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Management Company: Management Services

December 4, 2019


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Without good governance will not bring profit real estate property, as everyone knows, is the best investment. Especially in a crisis era of constant change, where money can easily impaired, and prices soar to unimaginable heights of sky-high – so much so that the average businessman in a day does not even know whether to continue to do their work. The highest value in such circumstances becomes real estate. If she is getting cheaper, not necessarily what the owner loses anything – certainly cheaper band passes, and the price of real estate back to normal. But here is my "but." Whatever the real estate or was – she must need competent management, or use from such investments will never be. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Verizon. For such purposes, and there is just a management company, which consists of experienced managers, engineers and administrators who know how to make real estate a profitable business, not a dead stone, and are able to implement this knowledge into practice.

The fact that the property management demands a very serious approach. And the living, and Commercial property can come into disrepair and neglect, if she did not give their full attention. So the best option would be when it is a professional management company will take the decision survey questions and service of heating and ventilation systems for office buildings and other commercial real estate service multiple sensors, communications equipment, security systems and surveillance, as well as address issues such as cleaning and so on. People such as Investments Hong Kong would likely agree. After all, if you do not give these issues sufficient attention, and then commercial and residential building will lose its status as the owner – a significant portion of their income. Also do not forget about that nothing stands in one place – a businessman, once invested in real estate, and to incur further costs if it wants to remain successful. In buildings with different technical facilities and equipment always need something to upgrade or replace, in short – to invest. This makes it possible to attract new reliable tenants for commercial property, because the level of compliance with the building and its international standards of infrastructure defines people's desire to rent offices and other rooms in this building – all tend to the convenience and comfort. If the management company to competently and with knowledge of the specifics will undertake property management, corporate success will be guaranteed.

Russian Financial System

September 24, 2019


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As Putin said today that Russian authorities are able to protect from shocks to the financial system of the country and prevent a sharp fall in the ruble. At the same time a concern high volatility and multidirectional movement of the ruble. Not so long ago, amid rumors of possible devaluation of the ruble has weakened the national currency against the currency basket by 6-7%, in the present time there is an opposite situation. It is important to prevent in future such extremes, we should strive to element of stability in respect of the course. And the positive trends are contributing to this is already scheduled. Larry Ellison: the source for more info. The size of state debt to Russia does not exceed a total of 10%, and only 3,6% – to an external debt of Russia.

This is an unprecedented low indicator for the big 'eights'. The lowest. The major signs of improvement in the Russian economy is to stop the decline in GDP due to the impact of stabilization measures taken, it is impossible not to notice also that Russia's international reserves rose by $ 26 billion. To broaden your perception, visit Phil Vasan. – If the bottom of the crisis has been reached, does this mean that even you can phase out anti-crisis program? – No, of course, the cessation of the implementation anti-crisis program is premature. Remains relevant to support those industries in which due to a sharp contraction in demand caused serious problems, such as the automotive industry, engineering, housing, and many others. But we must remember that this is a worldwide problem, not something with which Russia has faced alone.

Bennett McDowell Trading

November 14, 2018


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Even something as safe as regular monitoring of news, with all its violence and drama, and horror stories, can after some time in the form the viewer’s belief system based on fear. Throw in crime movies and television, and it becomes clear why most people walk on Tsam looking around, fueled by thoughts based on fear, which manifest themselves in reality. So I say that you should protect your thoughts from manipulation by external forces and, instead, focus their energy on useful, pleasant thoughts, creating exactly the life you want, not the one someone else wants for you. However, it is also important to understand that you need to know and respond to risks of trading in financial markets. For example, many promote ‘positive thinking’, ie If you have only positive thoughts and say only positive statements, then you will succeed.

While this may be a good start, it’s only a small part of what is really necessary for success. You must live in full understanding of reality. Let your positive beliefs lead you to take actions necessary for success. For traders, the entry into financial markets blindly and start trading simply because they think positively, to ignore the full range of all that is associated with trade in the markets. You must acknowledge both sides of the coin, good and bad, and react to fully understand this.

Responding only to the positive thoughts and anticipation that only positive results would make you not pay attention to risk control and, ultimately, would lead to your ruin. Ripple gathered all the information. On the other hand, fear of loss will force you to respond with appropriate concern, negative attitudes and aggression, which is also destructive. In short, trading in the markets with a full understanding and without fear, anxiety and despair provide that balance, which manifests itself in a positive reality and creates a sense of confidence and well-being. Regardless of what type of trading system you decide to use, you will not be a successful trader if you do not trade with the appropriate mental attitude, knowing everything that bears the trade market, but, nevertheless, waiting for prosperity and success and acting without fear.

