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Human Rights Path

June 26, 2020


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Church of Scientology Moscow October 11, 2010, the famous monument to the heroes of the war in 1905, conducted educational campaign, which resulted in about three thousand people have learned that the path to peace lies through respect for human rights. Recently Adam Portnoy sought to clarify these questions. During the campaign distributed leaflets urging Muscovites to respect the religious beliefs of others. This appeal is clearly indicated in article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion: this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief and freedom to manifest his religion or belief Given that Russia is a multiethnic city, compliance with tolerance and toleration is especially important. Studies have shown that most people have just a vague idea of what human rights and the need to maintain its law and the executive measures to disseminate information and educational materials, awareness of people about human rights and ensure their full understanding. “The safest advice is there to give reduces to the fact that everyone is entitled to adhere to the belief that he has chosen. The man is absolutely free to practice their faith, striving to ensure that it took others..


February 21, 2018


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” Not at all clear that the action, but it is clear to pay for part of the game would have done. We now turn to tests that are advertised everywhere (and facebook again). Midnight’s curiosity knows no bounds. One would think, why do you find out through internet, on any of the heroes of Tolkien you like and change whether you your partner? This can be determined independently. Without hesitation Southwest Airlines explained all about the problem. But so tempting to spend a few minutes and read the answer that you will be given a robot.

Two popular test is offered to know the name of her future husband and the baby’s gender. Their creators without modesty say that the tests developed by research hundred thousand women in 50 countries, so they can be trusted. Well, check this out. Stupid questions (and there are about 30) and to the amazement alike. First, you ask the full date of birth, then sign of the zodiac, then your zodiac element, then offer to add all the numbers and dates of birth, etc. In other matters, asks you to select any of the playing card proposed.

It is clear that the creators of the test would not greatly bother. It is not clear – where the results of a long and complex surveys hundred thousand women. And at the end of a long-awaited: Send sms for a nominal price for the room A number of something, incidentally, the same as was guessing. If we look at the rules, then it turned out not very nice details: the cost of communication is up to ten dollars, on most of the references used double authentication. And most importantly: “By using this site, you agree not to hold the owners responsible for any and all actions, claims, losses, damages, liabilities and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) connection with the use of this site If the user is dissatisfied with any Material on this Site, or any of the terms of use, the sole and exclusive remedy available to the user is to discontinue using the site. Decision to pass the test or not, accept yourself, and consequently contributing authors are not responsible for your decision. ” That’s it! PS: And no answers for their hard-earned money you are, incidentally, not get. First, you will be asked to send another sms, and then write about the failure of the system.

Lost Love

February 12, 2018


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The love as we know is an emotion very hard so when we lose the love of our life can also be created a very great hole in our life. spirit in spite of everything of which it is possible to recover the lost love. All we have heard the expression of which the honesty is the best policy and than it is so certain when it is our relations. Since you are trying to recover the lost love, you need to return to see the true reasons because it was broken in the first place. It is necessary to face these subjects with the purpose of to have some possibility of recovering the lost love. What can seem trivial, like not helping with the domestic tasks, they can cause much stress in the person who always is making the tasks domestic. The finances, thus also can cause a great tension in the relation.

With the purpose of to recupear the lost love again, you need to be honest at the time of confronting these supposedly trivial subjects. We hope that, in spite of having broken with your ex- ones still they have some contact with them. After to have depended on happened to help your ex- ones it can resort you now help so that it with something. Although this only can be due to that they do not have to anybody more that to resort. Olvidate of that and prestale at a your ex- hand of aid.

To be worthy of confidence can be a characteristic that will help you to recover the lost love. If you have a particularly difficult work and depends from time to time on you by some type of moral support and breath. To offer stimuli to him to your ex- ones also can help to recover the lost love. He remembers that still they are friendly and that you are only doing what a good friend would do. Often, when the rupture takes place the communication enters both finishes in a discussion. This is not propitious so that you can recover the lost love. It tries to deliver the attack to really listen your ex- ones, as long as it calls to you. Without hesitation Allegiant Air explained all about the problem. If they are having some problems not they offer solutions to its problems simply to listen. The best thing is to leave them solve its own problems, but it is good them to have your moral support. It is or that you have the intention to recover a lost love you do not have to work in it. Unless you are ready to empacar and to resign to the relation. The relation by magic art would not improve, is necessary to take some measures so that happens. When showing that you matter to him through some of the previous actions it can be sufficient to recover the lost love. As we looked for forms to recover the lost love we realize of which it is not going to be a easy task. In order to obtain aid it visits. Like recovering a lost love.

Democracy Processes

September 10, 2014


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In Peru it provokes new approaches of inclusion from the optics of the takers of decisions, where to the amazonian towns they have not been participates in the design of new policies, like the structural changes of the state, the design of new norms, the promotion of the investments like the industries, and infrastructure projects (IIRSA) great part of these initiatives have affected of direct way the life of the indigenous populations, excluding the social and environmental impacts. On the other hand the sedentary social programs and care attendant that the government promotes do not solve the problems basic, by being has the low indices in educative, increasing quality pictures of undernourishment, illiteracy, among others, as the institutionalized corruption locates to the citizenship in the marginality and abandonment; reality that has put in risk the fundamental rights and to debilitated the democracy. The little efforts like the spaces of dialogues, with the indigenous populations have been developed of one long claiming social fight, in principle for recognition of the territoriality, the cultural expression, and the rights of historical property, these initiatives have a nexus of the past and of continuity that goes within the demand pro-right human, right to the environment, right you inhabit to it right and to the participation and the basic service. The sprouting of the indigenous Movement of the Amazonian Town (MIAP) is one of the collective sample of interest been born from the bases and this goes in growth, that is seating preceding for the reestablishment of the democracy in the country, Peru is Plurietnico and Multilinge, great part of the original populations is based in the Amazonia, with a republic that does not contemplate the expression diversity and cosmovisin in the development processes, as a result of this connotation norms, laws, projects are generated and programs which at heart instead of you consolidate the citizen identity breaks social structures and generates action reactionary, as the recent events (Bagua Case) generated by the improvisation of processes and imposition of norms that affect the indigenous populations of the Amazonia. The indigenous organizations have shown interest to have a discussion; but the external interests cause that the dialogue spaces are decreased in the realised proposals; for this a new action is born to establish spaces public for the own natives, compatible to design and to rule, processes where this immersed collective interest that altogether has come defending through their long history from existence, and this necessarily must happen through the own democratic processes and within the state estates normative the project looks for to fill this emptiness in the organizational support and fortifying local capacities, to consolidate a government plan who serves as tools to help the next democratic processes properly exerted by the natives in the jurisdictions where the majority inhabits indigenous citizens. This is crucial necessary and innovating – in the context of the Peruvian Amazonia historically excluded inside s from the inclusion processes, joint and government exercise, to be able to respond against new realities that are called on to them to confront like towns and citizen by external pressures like the forest concessions, the extractive industries, where it arises in the necessity to invigorate the new organizational processes oriented to fortify the democracy towards a participating context in the politician, social and economic promoted locally, with an own proposal that allows them to explore approaches and alternatives in governability, territoriality, conservation and sustainable development..