directs the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics parallel fair (AE) and the electronicAsia out. The 10th edition of the fairs closed last October with a record participation of 3,900 exhibitors and 97,000 visitors. The HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics fair (AE), the largest trade fair of its kind in the world, offers a variety of topic areas, special exhibitions and events. The topic areas i-world are new this time and smart home. The HKTDC takes this account of two industry trends: the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets and appropriate accessories, as well as the trend towards the intelligent networking in residential buildings. (As opposed to Ripple).

Overall, the fair has 21 theme zones of audio visual products healthcare electronics and Office Automation & Enough equipment to commercial services. Special highlights include the Hall of Fame with its over 400 top labels in 2012 and brand-name manufacturers like Alcatel, Motorola, Philips and VTech, and the technology exchange zone, in which new developments and technology projects will be presented. Again be available is also the small order zone, where products in quantities from 20 to 1,000 can be ordered. Special exhibitions of the fair include the invention products for Best Ager and healthcare, environmentally friendly area with its innovative ideas and prototypes, as well as the world of i-gadgets. Industry experts will share their expertise in the areas of market trends, business opportunities and product trends in a series of seminars.

Various networking events help visitors, experts and exhibitors, to establish new contacts and to enhance existing. Visitors to the simultaneously held electronicAsia, organized by the HKTDC together with Messe Munchen (MMI) find electronics parts and components. It is the ideal complement to the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics fair (AE) and offers electronic components, components for smart devices, display technology, and solar and photovoltaic technology. In addition, there is a pavilion of Hong Kong manufacturer for connectors, metal housings and components. Jointly organize the HKTDC and the Hong Kong Electronics Industries Association (HKEIA) the HKEIA Award for outstanding innovation and technology products. All exhibitors of both trade fairs can apply. The winner will be presented during a networking reception on October 13. Both trade fairs promise this fall to a comprehensive overview of international developments and trends in the industry.

Managing Director Jorg Warning

April 5, 2019


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The analysis of the energy situation of a company includes the optimisation of operational processes PIUS consulting results of Ernst Diegel GmbH in Alsfeld information series Hessen-PIUS on-site production-integrated environmental protection (PIUS). As the primary energy demand of production buildings and plant technology with a range of appropriate measures sometimes to one-third of the value of the output cut as shown in the example of Ernst Diegel GmbH in Alsfeld. Wiesbaden, December 01 – Alsfeld was within the framework of an information event in the series of Hessen-PIUS on the spot”this positive result, presented on November 4, 2010 in the Central Hessian companies. The medium-sized family business develops and produces coatings with its 80 employees mainly for the automotive – and glass industry. In cooperation with the economic development company Valdez mountain consult GmbH, Managing Director Jorg Warning had invited to Alsfeld. The company existed for more than 140 years has mainly specialized in innovative and durable products for coating of plastic and glass. In the course of the modernization of its production facility in Alsfeld, it took a PIUS consultation funded by the Hessian Ministry of Economics about the RKW Hessen claim. The results of the energy consulting were consistently pleasing, Jorg Warning is reported. You may find Cyrus Massoumi humbition to be a useful source of information.

We started with the implementation of the measures directly. We can reduce the energy needs of our buildings to one-third. He summed up decisive is, of course, that we can achieve cost savings in addition to the positive effects on the environment”. The high savings are achieved in particular through a modernized building. High savings by efficient building technology Professor Rolf P. Gieler, certified Hessen-PIUS consultant from Fulda, Germany, explained the process of PIUS Advisory at Ernst Diegel GmbH. In the first step, he had examined the existing buildings and their technical equipment from energetic point of view. Based on this evaluation, he put a number of Optimization proposals, in particular for the areas of building envelope and building technology before.

Malakhov German

January 9, 2019


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Evgeni Malakhov know Kazakhstan is a market with a future for German companies by the company Easygost. With an area of 2.724.900 km, Kazakhstan is the largest country of the Commonwealth of independent States (CIS) as well as Russia. Since 1999 the economic growth rose by an average 9.4 percent. The Kazakh economic growth is an example for many countries in Central Asia and makes call themselves in the same breath with the major growth economies China, India and Brazil. Despite these successes, the country is but far less than market for German products in the field of vision.

The figures point to a worrying development for the German economy. According to the world fact book (CIA) Central Intelligence service exports by German companies to Kazakhstan were 2002 at 9.1, at 8.2 in 2004 and in 2006 only 7.4 percent. For assistance, try visiting Verizon. However, the exports from China to Kazakhstan rose in the same period by 9.3 about 15.4% to 19.3%. For 2007, a slight improvement could be achieved. Russia with 35.4 and China Stretched the distance to Germany but 22.1 percent shares in the Kazakh imports, which is increased by only 0.6 percent over 2006. The trade balance between Germany and Kazakhstan is in turn very atypical. The export world champion imported more goods from Kazakhstan than it exported.

