Professional Scanservices

May 23, 2020


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The most widely used software for professional image processing the normal home costs around 1000 euros. However, also free alternatives available are for very simple image editing tasks. In any case should be expected as a freshman with a certain time to the adaptation to the respective program, before you can start the actual editing. Baby clothes may find this interesting as well. Of course, the time required to digitize varies from person to person. You can but share the digitizing process into subprocesses and provide some example calculations.

Expect to prepare for example with one minute per image, scan with 4 minutes, finishing 3 minutes, provided one knows all right with his image-editing program. Overall, this makes so 8 minutes per image. The sorting and cataloging still not included is. Digitization service who would use a digitizing service, a lot should Note that there are numerous provider on the market. The following questions help: The company uses what scanner? This is important, because professional equipment are the basis for good digitization. Be scanned images automatically or by hand (manually)? Manually scanning allows for the adjustment of the scanner for every single image and thus better results. The post-processing in the price is included and if so what services? Important are trimming/turning here, red eye removal, color correction, and removal of scratches.

Is the post processing for each image is made individually and by hand? Each scene requires other adjustments (color, scratches, cracks). Only a manual editing can provide excellent result a service which is time consuming. Most companies get around this by automatic procedures, without achieving the quality of manual post-processing. How is the price of given above named the performance criteria? Some providers offer also video and audio digitization as well as interesting additional services. Examples include the restoration of heavily damaged images or the conversion of a complete photo album in an interactive counterpart, where you can browse with a mouse click and enlarge single pictures. Conclusion the digitizing of own photo collection ensures not only memories, but opens up all possibilities and advantages of digital images. To digitize his images to detail requires an initial investment, much time and love. Professional Scanservices can take one of the digitization. In the selection of the service, you should pay close attention how scanning and post-processing in particular are performed to obtain a good quality at a fair price.