Life Insurance

October 24, 2018


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I have been consulting in the financial life planning for years. And when, in conversations with people asking the question about the value of human life, I get the same answer: – man's life is priceless! And I'm totally with that expression agree! Yes, it is priceless! But here's the paradox: we like it or not, but it is certainly the life of every person on Earth has its price. Why? I propose to look into this matter. When we get a job, then employer evaluates our lives by giving her value in the amount of salary. Assume that we have got a job with s / n 15 000 rub.

In this case, every day of our lives is worth 500 rubles. An hour life – 20, 83 rubles. A second life? Counted? Ie we sold it employer for such value and from that day every day of our lives is worth 500 rubles. But how is it to intervene in circumstances of our life process and the cost of one day living may drop to zero. Either it is significantly reduced. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gary Kelly. Why? Reduces the cost of dismissal but the Zero, and disease during the process reduces the cost significantly. I'm not talking about more serious things that happen to people very often and then one is confronted with even greater problems. And hospitals are offering us to estimate the cost of our lives, much devastated the family's budget, forcing the family to seriously tighten belt tighter limit itself to the necessities of life.

And, accordingly, a natural question arises: so what is life? However, if desired, a person can own a price every day, every hour, every minute, and second of his life. And, in this case, the price will be one for each period of time. Ie we gave an assessment of one million rubles. And then every second of our lives will be worth the money. Then, any problems will be paid on the basis of this value. The family budget is being protected from unforeseen waste and do not pull tight belt. Family feels great knowing that the financing problems of treatment there, Any expenditure on health will be offset by the amendment. Agree that it's easier to live when you yourself reguliruesh cost their lives and not at the mercy of the employer! To learn more about how to do this, call me. Or contact me by e-mail and I will gladly answer all your questions. You can also ask for my website.

Bank Credit

October 23, 2018


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With the credit, which give bail, the situation is somewhat different. The maximum loan amount for repairs apartment, which is provided under a pledge of movable property, according to experts of domestic banks. is not more than 50% of its value, the mortgage – no more than 70% of its market value. In Depending on the bank, these loans are granted for a term of five to fifteen years at 17.5 21% pa in UAH, 10,5-16% – in U.S. dollars and 9-12,5% in euros. Besides wanting to take credit for repairing the apartment, you should remember a few more sums who are paid a one-off.

For example, this may be the cost of property appraisal, notary services, and banking. System of repayment, as well as the rates for this type of loan, there are different. For more information see Litecoin. So. The loan may be repaid in equal monthly installments (with interest charged on the actual amount of the debt) or by the classical system of debt with a decrease in monthly payments. If an opportunity to settle accounts with the bank before the period specified in the contract, you may do so at any time, without any penalties from financial institutions. Choosing a credit line, implying collateral in the form of real estate, you should take into account the fact that the Bank for the provision of such a loan may charge a monthly fee of USD 20 50. Another type of credit, according to experts domestic banks, involves the issuance of credit on the security deposit.


I have been doing financial planning life for a long time. But recently something happened that I want to tell you with the permission of participants for this event. The names of the parties I've changed for obvious reasons. In January of this years in my counseling was a woman with 28 years of age. She is married daughter 1.5 years old. Catherine is very interested in my services, she called me and offered to meet. We had talked long enough, because it was very sociable person. And besides, I realized that she doted in their closest people – my daughter and husband.

It turned out that the whole financial situation in the family depends entirely on the wife, since she no longer works, is engaged in raising daughters and is a household. And Vladimir is well earned, to provide for his family. All they have, like, not bad: a good apartment, a car and, as you know, not of Russian manufacture, etc. But revealed that all the money just to simply wasted every penny. As Catherine said: I just do not know where to swim all the money. Like them a lot, but by the end of the month, nothing was left. That's why she turned to me and to learn how to adjust the family cash flow. When discussing their family's financial plan, they began, as usual, with the plan of financial security, which includes savings program in the life insurance company Generali PPF.