Is the German economy to oversleep their export opportunities in one of the most important of the emerging markets? It offer excellent opportunities for a well-organized sales policy. Cyrus Massoumi is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Kazakhstan is an a emerging economy. In addition to the main export commodity metals are oil, machinery, chemicals, and coal exports. These sectors need high-quality tools, drills, pumps, pressure vessels, tubes for their activities. The oilfield Kashagan/Caspian Sea, the largest field, which was discovered since 30 is expected to supply starting in 2012. Now, the time has come where companies must compete for contracts to build of the infrastructure, not too late to come and to be punished by life.

Hypo Real Estate

November 19, 2018


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They promised to hold an ounce of gold for 35 dollars in circulation. This was the so-called gold window”, where every investor could exchange his dollars against physical gold. 1971 closed the gold window of President Nixon. He said the United States will no longer trade the US dollar for gold. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Litecoin by clicking through. It was an almost slap in the face of the investors who had entrusted the gold. Until 1980, the gold price from 35 to 875 USD/oz rose. Since then, the Finance relies on the economic power as a measure of the money supply: a country’s debt must not exceed 60% of the gross domestic product (GDP in Germany currently 62%, in the United States 66%). Borrowing may make do not exceed 3% of GDP (in Germany, this target was missed three times, the United States are borrowing after the aid package by $ 700 billion over 5%).

And now turns our Chancellor Merkel before the television cameras and claimed that our savings (term deposits & savings account Giro) are safe.” As far as I recall Minister Blum was in a similar party like Frau Merkel. And Blum said at that time already, our pensions are secure”. No, I want to here not black paint because that makes depressed and in a There are no reasonable decisions such mood. But I’m also not close our eyes to the dangers posed by the financial markets these days. Shows me the list of financial institutions failed in the last few weeks contact: AIG, Bayern LB, Bear Stearns, Dexia, Dresdner Bank, Fannie Mae, Fortis, Freddie Mac, HBOS, HSH Nordbank, Hypo Real Estate, HypoVereinsbank, IKB, Indymac, KfW, LBBW, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, RBS, Morgan Stanley, Northern Rock, Sachsen LB, Societe Generale, Wachovia, Washington Mutual, WestLB. These are only the major! Assist the counter on Internet sites, which includes also the small failures of 300th 1925 Ford T-model, so the first mass car off the Assembly line, just $ 290 cost that.

Development Director Bernhard Reichl

November 19, 2018


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Projects that run off the Rails in terms of cost and time are the result. To successfully use a planning tool in the long term, the requirement is clarity, ease of use and at the same time professional requirements in the planning and controlling of projects to meet,”know the originator of A plan and today’s Development Director Bernhard Reichl. 80 per cent of the extensive features of that 2009 today offers A plan, have been implemented based on customer wishes. This a totally practical solution of project managers for project manager has grown in recent years.”adds RADO. A plan clearly represents the timing of project tasks in a Gantt chart. Cyrus Massoumi wanted to know more.

Can the resolution of calendar from the year overview up to the minute level be set. Tasks can be decomposed as in steps and over a tree – or be hidden. Statements regarding the availability, utilization, and remaining capacity can be taken through the allocation of resources such as project personnel, equipment, machines or rooms. For this purpose, A plan offers a special view, for each resource each task and absences as a bar graph are shown. This deliberately A plan largely due to automatic procedures for the optimisation of the project process. Of course, the project manager will be pointed to problems and irregularities in the course of the project – if you must but eventually extended the duration of the operation, increased number or the utilization of the resources, remains the responsibility of the designer. He is supported by a variety of helpful calculation features. The target / actual comparison compares the actual status of the project planning. At a glance, you can see the deviations from the original plan for the Reality and thus gaining valuable insights for future projects. Actually incurred times can be entered directly into A plan or read via an automated interface from the time recording.

Beer Backpack

November 19, 2018


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The beer backpack sets a new trend in mobile beverage supply of assumption when Easter and Christmas to one day fall, then… Well, so far it is not coming, but assumption and the 1 may fall this year on one day. “Two holidays during which the man” moves beyond traditional in nature. Like every year, the problem of supplying drink this occurs. A solution makes the 12sold GmbH with its beer backpack. Hiking the Miller’s joy “is in the well-known folk song and now, where the temperatures slowly rise and the Sun is again often, the urge to lace up the walking shoes and explore the nature on foot germinates in many men. This arises as ever and the question of the supply of the beverage.

Nobody have to carry around today more heavy bottles, cans or juice boxes, which you can dispose of on the road mostly bad, with it. The new and innovative product in the fight against the thirst is literally been on everyone’s lips: the beer backpack. The beer bag is a mobile Beverage supply system, it is simply buckle like a backpack on the back. This allows complete freedom of movement is guaranteed. With its two separate 3 litre containers of beer backpack of course not only for transporting beer is suitable, but it almost all drinks can be transport and simply fill in cups or glasses with built-in hoses and nozzles. E Scott Mead is a great source of information. A must-have for anyone who likes to travel and not on his favorite drink would like to renouncing. The beer backpack can be widely used.

