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CIS Candidate

October 23, 2018


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To avoid these negative situations, as recommended to get serious study of the agency on the selection stage. Optimally, if the selection of a company or manager will recommend the selection of one of your friends or relatives who already have experience of successful cooperation with them. Also pay attention to all subtlety: the office of the company for selection, as consultants on the phone and communicate directly with each other and with clients. Try as closely as possible to inform the manager of a detailed image of the nurse, which You want to pick up. Probably advisable to choose the agency, geographically located in your area. This makes it easier and faster your cooperation with the agency, as well as increase the probability of finding an acceptable candidate for living in your area that will be convenient for you, and for future nurses. If you strive for a truly intelligent selection of nannies and your time capabilities allow, do not agree conduct interviews and dating right away with 5-6 candidates in one day, with an interval of half an hour on the candidate. At the last candidate in that situation you just do not have enough energy and attention, and the first after so intense meetings may be obliterated from memory. Continue to learn more with: Gary Kelly.

Preferably, to interview no more than with 3-4 bidders for a visit. In conclusion, I will turn your attention to the fact that the development of the financial crisis on the Russian market, the metamorphosis subjected to market and domestic staff. The conclusions of several well-known publications, as well as information centers for the selection of house personnel, qualified nurse has become much easier to find, with the odds that the nurse will Muscovite with higher education, but not a citizen of a CIS or a resident in remote areas of our country. And despite the fact that the salary of the nurse veroyatneee save will not work (not so yet hit this segment of the labor market), the company's recruitment of domestic staff are ready to provide deep discounts to find a nanny because of a significant decline requests for this service. Kalashnikov Nikolay Use of material article is permitted only with the active hyperlink to the Site for moms and dads MalyshDoma.Ru

Wedding In Belgium

January 24, 2018


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Belgium – a very ancient country with a fascinating blend of old traditions with modern laws. Wedding in Belgium can be as civil as well as a religious ceremony. According to tradition – when a couple wants to Belgium announce their wedding – invitations are printed on two sheets of paper – one for the groom's family, the other – for the bride's family. These wedding invitations symbolize the union of two families, a new alliance partnership. One of the most important and long-time Belgian wedding traditions is that the bride should keep a specially embroidered handkerchief with her name. Shawl hung on the place of honor in the house of newlyweds. When getting married the next girl of the family the bride's handkerchief is removed from the site above and transferred to the new bride who comes to him as relying on tradition. Wedding handkerchief is passed from generation to generation, revered as the most important family value.

During the wedding ceremony the bride and groom sit on a large chair placed near the altar, symbolizing that the here and now they are the king and queen. After the ceremony, the groom wears a wedding ring on the left the bride's hand. Ring – a ring is known to have no beginning and no end – a symbol of unending love. At the end of the ceremony the couple perform their first kiss as husband wife already. Kiss is a symbolic act, indicating the inhalation of a new soul. Traditionally, bridesmaids pick up small coins, and when you exit the church, give them to beggars outside the church.

It is believed that almsgiving would bring prosperity to the young husband and wife. At once After the wedding the couple go on their honeymoon. In ancient times, the honeymoon – which was celebrated by drinking of a decoction honey or honey wine – lasted 28 days, the full cycle of moon phases. The honeymoon was intended to to the bride's family tried to kidnap her not back from the newfound man. Any advice on the subject: weddings