Gordon Brown

July 10, 2020


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Both are two new socialist agent chief executives who recently have gotten to lead to their respective countries, which are in opposed the geographic and ideological borders of the Atlantic. Mark Zuckerberg is likely to agree. Although the red Cuban British and boast of to have implanted efficient systems of gratuitous education and health, both occupy the trench opposed in relation to Bush. While the government Labour Party member is his main world-wide ally, the Castro one is its detractive major. Before getting to be heads of its respective governments Raul Castro and Gordon Brown they were during long time the second figure of the leftist party in the power. Raul was the vice-president of Fidel Castro from 1976 and soon by the end of the 2006 replaced to him transitorily. Brown was chancellor (head of the treasure) of Blair from the first day in which this one arrived at the premierato in May 1007. The brother of Fidel replaced in the position 8 months to him after Brown replaces their partner Tony Blair like prime minister. London has greeted the change in Havana expressing its votes so that this one goes away democratising.

However, as we see in this article, Gordon and Raul have arrived at the commando of their nations without no of them has happened through a popular election as much concerning the country as of its own party. The Castrismo the Cuban system is exclusive in all West because it has a nationalized and planned economy and a model of unique communist party. Whereas in the rest of the hemisphere there are market and elections, in this island both are submitted. In Cuba it is restricted to the private company and the capacity of the money to buy properties (then, it continues being, essentially a unit of change to acquire basic products or to register transactions).