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May 11, 2021


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PoolDiary: Simple document and identify potential savings. With the electronic operation journal PoolDiary as an app, capture and document all according to DIN 19643 required tasks and data. The software analyzes variations and uncover potential savings. HBO Max has similar goals. You get the app here ( Feeder ProCal: Fully automatic disinfection with low operating costs. Disinfect free chlorate with calcium hypochlorite.

Efficient, low-chloride disinfection of swimming pool water: with the electrolysis installations of the CHLORINSITU series you can produce hypochlorous acid on-site from sodium chloride. Depending on the system, the resulting sodium hydroxide can be used to the pH-value adjustment. Chemical-free, environmentally friendly water prepare: UV system of Dulcodes S to the photochemical degradation of unwanted ingredients. Swarmed by offers, Williams Sonoma is currently assessing future choices. Press contact Michael Birmelin ProMaqua GmbH Gopi 32/1 69123 Heidelberg Tel. + 49 6221 842-270 E-mail: about the ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH which ProMinent group of companies ( is manufacturer of components and systems in the field of dosing of liquids, as well as reliable solutions partner for water treatment. With our innovative products, services and industry-specific solutions we work for greater efficiency and security for our customers worldwide. Headquarters of the group is Heidelberg.

56 its own sales and service companies and representatives in more than 100 countries guarantee worldwide service and availability. In 2010, ProMinent celebrated its 50th anniversary. ProMinent ( focuses on the development, production and distribution of components and complete solutions for storage, transfer, dosing and neutralization of liquid chemicals. This chemical storage containers, transfer pumps, dosing pumps, measurement, rule – and sensor technology, complete dosing systems polymer piecing stations are used. The subsidiary ProMaqua ( focused as independent technology providers, for examply / and disinfection procedures on the following industries and applications: food and beverage, drinking water supply, pool – and Wellnessindustrie, hotels, as well as cooling water disinfection and legionella prevention. Complete system solutions with all commonly used methods of treating water are offered. Under smart disinfection ( (low impact less cost high efficiency) offers ProMaqua per application of environmentally-friendly, economical water disinfection with highest efficiency. From a single source, from consulting through to operation. The product and scope of services includes chlorine dioxide systems, electrolysis plants, UV systems, ozone systems and membrane filtration systems and measurement -, rule – and dosing technology. About ProMaqua GmbH, ProMaqua GmbH is the reliable solutions partner for water treatment. ProMaqua is a company of the world’s ProMinent Group headquartered in Heidelberg. As an independent technology provider for the Water treatment and disinfection focuses ProMaqua following industries and applications: food & drinks, drinking water, swimming pools & Spa, hotels & resorts, and zoos. She is also independent on the cooling water disinfection applications and specialized legionella prevention. Complete system solutions for water treatment with a focus on hygiene & disinfection, are offered with all conventional water treatment methods are used. The product and scope of services includes chlorine dioxide generation systems, electrolysis systems, UV systems, UV ozone generation systems, membrane filtration systems as well as measurement, rule – and dispensing equipment.