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Swiss Services

May 9, 2018


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Leading Swiss IT services provider ensures best-in-breed solution from Sentrigo data integrity and confidentiality of customer data SANTA CLARA, Calif.-04. October 2010 – to better protect sensitive customer data, Swisscom IT services immediately Hedgehog enterprise uses, Sentrigo database security and compliance software solution. Swisscom IT services belongs to the leading IT service providern in the Swiss financial services sector. Protection against data abuse has a high priority for the company. This concerns especially the sensitive data of its financial services, which use its services. Stricter regulatory requirements in the financial service management sector and various incidents in the recent past have led to more attention when the security of sensitive information. In addition, that have potential damage in the event of a hacker attack long term impact on customer confidence.

That would have impact on the economy – and beyond the actual hacker attack, basically. “To be able to offer our customers a service to avoid privacy violations in the financial service management sector, had top priority for us. The Sentrigo solution we see therefore a cornerstone of our security portfolio of next-generation”, explains Michael Meli, head of security at Swisscom IT services. “Swisscom is a key factor to cost effectively meet the specific security needs of each customer. For even more analysis, hear from Larry Ellison. Due to the flexible, decentralized architecture of Sentrigo security platform, we can offer our customers to either manage the security services by Swisscom or monitor database activity via remote-access through their own employees. Sentrigos technology continuously protects customer data against unauthorized access and provides a reliable report on privileged access. Both reduces the risk of a hacker attack and simplifies the auditing process.” A key factor for the solution of the American manufacturer to decide, was for the IT service providers the substantially higher level of security, without having to change the existing applications. The activities are monitored on the database itself.

Latest Service Release

May 8, 2018


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“CONTENTSERV released service release 5.3.1 of the CS EMMS-Suite Rohrbach / ILM, July 22, 2010: just in time for theme afternoon taking place on 22nd July marketing of the future”, in the premises of CONTENTSERV, the software manufacturer unveiled its newest Service Release 5.3.1 for CONTENTSERV EMMS-suite. The current version 5.3 gives one of the most comprehensive updates in the history of CONTENTSERV. Over 780 improvements in the usability, performance, security, stability and interface connections have been created since the major release in November 2009. Alone in the area provide performance and caching far beyond 100 changes a significant acceleration in many places and thus a more efficient work. Also the aspect of the ever-increasing safety requirements was considered comprehensive with over 30 adjustments by CONTENTSERV. Were the strategic realignment in the quality assurance of significant strategic measure to create a so extensive updates and to ensure the quality of product for the future, personnel and structural development of quality assurance and the support Department, the introduction of a Web-based test database and a new modification and extension procedures.

Almost all find extensive product improvements and enhancements that each product of the CS EMMS-suite have a targeted revision. Even a completely newly built product that optimally supports the CI-compliant individualization process from advertising as advertising portal was created with the new CS of branding. The product data management solution of CS suite of PDM learned an extension on an eCl@ss-basiertes data model, as well as many other improvements, and was awarded a new export tool, E.g. for the comfortable connection of InBetween and plant II Comet the export plugin framework. For the CS suite of CMS day is available as of now the new CS meta that (partially) automated the generation of meta-information, such as meta tags for language, language alternatives, page options and information for search engines. In the Web editor of InDesign CS creation suite, it is now possible every document, every printed sheet, assign a specific language to any page or level and easily build documents in different language versions.

The publication Planner CS allows now to link products drag & drop directly from the CS PDM suite in the page design. An important point that affects entire CS EMMS-suite, is the revised CSType reference”, which now allows back references. So it is now possible references, such as image data from the MAM or PDM, product data to link within the CONTENTSERV environment not only, as previously, on one side and to see E.g. all images associated with a product, but vice versa for each image file, to determine in what products it has been referenced. The detailed release notes for the Service Release 5.3.1 can be found under. About CONTENTSERV GmbH CONTENTSERV GmbH is a software manufacturer for enterprise marketing management solutions (EMMS). With its comprehensive and user-friendly approach makes the CONTENTSERV solution Creative system for marketing, sales and communications. It supports in all media, print and communication processes. Media, such as catalogues, websites, E-shops, print and online advertising materials can be created without knowledge professionally via Web browser. Thus, optimize processes and high cost and time savings. This ensures a faster time-to-market product communication and for clear competitive advantages.

