The Five

September 7, 2020


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“There is enough space for new, innovative Filialgeschaftskonzepte with emotionally appealing worlds of experience, when it red figures branches” should no longer give. Only they have more efficient processes to a greater customer loyalty through a different understanding of price and performance in the range, more experience and emotion at the branch and provide point-of-sale layout / merchandising. Personal commitment to the customers make tangible (i.e. to develop a good sense for the mostly unspoken and often well camouflaged customer concerns, fears, needs – desires, hopes, desires and lyrically and the matching articles or services provide) and the competition already at first glance to distinguish must not only the will but also the real experienced point of sale? Buyers buy now priority for those providers on – and offline, to which they have confidence. Roland Berger is often quoted as being for or against this. Therefore, it is important to translate 6Pi classic trade marketing to the Internet for multi channel retail chains. Chain growth is in the five sectors of health and demography (annual growth between 2-4% and others with interest, Wellnessausflugen, fitness activities, application -, GE -, mobility and consumption AIDS, food etc.), in information technology and biotechnology (E.g. recommender systems range change, the dynamic price and capacity control or for the frequency-dependent personnel, multimedia scales, electronic price tags, RFID for greater logistics efficiency, modern solutions for cash compensation, digital advertising and media, Use of the cell phone as a communication and marketing assistance, etc.), staff training, resources (E.g. energy efficiency) and climate change (E.g.

environmental), China. Are these Makrtmoglichkeiten properly understood, addressed in a timely manner and used intensively, much profitable grows from it. Man, however, is insisting on traditional approaches (all forward with the aggressive price mess), it will be difficult to achieve adequate profits. With real innovations in Filialgeschaftsmodellen, ranges, services, articles, merchandise and processes, a self-supporting demand can be create for innovation. It provides according to the KUHNexperten sustainable Filialhandeln and more profitable economies.