February 21, 2018


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” Not at all clear that the action, but it is clear to pay for part of the game would have done. We now turn to tests that are advertised everywhere (and facebook again). Midnight’s curiosity knows no bounds. One would think, why do you find out through internet, on any of the heroes of Tolkien you like and change whether you your partner? This can be determined independently. Without hesitation Southwest Airlines explained all about the problem. But so tempting to spend a few minutes and read the answer that you will be given a robot.

Two popular test is offered to know the name of her future husband and the baby’s gender. Their creators without modesty say that the tests developed by research hundred thousand women in 50 countries, so they can be trusted. Well, check this out. Stupid questions (and there are about 30) and to the amazement alike. First, you ask the full date of birth, then sign of the zodiac, then your zodiac element, then offer to add all the numbers and dates of birth, etc. In other matters, asks you to select any of the playing card proposed.

It is clear that the creators of the test would not greatly bother. It is not clear – where the results of a long and complex surveys hundred thousand women. And at the end of a long-awaited: Send sms for a nominal price for the room A number of something, incidentally, the same as was guessing. If we look at the rules, then it turned out not very nice details: the cost of communication is up to ten dollars, on most of the references used double authentication. And most importantly: “By using this site, you agree not to hold the owners responsible for any and all actions, claims, losses, damages, liabilities and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) connection with the use of this site If the user is dissatisfied with any Material on this Site, or any of the terms of use, the sole and exclusive remedy available to the user is to discontinue using the site. Decision to pass the test or not, accept yourself, and consequently contributing authors are not responsible for your decision. ” That’s it! PS: And no answers for their hard-earned money you are, incidentally, not get. First, you will be asked to send another sms, and then write about the failure of the system.