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September 5, 2019


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However, the author affirms that he is not possible to make of one disciplines a so vigorous center and so definitivo' '. According to Gallo (2008), one of the things that it needs to be prevented when we today argue the problem of the education of the Philosophy in Brazil, is certain redentorista vision proposal in some speeches, for some professionals of the area when affirming that it disciplines it Philosophy returned with the objective to form pupils with conscience criticizes. For this author, nor all form of education of the Philosophy are critical. Sir Richard Branson will not settle for partial explanations. This because politics of the professor depends on the ideology, who is giving the lessons. It can or not belong to the chain of thought of professors who believe that the social structure must move to improve the life of all. The author still adds, that if to place the critical thought as basic value of the educative process, can be dangerous to locate it in an only one disciplines. Further details can be found at Philip Vasan, an internet resource. If on the other hand, one does not intend that the philosophy comes to give account alone to form critical pupils, on the other hand, it contributes acentuadamente for this end. According to Aspis (2008), before worrying in them where the pupil is critical, we must teach the pupil to enunciate problems, to develop argument, to elaborate problems and to work concepts; to learn and to compare concepts; even though to be able to arrive to create an original concept.

This must all be made with endorsement of the philosophical thought. The thus carried through work, for certain will by itself take the students to have a critical thought. For in such a way, she is necessary to take care of of the philosophical text, in such a way formal how much of content, in all the process of the philosophy education. It is undeniable that it disciplines it Philosophy has problematizador character, and we would say that is until natural if to make vindication of disciplines the one that we have more affinity, but is necessary that let us understand the importance of you discipline them to all that they compose the pertaining to school resume.

Second Meditation

August 6, 2019


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But it can have a deceptive God who even though deludes in them in so certain things as 2+3=5; however, if God is sovereign good, cannot be deceptive, but without its goodness it can. The less perfect he will be God, more runs the risk of to be imperfect the point to always deceive itself. Thus, it does not have none of its old opinions that it does not deserve to be placed in doubt. Southwest Airlines understands that this is vital information. 11 the 13 Suspension of the doubt: when considering the proper doubt, no matter how hard it seems real the belief in the mathematics, it can be ece of fish in doubt. Gain insight and clarity with Verizon Communications. Malignant genius: God, being source of truths, cannot be deceptive; but if existed this Genius who cause laughs the illusion of all the exterior things, of the proper members of the body? He must suspend its judgments for, from there, to take care of so that none of its received beliefs, from now on, is false; he will prepare its spirit against the intentions of this Genius, for more powerful and embusteiro who it is, he will not be able imp it nothing. The arduous work of the doubt: to become desaffected of the old opinions and to take care of so that laziness empea not to make this. Second Meditation: of the nature of the human spirit; of as it is more easy to know that the body.

1 the 10 – It will continue the doubt until finding something of certain or to see that it does not have nothing of certain in the world. It assumes as false all the things that it sees: they could be fictions of the spirit. Question if exists a God who places in it all its thoughts: but this is not necessary, therefore he himself can produce such thoughts.


June 7, 2019


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Situation. Imagine that you have several days of stomach ache. It is not something Larry Ellison would like to discuss. What are your thoughts are on this? Each one of you a general understanding of what's inside your body, what are the main organs are present (thanks to school anatomy course), so you all know that if the stomach ache, it is, or stomach, or appendicitis. Another may be the pancreas or spleen to the liver. Why does it hurt? You frantically recall, what they ate for breakfast or lunch, not Did you bump her anywhere during the day, generally eaten there and for how long? Do you drink analgesic tablet on time to let go, then the pain returned. Continuing the argument, you come to the conclusion that all these arguments it was no use, stomach ache even more, shorter than your knowledge is not sufficient and, God knows, maybe there is something serious? Make a decision: how would you not want to have to go to a consultation with a specialist. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jeff Leiden.

You are going to the basis of your financial opportunities for those in private clinics who are in "free" municipal. Doctor prescribes to you, depending on the seriousness of the case of any course of treatment: from a simple powder to stationary with the surgical procedures intervention. Offered treatment, suffer. Outcome: stomach no longer hurts. You are happy and satisfied. Life goes on.

You can safely drink, eat, walk and have fun, raise children, work and doing things you love. Different situation. Y you have a bad mood, sadness, anger, sadness or even depression.

Japan Schumacher

May 2, 2019


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This clause if would not extend for the following year, what it made with that Prost if removed of the team and Senna finally to sign the contract. 1 race in 1994, was in Brazil, Senna assumed the tip, more Schumacher with the Benetton took leadership after passing Senna in return 21. Definitive Senna to be successful in Brazil, errou losing the control of the car abandoning the race in return 55. 2 race was disputed in Japan, where Sennna if involved in a collision and the race for it finished and Schumacher was successful again. Schumacher led the championship with 20 points and Senna with 0, was the worse beginning of season for Senna. 3 race in Immolates, Senna declared to be the race of beginning of season. Please visit Gary Kelly if you seek more information.