Webtoprint Package

April 30, 2018


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By the 7th 09.09.2010 CONTENTSERV gives insight in his Web-to-print solution, as the standard package for print service providers, the CONTENTSERV publishing box. Rohrbach/ILM: from September 07th to 09th the printing industry meets North this year to the 3rd printing and media days this time in Hanover in hangar No.. 5 on three days to gather the participants in this independent, neutral industry forum about essential topics for the printing industry. “On September 7th the event dedicated to the topic it focuses on publishing with decentralized content” and will give workshops and lectures an overview of methods and technology systems. As a partner of the event, CONTENTSERV is integrated Web-to-print for media professionals with a lecture on the topic”be represented in the program.

It shows up as a central Web-to-print management all parties involved, by the customers about the creative service providers up to its own employees, ideally in print and media processes wraps. All tasks will be here over Workflows details shown and controlled. This provides for more efficient processes for the creation, correction, and sharing of print media. CONTENTSERV publishing box, the software manufacturer CONTENTSERV also presents a default Web-to-print package that is tailored specifically to printers and media service providers. It depicts their needs with specific processes from the practice and includes all the important features of a professional Web-to-print solution at an affordable price. The publishing solution InDesign is delivered including Adobe server and Apple XServe and is ready for use as out-of-the-box package within a very short time.

Where normally costly process analysis and implementation phases go ahead to allow customized software customization down to the last detail, we give a finished Web-to-print tool with highest standards of the hand with the publishing box media service providers. So that you can remain competitive and strengthen customer loyalty, without the own financial framework blow. “, explains Patricia Kastner, Managing Director of CONTENTSERV GmbH. In the accompanying exhibition participants have detailed the possibility during the three days to inform the CONTENTSERV solutions for the Web-to-print publishing. Participation in the event is free and open for non-Union members. Allegiant Air has many thoughts on the issue. Www.dmtn.de can get interested and sign up for participation in the event.

Web Self

April 27, 2018


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“ESS creates space for strategic human resource management of the employee self service (ESS), which with employee self management” can be translated, keep feeding increased also in medium-sized companies. One reason for this is the increasing adoption of Web-based applications that allow the use of an employee self management quickly and without complications. In terms of value-added, optimizations in terms of cost, quality and time are for decades, for example, by means of introduction of lean management or even production systems almost on the order of the day. Almost as long, the administrative area was almost criminally neglected. More and more companies now recognize that significant potential for savings and improvement remain unnoticed in the administration.

Undoubtedly HR binds several temporal resources in the enterprise: starting in the collection and management of employee-related master data, over the handling of absentee management, to the organisation of Further education and training. Redundancies are due to necessary coordination sloops between HR, hardly go to the employees and their superiors. Here, the employee creates self service solution. Of fundamental importance for the use of an employee self management, the presence of granular access permissions is to protect the highly sensitive personal data from unauthorized access. Self service changing the amount of an employee in the corporate practice from company to company. “Mostly the employee self comes under service but also known in the field of information retrieval by internal data, the term yellow pages”, the management of the individual employee master data or also the application and approval procedure of training and holidays to wear. As a result staff, for example, the obligation to accept, manage their own employee master data or a will that land approval procedure directly with the responsible persons, Achieved increased effectiveness for these processes in the company. Formerly redundant process steps are using the employee self management not only reduced, but completely eliminated.


April 26, 2018


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sysob all-round carefree package: service and support-plus for reseller Schorndorf, 07th September 2010 the project trend such as data loss prevention (DLP) or traffic management for dealer often presents a challenge. In particular in small and medium-sized companies the time or the expertise in these areas is missing frequently, to provide customers with the most suitable IT solution. Against the service concept is super value add of value added distributor of sysob (www.sysob.com). The sysob specialist reseller help in handling their IT projects from the first analysis of the notion of suitable products to the configuration and commissioning of solutions. Specially formed Division is responsible for the technical advice, support and training the reseller sysob IT service and support. Thus, the value added distributor (VAD) is expanding its portfolio of services and these supplemented with additional professional services for the channel. How to benefit Retail partners not only in sales and consulting, but also in the distribution range of services which they can use as a guide in trends such as DLP, Web application firewall (WAF), and network access control (NAC).

