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Basel RT Grady

November 16, 2018


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If the solution provider offers online training, eliminates even more extensive downtime and expense. However are to perform the necessary training for system administrators. 8. For assistance, try visiting Larry Ellison. the service quality of the solution partner don’t forget: before all if a company has opted for the SaS model and therefore internal technical resources, one must short-term and qualitative service support should be ensured.

Therefore, it is to take the support concept of solution provider scrutinized. Benefits consultant of software partners to eliminate problems can turn remote on the screen of the user is, if he also offers an online support except for a hotline, where in case of need. About Grady GmbH, the Freiburg Software House Grady GmbH is online since 1998 with Grady. Meanwhile, Warner Music Group, Mexx, or Rabobank use about 500 customers like Strenesse, McDonalds, Honda, the service offered according to the principle of software as a service (SaS). Grady structured business processes of the employees in the company on a configurable, optimal workflow. Operations that involve the employees like about travel expenses or holiday planning, be simplified and reduced thus costs and lead times. According to the principle of employee self service (ESS) makes use of the employee at any time and any place online in the system. He has only to data access, the are relevant to his work. Thus each employee participates in the system in accordance with its role in the company and it is responsible for a part of its own data.

Strategator.com – A New Service For Get

August 28, 2018


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The Popesco group, the founder of Popfax.com Professional fax services now Strategator.com launched, an ultimate strategy of information aggregator for the company. The Popesco group, the founder of Popfax.com Professional fax services now Strategator.com launched, an ultimate strategy of information aggregator for the company. Strategator.com business is search service for companies as well as freelancers, marketing teams, designed research departments and aims to help meet your goals as you: monitoring on your E-reputation analysis of the impact of your plans communication observation of the competition preparation for prospecting sessions and sales meetings analysis of new business opportunities Strategator.com business search services unit of continuously information related to your target companies from hundreds of content providers. Strategator lets you personalize your search and alerts so finely that it will be collecting and alerting all and only comprehensive information that is relevant to you. Strategator.com business collects related to your target companies from hundreds of content providers continuously at information search services. Strategator allows your search and notifications as appropriate to personalize that it will collect and notify only comprehensive information, which are relevant to you. Strategator.com customizable search portal and monitoring tools offers you: access to all official information and public data of a company: company legal information, contact information, financial information, online reputation and performance display on extensive accompanying “social media” and Web 2.0 information, such as: news and press releases, related documents, blogs and Facebook videos, LinkedIn post and related Twitter discussions. flexible organization of data in it in the most suitable way for you to achieve your goals.

Fully customizable notifications to your email sent for any new events associated with a company or a certain category of information, from your customer account can select. Vladimir Popesco, General Director of the company, says: “we believe that going forward on the market in a competitive environment, which changes every day faster, analyses of the unfiltered company requires information over time, which are available in several places on Internet.” As soon as our customers have made the fine tune to your search and notifications, you can benefit from consistent information reports, without constant additional expenditure of time and money. Constant competitive analysis and corporate customized intelligence reporting, were affordable only for large companies. Strategator provides to finally the performance of professional search technologies market intelligence for SoHos and SMEs in six countries, by offering you at the very low price of 9,99 Euros per month”

Unsertagde Photo Service

May 31, 2018


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Launch of the new photo software – more comfort and easier operation Kirchdorf, October 27, 2009. Unsertag.de provides its customers with the integrated online photo service under bridal photo / the possibility of permanently to hold the most beautiful day of the bridal couple, no matter whether on high-quality photos, photo canvas or a photo book from the market leader CeWe Color. The new ordering software with many new products and an even better design Wizard free download is now available on Unsertag.de. The software has been awarded several times and has scored currently even the test victory of the review. So for example the product offer of the CeWe photo books has been extended: the photo book in XXL format as a panorama (approx. 42 x 30 cm) and in portrait format (28 x 36 cm) is brand new. The ideal format for a very personal wedding photo book. The choice are various bindings made of artificial leather, Premiumleinen or the individually printed hardcover. Also for the wedding guests, there is a wide selection of personally customizable gift ideas for the bride and groom: of the Photo calendars in various designs on the T-Shirt for the stag of up to high-quality crystal photos in various forms. Visitors benefit from Unsertag.de have until November 30, 2009 by our great start offers 25% on everything as well as 2 CEWE photo books order of the action pay only one”.