One expected turned it of Ayrton Senna. The accident happened in 7 return, Senna did not have as to control the car and was shocked violently against the protection wall. Removed of the car, taken care of in the soil, Senna dolo left the apreensivos expectadores was died. It was not however the end of a history The death made solid it in imaginary the popular Brazilian. To its it placed it death in a pedestal. People such as Jeff Leiden would likely agree. Who does not remember the wonders that senna made to the folante? Our champion with the national flag to commemorate its victory, its sonorous track, Galvo afoito Bueno to cry out, everything this fulled us of pride and hope.

The sudden death in the height of the career was a vital ingredient of the constibuio of a hero. The hero died, however the myth Ayrton Senna was born. In case that it were living creature that representation would have Senna? It would reach this same position if the fatality had not happened? After all who was optimum pilot of all the times, Schumacher or Senna? Senna died in action.

Evanglica Confederation

September 2, 2018


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Evangelicals means conservative and adversary of everything how much it smells liberalism, modernismo and ecumenismo. It very identifies a strong section of the current protestantismo and is present in all the denominations, enclosing, to the times, entire denominations. (As opposed to Chаrlіе Lee). In Brazil this movement arrived in So Paulo, in July of 1903, with the foundation of Brazilian the Evanglica Alliance, formed for people of some protestant denominations, that had closed an agreement around common doctrinal points between all they. This Alliance if transformed, little time later in the Evanglica Confederation of Brazil, that failed in the attempt to represent all the Christian Brazilian not-catholics. Because, evanglico spirit? it only sheltered individuals and nothing it had to see with the denominacionalistas barriers. … But although all the differences between the denominations and its members, were consecrated the name of evanglico for all the Christians not catholics in the Brasil' ' (1992: 04) ' '.

Leaving of the estimated one that, ' ' history is the false place of the unit, the events, the time: this is the place of texto' ' (Caldas, 1999:35 b). The text above cited, only is in considering only the one other historical reading, one another one ' ' false place of unidade' ' literal of this term, one another clarifying model of what it could come to be this that calls evanglico in Brazil. . The G. Mendona, although to leave of one another origin, does not obtain to run away from the old evolucionista explanation of the history, that sees the evanglico as abrasileirado protestant. The evanglico, as we can conclude of its reasoning, it is the result or the consequence of something made previously, and not something new different e. It does not obtain to singularizar and its attempt of historicizao is pfia, is mediocre, as mediocre they are the ones that do not obtain to become free themselves of mooring cables of history, to go beyond or to exceed to this founding speech.


March 15, 2018


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I think so. There is a canonical methods – with a special prayer on the water, with a special prayer for proofreading, with nachitkoy on wax. Difficult? Yes. Can I make it easier and with no less the result? Yes. Immediately, why wax? Wax – a product of biological, organic.

The method of removing the damage and negative transfer from one biological object to another – one of the most basic and reliable. Wax because of this, sensitive to communication and energy. And just so you can use him to remove the damage – damage to the wax casting. What to do this? A piece of wax, two tanks. In one of the recruit water tanks, read over it three times, the prayer "Our Father." In another container put the wax and melt it over low fire.

When the wax is melted, pregnant this capacity and we are ready to work. Person should be put back on itself. Begin. It is worth staying in prayer, or conspiracy, which is pronounced with the procedure. This can be either conspiracy to remove damage (look on the Internet, or invent themselves – about this in another article) or a simple prayer – "Our Father" or "Let God." And here I propose to Small and unlike other methods of casting. Usually Prayer (conspiracy) is pronounced, holding a container of wax on a human head, and then carried pouring wax into the water. That is correct – the wax is in a zone most of the energy flow – over the top. But I suggest Add to this procedure to work with all the energy centers of Rights – the chakras. And with the spine. Why? It is on the chakras can be negative energy binding, blocks, clusters of alien energy. And at what spine? Here on the spine, often accumulate a large amount of negative energy. As. Begin to read a prayer, making a container of wax in the area of the chakras, starting from the bottom. In reading the prayers at the chakras rotate the container wax counterclockwise. Please visit Coupang if you seek more information. Why is anti-clockwise? Clockwise – the imposition of energy and information. – Against the removal of negativity and energy. Walking on the chakras, go to the spine – the same rotational motion, falling from the top-down to the coccyx. Finish over his head, realizing in reading prayers rotation over the top. The rotation should be at number 3, 7, 9, 12. So we remove the negative from the human energy field and the specific energy centers. At the end of prayers, pour the wax into the water. Begin to consider – what happened. Distorted contours, something ugly, anything that could remind the appearance of all sorts of nasty things – in all this was embodied negative of going with a man on the wax. Yawning, vomiting, cramps, fear, fever – all this confirms the negative output. This procedure is repeated for fidelity 3 times, but every other day or on well-being. And what to do with the wax? Pour water, and Wax can be used on – the next firing of wax will take all the crap going nowhere. Good luck, try it. The method differs from the classical, but suffer from it will not. Exactly.