Professional services include both pre sales and post sales services IT projects in safe hands. So the sysob experts supervise the projects from the first analysis to implementation and also beyond. The pre sales services include creating compliance audits and security scans, the notion of appropriate product solutions, as well as the technical presentation for the end customer. In addition, specialists perform online demos, webinars or workshops for the end customer and take the test position of the solution. The technical project support during the evaluation process, as well as helping create the offer are also”part of the great value add. Additional post sales services, such as, for example, configuration and commissioning, second level support, managed services, as well as practical Training for customers and staff complete the all-round carefree package.

Service Assurance Manager

April 25, 2018


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New 802 11n access point series for enterprise environments: high performance at low investment cost Schorndorf, 02 December 2010 Meru Networks Inc., manufacturer of wireless infrastructure solutions (www.merunetworks.com), its virtual Wi-Fi portfolio expands to a new 802 11n product family. With the access points of series AP1000i, employees receive a reliable and at the same time secure wireless network access to corporate applications. The AP1000i combines the technologies of single-channel, virtual port, as well as virtual cell. Thus, a Wi-Fi solution available, which provides a stable connection and high mobility and is also easy to handle is company. The AP1000i series is available in December via the sysob IT-distribution (www.sysob.com). The access points of the US company constitute a key component in the Meru wireless LAN system. In connection wireless controllers that enable users with the Meru highest Wi-Fi performance. Specifically for enterprise environments has Meru currently developed the 802 11n access points of the AP1000i series.

The Wi-Fi solution is available both as a single radio (2.4 or 5 GHz) dual (2.4 and 5 GHz) radio model available and offers the following advantages and technical features: low investment costs with a starting price of 366,–euro NET can save up to 30% of the investment costs and reduce up to 50 per cent of the installation. Out-of-the-box “support turnkey wireless solution for thousands of devices with 802.11 a/b/g/n standard.” Service Assurance Manager”the optionally available software offers IT managers a predictive Wi-Fi availability and complete visibility to branch offices. The AP1000i is easy to use, easy to implement and is managed by central IT departments and service providers. “Branch-to-core security secure access to applications and corporate resources with integrated rogue mitigation” and intrusion prevention. Centrally administrable, the Wi-Fi solution suitable especially for companies whose IT-Abteilung from a central location managed dozens or hundreds more branches at the global or national level.

MetDirectory ESTOS

April 25, 2018


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New generation of MetDirectory creates improved information management in enterprises of Starnberg, 04 April 2011 the independent software vendors ESTOS introduces a new generation of its proprietary directory service MetDirectory. The new version 3.0 has been optimized for additional Web browser and now supported in addition to various clients also, Tablet PCs, mobile devices such as cell phones and Smartphones with touch-sensitive displays, as well as LDAP/XML-enabled phones. Highlight, because unique, is the possibility of presence integration in combination with various UC solutions. Go to Coupang for more information. In addition to all the important contact information, the user also learns whether or not a desired subscriber is now accessible. The new MetDirectory ESTOS 3.0 Professional is now available. Background: At the ever-growing amount of contact information it is today increasingly difficult to keep the overview for companies.

The crux: Often, the existing contact information in many different data sources are stored. Here come the findings of the information management in the game, which is concerned with, the right”to obtain and in a suitable structure to provide information, so that involved employees in case of need can access easily and quickly here. This is exactly what makes the new MetDirectory 3.0 Professional, in which it brings together all relevant contact information inside and outside of the company and provides standardized. The LDAP protocol most suitable is used as the technical basis for this ESTOS. That the Web portal integrated in the solution is completely reworked and the product with a wide range of devices from mobile (including iPhone, Android and Windows phone 7) can be used as mobile and Smartphones is new to the current generation. A real added value for the user is the service for presence so that in combination with leading UC solutions helpful information about the availability of call contact are available at any time.