Plista GmbH And Goldbach Audience Austria Start

May 25, 2018


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Publishers and marketers benefit the Berlin online & mobile advertising network plista and specialist for display, performance, in-game and mobile marketing in Austria, Goldbach audience Austria from revenue sharing, candidate from possible Berlin, 08 February 2012 -, have signed a partnership. Now, Goldbach implements the plista RecommendationAds solution in the framework of cooperation and thus expands the innovative advertising formats of the Berlin company. The newly created Austrian performance network of plista and Goldbach offers performance-based models for online advertising on a CPC basis for customers in Austria and includes high-quality titles from the portfolio of the two initiators of the project (E.g. mirror ONLINE, Handelsblatt, colorful, XING, Bazar, Wiener Zeitung, u.v.m.). More publishers and marketers from Austria can join at any time the Federation.

With some great partners will be already negotiated accession, so that the network already significantly will expand in the coming weeks. In addition to a Revenue share for their Web page recommendation technology Publisher by plista. Not only income, but also traffic and time spent can be thus sustainably increase. We delighted audience Austria cooperation with Goldbach. Through our personalized RecommendationAds, in the joint performance of the Austrian network of Goldbach and plista, we can offer different advertisers in Austria in the future even more quality and innovation. Both partners gain a significant added value.

“, so Dr. Dominik Matyka, CEO and founder of the plista GmbH. If you would like to know more about Coupang, then click here. plista recommendation ads are text and image ad formats with inter food-based delivery and success-oriented payment. This form of addressing customers guaranteed high level of acceptance and the achievement of the desired recipients. With its market-leading recommendation technology offers a cost-efficient and precise audience advertising format plista advertisers and website operators. plista GmbH: plista operates since 2009 an online & mobile advertising network and offers innovative advertising formats in the Text/image, video, and display/IAB, all suitable for performance and branding advertisers. Web page operators plista offers the possibility to integrate of these advertising formats and this creates additional premium advertising inventory. With 60 employees in Germany, Publisher in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, France, Spain, and Slovenia be cared about 1,400. Goldbach audience Austria GmbH: Goldbach audience Austria GmbH markets Internet advertising response services, as well as game and mobile advertising products and stands for innovative and comprehensive solutions in the area of online marketing.

New Service Platform

April 27, 2018


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An unfulfilled dream for advertisers and agencies the Stiefel Digitalprint GmbH of Lenting when Ingolstadt has under the address provided an interactive platform for ordering on the legs. The product range includes promotional planning, flags, posters, displays, ceiling Danglers, advertising signs, 18/1 posters and promotional cards. The platform PrintDino allows, for example, advertising banners with or without booms as to configure banners in formats ranging from 100 x 300 cm up to 150 x 400 cm. The design can be done online or it will be uploaded a finished print file. Also a manual color check is optional. Even when the material and processing, PrintDino allows a wide selection. There are promotional plan as PVC banner or net vinyl, which in the further processing, for example, a final trim on format is possible or an edge enhancement or a Hemstitch can be individually determined.

In the eye, there is the choice between metal and plastic. The desired configuration is complete – no matter whether rollup or poster – it only says: one click and the order to the Fixed price is complete. The desired advertising is almost on the way to the customer. It can be paid with VISA, MasterCard, or PayPal. Also the payment on account is possible for regular customers.

