Latin American

April 25, 2020


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Haiti of the natural wealth, beaches and seas, fauna and flora; Haiti of the glad, strong people; a land that still left Columbus estupefato for the beauty in century XV; this is a picture not published. It is known of a country of center-America, of more we pauprrimos of the world (147 of the 177 for the IDH), that it lived in the dictatorship, was explored in all the directions. One remembers the example of weakness and pain that express it, but not of the force and largeness of its people, the conquered victories. But in 1991 known ' ' Ispaniola&#039 island; ' she was democratized. Such fact was marcadamente decisive in the history of the Haitian people, who was completely submitted the dominadoras politics of foreign States. The manifest past if in the gift with the financial misery of the country, governmental lines of direction badly succeeded, baixssimo level of education of the people, etc. However, was the black people of this nation that fought in exemplary way against the subservincia, being the first country them Americas if to become free. With its irrisrio development, given lack of physical and human resources, as well as the geographic isolation of the Island, the Haitian people was submitted to the military ditatoriais governments that had finished for leading the country to give its resource almost all to France, for a reason or purpose debt.

Another contradiction is that then the bigger financial ajudador of this country exerted a dominador paper, rejecting the freedom of the people, of 1915 the 1934. To the United States if it attributes biggest aid and one of the biggest failures of the nation. The region, always devoid of resources, suffered of excellent aids on the part of the whole world so far. As well as they had made with the Latin American nations and African, that had been unfed of resources when of the brutal domination on the part of the countries developed to the time, also it occurred in this Island.