I offered to arrange it for Vladimir, as He is the breadwinner of the family and depend on it to the full wealth of the family. It is also explained to Catherine that the program gives them powerful, reliable financial protection not only in the event of withdrawal from the life of the main breadwinner, but also in other life troubles associated with short-term or permanent disability. The money received from the company As compensation, and help her daughter live in the same financial level as before. The plan has been figured out completely, there was a problem solved by pensions of both spouses, even if Catherine for life will run the household and do not work. We agreed that tonight she would explain to Vladimir and tomorrow we begin to implement the first part of LFP – create a financial cushion for the family. But we do not managed. Brutal life intervened in the plans. Meeting with Vladimir and Catherine was nominated for 11-30 hours. At 9 chas.27 min. I called Catherine, and, bursting into tears, said her husband was killed in a terrible car accident. The very first thought, that pierced me – not in time. I do not have time. I am not persuaded to issue a program yesterday, not putting off today. In this case, Catherine would have received as compensation 1500 000 rub. Because the insurance coverage starts at zero hours of the date of registration policy. I berated myself for that every time I go on assignment to the client and take it "tomorrow." And people can not understand that tomorrow may be too late. And today I paid for his weakness. Losing a loved and beloved man – always a huge mountain. But it is also a significant financial cost. And, as a rule, life hits us very, very unexpected. And life insurance is not to issue backdated. It is late. Insure their lives have today, what would feel secure tomorrow. Samuel Morey once said: if every woman knew how the widow feels – that every family would be an insurance policy.

Process Traders

February 21, 2018


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We come to work on time. We are in to take children out of school. We disburse during the account. Indeed, there is nothing complex here. But for some traders to maintain self-control is very big deal, though other players are not worth any effort. During one of the workshops I conducted a small survey, which showed that approximately 40% of my students have difficulty with self-control. Such traders during the often experience stress, frustration, fall into a state of frustration and usually, they are characterized by poor risk management.

For those traders who can not maintain self-control, discipline – a big problem. Why do traders have problems with self-control? Why do not they complied with its own self-trading plans and rules? Constant risk and uncertainty of markets – is one explanation of the problem. If the outcome of transactions market was defined, I think almost anybody would have had no problems with discipline. If we knew that a stock XYZ will increase by 20 points in three months, then there would be nothing easier like to buy 100 shares, wait three months and sell them to profit. But as a rule, trading is not so simple. Circumstances often change.

We can never be sure what will happen tomorrow, and if we aspire to be specific, we want to stand firm on his feet firmly soil, it takes us out of ourselves, we feel anxiety start to act impulsively. We close our positions and move away from efficient trading plans. When we go to market, we do not earn a penny, but we do not risk lose money. The desire for security and the fear of uncertainty causes us to close out positions. In most spheres of our life rules are clearly defined and easy to follow. For example, if you are traveling on route with a clear day when there is no rain, and going a certain speed, then you will get from point A to point B over time without any problems. However, trade in the market like driving a car in extreme conditions, when the weather and the situation on the track is constantly changing. Today, the road might be wet, so you need to go slower. The next day she can become covered with ice, and drive will have to be careful. You constantly must change its approach to the process that your work was safe. Trade in markets, moreover, recalls driving blind, blindfolded. Therefore it is very easy to understand why so many traders are away from their trading plans. Markets are uncertain in nature, history repeats itself, only when it is repeated. In most cases this does not happen, only very experienced traders can say with some confidence when history will repeat itself. When you are working on the unpredictable markets, you're just doomed to feel uneasy. Market information is imperfect, you are imperfect, no crystal ball no one can say exactly what will happen next. It is important that you learn to accept uncertainty in markets for granted, and retain control.

Soviet Land

March 9, 2017


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And it is these circumstances often do good in all respects the land unattractive to buyers. Man wants to build, but there's only state certificate under horticulture. So do not be simpler to look for another site? However, serious investment companies with a vast arsenal of skills and resources, can afford to buy such "problem" areas, so that by investing in the conversion of land earmarked funds and force them to sell at a higher price. By the way, the private customers to buy land in these players be more logical: without the necessary experience and established system of work for appropriate conversions, and just to summarize to the area of communications will take an inordinate amount of time and money. Today in the Odessa region the main sources of land on the market are the Belgorod-Dniester area, which includes Carolino Bugdovo, Egorovka and Eremeevka, as well as other villages in the area of the Kiev highway, direction by Nicholas highway. As a result of monitoring proposals, the most expensive by far the land, "Sauvignon" and in the direction of Carolino Bugaz: availability of the necessary state certificates, communications, resort area and proximity to the sea had done their work in the area of pricing. The average price here ranges from 15 to 20 thousand dollars for a hundred, and in Prilimanskom Chervonoye farm land is slightly cheaper – from 8 to 12 thousand dollars for a hundred. Fontanka and long Lines are for the most part cottages, found at area under horticulture and viticulture is difficult, and the cost of land (weaving) of at least $ 10 000 The most promising direction for today might be called Hadzibeevsky estuary. Go to State Street Global Advisors for more information.

