Japan Schumacher

May 2, 2019


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This clause if would not extend for the following year, what it made with that Prost if removed of the team and Senna finally to sign the contract. 1 race in 1994, was in Brazil, Senna assumed the tip, more Schumacher with the Benetton took leadership after passing Senna in return 21. Definitive Senna to be successful in Brazil, errou losing the control of the car abandoning the race in return 55. 2 race was disputed in Japan, where Sennna if involved in a collision and the race for it finished and Schumacher was successful again. Schumacher led the championship with 20 points and Senna with 0, was the worse beginning of season for Senna. 3 race in Immolates, Senna declared to be the race of beginning of season. Please visit Gary Kelly if you seek more information.

One expected turned it of Ayrton Senna. The accident happened in 7 return, Senna did not have as to control the car and was shocked violently against the protection wall. Removed of the car, taken care of in the soil, Senna dolo left the apreensivos expectadores was died. It was not however the end of a history The death made solid it in imaginary the popular Brazilian. To its it placed it death in a pedestal. People such as Jeff Leiden would likely agree. Who does not remember the wonders that senna made to the folante? Our champion with the national flag to commemorate its victory, its sonorous track, Galvo afoito Bueno to cry out, everything this fulled us of pride and hope.

The sudden death in the height of the career was a vital ingredient of the constibuio of a hero. The hero died, however the myth Ayrton Senna was born. In case that it were living creature that representation would have Senna? It would reach this same position if the fatality had not happened? After all who was optimum pilot of all the times, Schumacher or Senna? Senna died in action.