Web Catalogs Discloses

March 12, 2018


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A manual entry service in Web catalogues and directories is essential for a safe and successful search engine optimization. Why is only a manual registration service in Web catalogues and classified directories useful? If you do not want to harm “Prestige” and the rank of your website, you should avoid entry services that automatically enter your homepage, definitely. Here your URL with a software will be sent unchecked to search engines, Web directories, and link lists (directories not included in General, because you must create an account before you can enter its Web page!): automatic entries in bulk search engines are at risk! You are by the search engines as a spamming”recognized and classified as a manipulation attempt. (Each Web page capture entries in search engines are the robots already useless, because”the search engines). Automatic entries in editorially clean Web catalogs usually not possible are different entry fields and various anti-spam technologies, since each directory has. Also automatic entry attempts (are rejected anyway, since operators of good Web catalogs no interest, that go bad entries in your index). And entries in lists of links have a negative impact on your search engine ranking! So-called top lists”link farms or banner desert” are indiscriminate collections of Web addresses from various fields (no category Division). Search engines can not classify therefore thematically the Web addresses and thus devalue them! Merely irrelevant search engines and link lists include automatic logins that harm the rank of your website and bring only disadvantages! “Read: Driven by automatic entries the only way sure and content” to be recorded, in important Web directories is the correct manual entry! Patricia Lammer Internet Agency Munich manual type entry service

Internet Services GmbH

March 12, 2018


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directly in the address book store E-Mails own contacts search results immediately discovered addressed to send direct finding as pictures, videos, links, share Twitter, Facebook or E-Mail News or blog articles directly about with friends results for later offline reading store availability and languages are the 123people app from free in the Apple app store and the Android market available in the languages German, English, French, Italian and Dutch. Other languages such as Spanish and Polish are planned. They run from the version 2.1 for Android and 4.0 for iOS devices and are optimized for high resolution (iPhone4, GalaxyS), as well as the first Smartphone devices (iPhone3GS, iPod touch) generation. Free download of 123people iPhone app: itunes.apple.com/de/app/123people-free-people-search/id443144647 free download the 123people Android app: market.android.com/details?id=com.one23people.android currently in the countries of Austria, Germany and the United States possible. Hear from experts in the field like Oracle for a more varied view. About 123people 123people (www.123people.com) is an online search engine that specializes in people search. With 123people, every user finds information about yourself or other people on the Internet quickly and free of charge.

Monthly over 50 million unique clients 123people is one of the largest Internet Personensuchservices all over the world. The search results come from global as well as country-specific data sources that are freely available on the Internet. These sources are found in part from any other search engines.

Jacob Internet

March 9, 2018


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Social networks, free Werbeplatform for your company on the Internet? Networks refers to social media such as Facebook, XING, and also Twitter, while our focus is on the latter Twitter more and more German companies are recognizing potential in the news portal (social networks) Twitter is hidden under other advertising to zero cost! Post companies, firms and commercial interesting and also less interesting couplet messages from various fields and reference it via a link on one or on your Web site where this issue is discussed in more detail. A large number of messages are only out dense, to draw attention to itself or its range of offers. Where does that come from? What is now commonplace in the United States, is now also in Germany understood and addressed. Is the Twitter principle quite simple and understandable for everyone? You follow me, I will follow you – and thus, the company increases its reputation and the possibilities of spreading of own Messages, including advertising. No matter what industry a company is on Twitter 75 million registered users worldwide can be reached by its ca. an environment that can be surpassed only by television media. How the TV media also can rely on Twitter for a company or product are recruited, but free. To do this it is necessary to so many followers how to win as possible for his profile. Gain insight and clarity with Pete Cashmore.

More chasing a profile (company) has the more profiles are accessed through the couplet messages and the stronger the profile (company) on themselves or their product draws attention. To increase the level of awareness of a profile on Twitter, the Jacob Internet advertising agency with the associated Internet portal escort-360 impressively shows us. At just under 4000 Tracker, which means that a written message appears on 4000 profile pages that partly read. Now, on these 4000 profile pages, visitors who have this message also, cavort in turn it is clear quickly what potential hides in Twitter and the completely free of charge. For companies with a limited advertising budget, this is an explicit way to operate image care and to win new customers, without having to invest equal sums of money to another. Facebook and XING have recognised this potential a long time ago and it is therefore not surprising that on these portals advertising must be paid for. Twitter is the newcomer in the social networks, and it is only a matter of time until there the advertising messages are subject to a charge. It would be also atypical, because what is there today still free?