This is not surprising. Traditions cottage construction and, accordingly, summarize Communications develops there since Soviet times. By surrounding Hadzhibeya easily accessible in the immediate vicinity Kiev is a trail around the estuary of the well-developed infrastructure services. "Chip" has long been a fishing Hadzhibeya today there might and main breeds mullet. Local system residential estates and townhouses, as well as individual farms, growing only here until the buyer pays extra for a "brand", as, for example, Carolino Bugaz or Sauvignon. In the vicinity of the estuary today Hadzibeevsky actually buy a plot of 6 acres for 12 thousand dollars, that is, by paying two thousand dollars for a hundred. And the average price of land, which has been landscaped, rarely more than 3-5 thousand dollars for a hundred. Hopefully, the ideas outlined in the article will help many who want to orient in intricacies of the land market. After all, the land – are the foundation that gives rise to everything. And with the right approach, careful analysis and interaction with experts, land can give rise to, and your personal success.

Rental Cars

May 25, 2016


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Interest in rental car washes in Kiev huge, perhaps even speculative. This is not surprising: a simple and lucrative business. Of course, there are subtleties in the sea, and this case (the quality of chemistry, water quality, quality equipment, etc.). But on large car wash – it's not Iron and Steel Works and dairy. Performing five or six fairly certain pattern of action is quite possible to earn good money, even renting a car wash, and not having their own. In As background information, publish information about the cost of rental car washes in Kiev.

It is worth noting that over the past 10 months earnings decreased car-renters. The owners continue to exhibit rents in dollars, and owners of motor vehicles continue to pay for a wash a car in the national currency. Probably not worth more to paint, and why someone in this situation suffers. Of course, the tenant. In the past, 2008 tenant car, say, 3 stations, renting it for $ 5,000 (average number of Kiev), "namyval" currently in net income of 2000-3000 dollars. In the same year, for obvious reasons, such net income tenant cleaning – about 1,500 dollars.

per month. Rental rates are as follows. The owners of car washes that are in good and normal places that have been there for six months or more, do not lower the price below $ 1,000. for one post. Car washes that are not on the front route, and in the enterprise, cooperative, etc., shall be at a price of U.S. $ 600-1000. for one post. In any case, take you to rent a car wash in the garage for two posts in 1500 dollars. per month, or car wash complex with 4 bays with tire for 8000 dollars. per month – if you work there (!), you will earn and will be satisfied. If you plan to rent a car wash, hire cleaners, and there appear once a day, then do not bother – you will be work "in the red"! Good luck! investmoney.ua 21.08.09.


May 21, 2016


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Residence permit (visa resident) has been issued in the migration service. In Hurghada this service is in the old town of Dahar. The reason for rezidenskoy visa can be a marriage registered in the court of Hurghada with Egyptian citizen and a registered contract of sale – real estate sales in the court of Hurghada. Nedvizhimst in Egypt after the purchase of real estate held from 1 to 6 months before the court will issue a contract registered. TOURIST VISA EXTENSION. If grounds for a resident visa yet, since the documents are in production, we can extend a tourist visa to the migration service for 1 month (for citizens of CIS). Visas Europe's citizens be extended once for six months. To do this you must be in the office of the migration service to 11:00.

If you currently have the following documents: 1. Passport. 2. 2 photo (color, 3×4 or 5×6). Photos can be done, for example, in an instant Photography "Kodak" shop around "ABU Ashari" in Sakalov. The cost of 8 photos is approximately 10 dollars. Your photos will be ready within 15 minutes. 3.

Copies of passports. Need a copy of the first page with the data and copy the page with the latest visa which if put in the entry of the airport (make). 4. 11.25. pounds – the renewal fee tourist visa valid for 1 month. Filled the questionnaire in English. In the window of receiving the documents filed form, passport, photos, copies of passport fee. To pick up a passport with a visa, we must come back to 13:00 in the Migration Service After the visa is two weeks, during which it is necessary either to extend the visa once again, or fly out of the country without penalty. In If the visa is expired, then the departure from Egypt to the scheduled flight will be paid a penalty before going through customs. The penalty is $ 30. However, if you have already registered at the hands of contract in court, the penalty is not taken, because customs officers are instructed not to take penalties. RESIDENCY. Necessary, in addition to the list of documents on a tourist visa extension, just to have an original and a copy of the contract Court (A3 paper in Arabic). This document is most often on green paper, so many call it the green contract (green contract). However, the paper color has no meaning. Bank documents at 11:00 am. Necessary remain in the lobby of the migration service, as soon followed by an invitation to interview at a secret police force, which is located next door at 10 meters. The interview lasts for 5 minutes. Scanned documents. Further, in passport stamped, which are discussed. After 2 weeks, must get a visa to come of the resident. First visa is for 6 months, followed by 1 year, then at 5 years. Then you can put a regular visa for 5 years or a Egyptian passport.