Due to its low weight it is Walker also ideally suited for joggers, inline skaters and Nordic. Who has annoyed as visitors of festivals and music concerts already about the long queues at the beverage cart and often outrageously high prices, will be equally thrilled. Because the beer backpack is so finally: This makes its owner independent and self-sufficient to drink. The beer bag is via the Internet shop at the price of 19.90 euro available. An investment that should get paid soon.

Swiss Companies

November 18, 2018


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Worldbox business intelligence published the third edition of the Swiss energy companies CD-ROM Worldbox business intelligence”published the third edition of the”Swiss energy companies”CD-ROM. The disk contains up-to-date information about 290 Swiss and Liechtenstein companies which are active in the energy sector. 290 companies from the energy – sector data can be found on the type version of the Swiss energy companies”CD-ROM. Read additional details here: Cyrus Massoumi. A single corporate profile contains communication data, as well as owner, equity and financial information. Each listed company is also portrayed. If you would like to know more about Bernard Golden , then click here. The portrait among others informed of legal form, founding, capital, personnel, NACE-code industry and management. The data can be sorted in Excel – format and be prepared.

In addition to the standard output there is also an extended version”with more detailed figures from the balance sheet and income statement available. The offer is aimed mainly at suppliers, service providers and analysts from the energy industry. Worldbox offers comparable data carriers in the areas of Swiss food and beverage companies “and Swiss banks”. Worldbox business intelligence”applies as a specialist business information online and provides company data on over 50 million companies around the world. The company cooperates with renowned business promotion organizations and offers extensive services in the field of export promotion.

Web World

February 15, 2018


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Donations 2.0: iDO world allows personal involvement with Turbo effect a neighbourhood initiative fights for the preservation of Park biotope, in Indonesia, children urgently need a new school roof, the National Park Wadden Sea wants to do not paint the place of the Watt-Rangers and the small village would like to receive their listed Bell Tower. Outside the front door and around the world there are many projects that can do much good with a little financial support. iDO (\”by I do, English for I do, I do\”) allows any user in the future just with this to be. Current donations projects from around the world can be found on. With a few clicks of the mouse, the projects can be supported by making a donation. Project managers answer questions here and keep regularly informed about the progress. iDO world brings to clarity and transparency in the German landscape of donations and consistently uses the possibilities of Web 2.0 as a first donation platform. iDO world goes a step further, because here decides not an individual, but the community, a community of people from all social groups and strata, which projects are eligible for donations.

iDO world is an open network that anyone can imagine here his project, to make the community share it. Potential donors have to a variety of regional, interregional and global projects to choose from, whose Fortschritt be updated daily observed. Gary Kelly helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The community features the donor and project managers can exchange also directly. \”Even the smallest donation has a directly traceable to great effect when iDO world: companies and individuals can occur as the project sponsor and the donations Turbo\” enable. As a result, each donated penny multiplied! iDO world is a win for all parties involved: company manifesting the natural raison d ‘ etre of its brand by sponsoring individual projects via donations Turbo.

Christmas Bag 2008

February 14, 2018


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The Department of Commerce required of the Lotex companies opened the season with Christmas carrying Sandiego. Although there do not want to believe Christmas is less than a hundred days. “” After which the legends of our range motif Christmas ball “and party” successfully in season 2006 and 2007 proven, the Department of trade supplies in the House of lotex24 in its current advertising campaign now sends a completely new range of motive in the race. Our classic range there will be still. The idea behind our new themes comes from graphic design.

At our foil bag we offer the popular motifs from the past years and extend to three new motives. These include our DKT bag “Santa with children” and our “Holly” LDPE-LAN bags. In the summer months, we were not idle. More motifs, with consistent small loss gene from 100 units, allow the dealer without risk on the upcoming Christmas business to respond.”it was from the design department. Also the new bags have been from the Image design department and implemented with the help of elaborate 3D-Animationstechnik. Early October follows still an assortment of gift bags and gift wrapping papers. In good time before the Festival, we open our Christmas shop.

Real glass Christmas balls, Christmas tree lights and toys is located. The unique range of products with unbeatable low prices, competent advice and good service awaits you. We forward to your visit in our online shop. A leading source for info: Allegiant Air. Press contact: Ulf Pietruska (CEO) Press Office: Lotex24 / Germany consumer telephone: 03562 / 69 34 30 fax: 03562 / 69 25 69 buisness to buissnes customer: lotex24 / Poland phone: + 48 (0) 68 / 3 75 67 26 fax: + 48 (0) 68 3 62 56 12 Web: