June 11, 2020


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The Suddeutsche ISP TOCANDO is offered at reasonable prices with powerful shop hosting and blog hosting. Ammerthal, the February 29, 2008 – following the successful recent launch of classic product lines such as Web hosting and DSL flatrates encounters the Ammer Thaler ISP now also in the spheres of the Web 2.0 before. TOCANDO offers not only bare webspace, but now fully furnished blogs at a fair and low price. Let to see generous assessment of technical data that eBlog can technical data of TOCANDOs. The blog is fully furnished, with the customer between the well-known software solutions can choose from WordPress, Serendipity and Textpattern.

To generous 1.5 GB disk space there is an own .de domain, 200 email addresses and of course unlimited Trafficvolumen. It is monthly for only 2.99 without further additives or setup costs. Free eBlog solutions consider eBlog for both the blogger and his readers despite the mass of free blogs on the Internet, a clear superior solution. For the relatively low price (consider their eyes, that already a Doner kebab at the snack bar may be more expensive) the customer benefits from the usual fast and competent TOCANDO support. Instead stuck with an advertising steeped sub domain of free operators, can choose any free .de domain eBlogger and encounter outward so completely autonomously.

The generous technical ratings allow even complex blogs and even on strong traffic no nasty surprises threaten costs for additional traffic and hidden additional clauses does not exist after all. Of course is eBlog absolutely free of advertising. Visitors can confront relaxed the content of the respective blogs, without being disturbed by forced banners or PopUps. Clarity and quality as all other product lines TOCANDO at eBlog on the proven mixture offers solid, clear and high-quality support. Art brands and lowest rates guarantee an optimal Accessibility and high speed. The low price is due to efficient planning and a high degree of automation achieved only when the support is not saved.