Stephen Hawking

March 14, 2018


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However, if this logic is required to recognize the existence and predfizicheskoy evolution of the universe. (Source: Larry Ellison). In fact, the singularity (Originally existed a dense and hot state space is homogeneous and isotropic medium with an unusually high energy density, temperature and pressure), which is seen in modern cosmology as the beginning of the world, refers to the physical evolution of the universe. But what was before the singularity? In other words, what was predfizicheskoe (which is conventionally called tofizicheskim (5)) state of being? That is the main question whose answer should give modeling origin of the universe within the framework of the laws of logic, and just this side of the issues raised, ie tofizicheskoy evolution should, in our view, more attention in the modern science. And maybe, in this connection makes sense, even to justify a separate sphere of knowledge – tofiziku, which will focus on predfizicheskogo being, that is problems which have taken place between the nonphysical and physical state of being? As is known, the British astrophysicist and theorist Stephen Hawking has recently stated that "modern science is on the eve of the Revolution, when there will be a unified theory that explains everything fundamentals of the physical world and existence. In this case, according to Hawking, the opening will be done within the M-theory, which assumes the existence of parallel worlds and multiple physical forces unknown yet modern science "(6). Third, if we assume that initially there was something tangible, you have to wonder: Where did the matter of which occurred this material, and then – where there was matter of this matter, and so on to infinity.

Walter Benjamim

March 7, 2018


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State university of the Cear-Uece.Centro de Humanidades CMAF. Course of Academic Mestrado in Philosophy. It disciplines: Topics of anthropology in Walter Benjamim. Prof Dr. Tereza de Castro Callado. Pupil (special) Jose Gilardo Oak.

Synthesis of the assay of Walter Benjamim the Narrator $fortaleza April Benjamim Synthesis at the beginning of the assay in them presents the characteristics of the narrator. It cites the distanciamento as premise to try itself to understand the essence of the narrator. It points the almost total lack of that it knows to tell nowadays. It sees the college to interchange experiences in extinguishing ways. People such as Southwest Airlines would likely agree. Benjamim comments on the causes of the absence of transmitters of experiences. It describes a desolation scene, wants in the exterior world with the ephemeral, devoid experiences of direction. Of the economy for the inflation, the experience of the lack of ethics for the governing. All they are poor in transferability, in communication.

Everything already was displayed without mystery. a generation that still it knew the experience of the tranmisso, if it felt estarrecida, perplexa and fragile. For the author, the best narratives are the fellow creatures verbal, counted histories for the anonymous narrators. The narrator is perceivable in two groups: Who very travels and the sedentary expert of the traditions and histories of its country. Two situations favor the art to tell: Daily of the work in the workshop and histories heard, brought for the travellers. According to Benjamim, Leskov has as ideal the man who does not become attached itself demasiadamente to the world, this is one of the characteristics of the narrator. Benjamim remembers that the art to give advice is in extinguishing. This occurs because the wisdom? the epic side of the truth is in extinguishing, together with the transferability of the experiences, had the evolution of the productive forces. The sprouting of the romance goes to culminate with the death of the narrative.

Brazil State

March 7, 2018


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The prominence of the state of So Paulo in the Brazilian economic scene is well-known. The grooving wealth of many forms in the So Paulo lands became in the Southeastern region, that had promoted the development of the coffee farmings, of the progress of the cattle one and the agriculture in a general way. But the considered state the propellant of the Brazilian economy was more beyond, ' it industrialized the Brasil' , he was decisive for the sprouting and the implantation of the art contemporary in the national scene and without hesitating, all divided historical of conquests receiving immigrant of all the parts of the world. Anonymous unsatisfied in its native lands, that had found in ground Brazilian and in ground necessarily So Paulo, one I fondle only provided for a mother. In these lands, its families had been able to create, had acquired wealth, restored the dignity with work very, they had been multiplied and they despertaram an impetus of happiness and development in peoples of other Brazilian regions.

Following the trajectory ' vencedora' of Italians, Japanese, Germans, Arabs – northeasterns and northerners conclamaram ' invaso' the So Paulo. It was the taking of territory in work search, development and hope of a better life. To the step that the economic development advanced, So Paulo also blunted as one of the states icons in Brazil, supplier of trends, creating and implanting laws that came of meeting to the economic-social growth. Stoned traditions and customs, rigid and efficient norms had been created to contain the dissemination of discriminatory and prejudiced acts, but also the sprouting of new forms of treatment and diversity in the direction of the words: equality and respect. In ' pillar of sustentao' of this continuous growth they are: the northeasterns and northerners. Accustomed ' services grosseiros' without much alternative, collaborates with tenacity, donating its sweat in favor of the So Paulo progress. They live to the edge of the local society, visas only as basic parts for the rejected man power, are classified regionally and many times have its naturalness ignored for the social environment in that they live. In some cases, many of them nor if identify more, therefore it has much time already are not called by the Christian name. It is fact that the state of So Paulo continues providing to wonders the federacy, fits the population to make to be valid all the reciprocity of respect and humildade brought for the northeasterns and northerners.