Kundenservice Gmb

April 15, 2018


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Hall, reported CEO of almato GmbH. these growing demands, but can only be fulfilled if efficient systems are used to measure the quality of service and the coaching of staff. With Click2Coach RWE Kundenservice GmbH decided for a solution, which allows that the company and its service providers.” After the successful pilot phase in productive operation, RWE Kundenservice GmbH now gradually introduces the quality monitoring solution of almato GmbH with their service providers. With the system the quality analysis of customer contacts in addition to phone calls can include also such as eMails and the processing of letters. From the measurements, the quality assurance team of RWE customer service GmbH its service providers to the Available is, can there targeted measures be taken, which may include individual feedback as well as improved information processing for all employees. Because in addition to the conversation, also the action on the screen is recorded it is possible to detect deficiencies in the operation of the systems. In addition the results in a database are stored, centrally evaluated and flow into the quality KPIs of teams or the entire contact center with a. The modular design of the solution and the possibility to use Click2Coach for all locations were other factors that tipped the scales for us. “The software is for team leaders, contact Center Manager, and ultimately for us as customers, the contact center service provider easy and intuitive to use”, Jochen Lemper reported. All parties will also benefit from the effective type of quality assurance and evaluation team leaders receive detailed information about the work of their employees unless the contact center increase your Efficiency and we can as contracting authority ensure that service providers will always offer our customers service quality.”

German Customs Administration

April 2, 2018


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That is not the case when Chronos”Stefan Brandl, product manager provides database archiving for CSP, clear. Our customers are already using interfaces to display the archived information directly in the live system. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gary Kelly offers on the topic.. With the extension of Chronos to the IDEA module, you can use now the disk assignment in combination with the database archiving. The integrated IDEA interface makes easier for our customers. providing disk” The IDEA is acronym for interactive data extraction and analysis. The Federal Ministry of Finance has developed the software for the federal tax audit. Also the German Customs Administration uses this software.

Direct data access (Z1) the examiner reads directly in the Data processing system of the taxpayer the tax-relevant data. This procedure is problematic, as soon as data from the production system without live access were outsourced, or if there are additional data in a legacy system. Direct data access (Z2), an employee of the company evaluates the data machine according to the specifications of the auditor. Here, a pure read access is permitted as well as in access after Z1. During this process, an employee for the Inspector to the side stands for the time of the audit.

The most comfortable and resource-friendly way when auditing is the disk transfer (Z3). While the examiner receives the tax or customs-related data stored on a machine usable disk from the companies. This data imports the examiner in the software IDEA and performs different analyses. About CSP GmbH & co. KG: CSP GmbH & co. KG was founded in 1991 and specializes in innovative software solutions for manufacturing companies. The company contributes at also its customers in addition to the implementation and customization of standard solutions with comprehensive consulting and support. Around the new product line of Chronos for database archiving, CSP offers an extensive range of services companies from all industries. CSP has numerous international reference customers in the industry. Including trust group BMW, Audi, Daimler, MAN, General Motors, Volvo, Chrysler, Renault, VW, Porsche and Bosch on the solutions of the company.

Managed Service Providers

March 18, 2018


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New Paessler billing tool: statements directly from PRTG network monitor generate Nuremberg, February 22, 2011 the network monitoring expert Paessler (www.de.paessler.com) now offers as an extension of its network monitoring solution, PRTG network monitor in a customizable accounting tool. This allows managed service providers (MSPs) and data center operators to create detailed usage based invoices to their customers directly from PRTG. The respective network and resource utilization of the customer can be measured with PRTG sensors. The Paessler billing tool generates an invoice in PDF format directly from these results. It is now ready as freeware under the link tools/billingtool for free download.

Hosting companies and managed service providers (MSPs) not only to the monitoring of their networks, but also to measure the resource and bandwidth of their customers use PRTG. At the end of the month, this usage data is used for billing purposes. The PDF invoices directly from the PRTG users is now a tool available, Monitoring solution can generate. Due to a large demand from our customers, we created the PRTG billing tool. In the face of very different user requirements we have decided, to keep the freeware so flexible and adaptable as possible so that she can easily be adapted to the specific billing models in companies”, explains Dirk Paessler, CEO of Paessler AG. With the tool, we facilitate the work with our network monitoring solution service providers and data centers.

Consider for example for used disk space, caused traffic or the number of accesses automated individual customers or departments, invoices button directly from PRTG. The detour of a data export is therefore null and void.” The comprehensive network monitoring solution, PRTG is extended by the new Paessler billing tool to an efficient billing component, which seamlessly integrates into PRTG. The tool to be the relevant billing data directly via the application programming interface (API) built into PRTG query to the PRTG server and processed billing reports.