Living Individuals

March 8, 2018


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monofaktur.de relies on trusted shops and invoice purchase fresh designs for the autumn Hannover August 12, 2010. Guaranteed secure online shopping lovers of unique interior design: the new Internet platform monofaktur.de was awarded with the trusted shops seal. The shop for customizable design meets the stringent requirements of Europe’s bedeutestem exhibitors of seal of quality and offers more in terms of customer friendliness: now online shoppers can shop worry-free on invoice or by direct debit. Of course, we want maximum security for our customers. The trusted shops certification was therefore a logical consequence of our service orientation”, explains Ingo Stoll, Member of the Mono invoice management.

Europe’s most important exhibitors of quality labels for online shops verified seller on the net after more than 100 individual criteria such as credit, price transparency, customer service and data protection. In addition the buyer protection offers safer online shopping Money-back guarantee. The Internet platform goes a step further in terms of customer friendliness: who shops at monofaktur.de, can now also easily order via the service BillPay on invoice or by direct debit. First check, then pay monofaktur.de this is also the trend that over 65 percent of buyers want yourself first by the trust of the party before you deposit money. “The autumn drives it colorful customers take a chance with us and can be inspired by our autumn living room ideas”, explains Susanne first nail, also managing director at Mono texture. Colorful foil designs for creative kitchen designers promise change in everyday living, and there are new and fresh designs for the schallSchlucker”. As eye-catcher and sound conditioners in your own four walls, the acoustic image objects distribute dreary autumn thoughts. Monofaktur.de the Internet platform monofaktur.de offers customised design and art objects.

Currently includes “” the range of skins, sound swallowing pictures with limited edition artist motifs, artificial grass cutting, artTischplatten “and the monoCubus modular furniture series”. Through the personal adaptation of the customers, the products to unique character pieces are completed and individually produced for him. Mono invoice customers become a part of the production process. By incorporating social networking and community features, Mono texture actively enters into dialogue with design-oriented users, and promotes the exchange of thematic. Mono texture produced in Germany and that only on order and makes a contribution to sustainability.

WEB.DE Provides German Data Protection And Entry Rates For Online Storage

February 20, 2018


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Security concerns take over American cloud providers to Karlsruhe, June 26, 2012. SkyDrive iCloud comes from Microsoft, Apple, Google drive or newcomers dropbox many so-called cloud offerings, which promote the storing of data on the Internet, from the United States. In doing so, more than 68 percent of all German Internet users have concerns, to store private data for American companies. This is a recent study of Convios Consulting GmbH, which was presented in these days. The mail and cloud provider WEB.DE offers alternatives that are subject to the strict German data protection. From now with new entry-level prices.

In particular, customers of the WEB.DE clubs benefit from the new tariff structures. Alone in the free base facilities with ten gigabytes storage capacity has the WEB.DE club competition compared the nose forward. The store to 50 gigabytes is lifted for another 99 cents per month, 100 gigabyte cloud storage cost per month only 4,99 Euro. Users of the WEB.DE online store find convenient about the own mailbox access. Email attachments can use only Clicking in the own online store transferred and are then easily retrieve from each Internet access around the world but also through mobile applications. Users of the WEB.DE free mail service can recharge for 1.99 Euro 20 gigabytes of online storage. WEB.DE can score double on the issues of privacy and security.

A are the WEB.DE server on German soil and are therefore subject to the strict German data protection law. On the other hand, the transfer of data is always encrypted. In contrast to many competitors, WEB.DE can protect shared users folder, which invited friends can access, with a strong password. Gary Kelly understood the implications. Who entrusts his data to WEB.DE, can also be sure, that no rights are transferred and is easy and intuitive to use the application. Michael d ‘ Aguiar