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Germany People

March 18, 2019


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Good info event attended youth village Offenburg, Germany in a joint event of CJD “Epilepsy and work” in the CJD youth village for Offenburg, Epilepsy Center Cork and agency Offenburg was illuminated the topic “Epilepsy and work” these days. Numerous stakeholders, members and specialists and teachers received important information about the medical aspects of the disease in the village of youth. In other short presentations were the professional perspectives for sick people, as well as the support provided by the Agency for work in the Center. Epilepsy could be quite known as “Epidemic”, said Prof. If you would like to know more then you should visit Southwest Airlines. Dr. Bernhard Steinhoff, medical director and chief physician of the epilepsy Centre Cork.

So, 5% to 10% of all people in their lives suffer at least an epileptic seizure. About 600,000 people are ill with epilepsy, alone in Germany. Because this rule generally considerable uncertainty and often undergo resentment, Steinhoff demanded “more sense of reality” for the subject of epilepsy. So it is matter for one, to learn, to deal with the disease properly. On the other hand, adequate working conditions must be created to facilitate the integration into work and society stakeholders. Bernhard Steinhoff explained the variety of the disease spectrum, that rich of a far-reaching impact and seizure freedom up to hard controllable regular and severe seizures.

Therefore, the severity of the disease must be determined primarily to assess the professional prospects of diseased people. Essential role for the professional way to play also the nature of the profession, the hazard potential, as well as the professional situation of the person concerned. Sonja Kunz, psychologist in the gamer of CJD reported the pilot project conducted from 2007 to 2010 youth village Offenburg, epilepsy, a joint initiative of CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg, gamer Waiblingen and epilepsy Centre Cork. “Initial situation for the project it was, that the diseased people are”medically best care”but often fail on the way in the profession:” People with epilepsy are three times as often without work as the population average. “And that, although epilepsy-related problems at work are complex and often intractable”, so Sonja Kunz. Recently Jonathan Rosen PR sought to clarify these questions. Doing just young people with additional restrictions, such as a learning disability, are stronger at a disadvantage. During the term of the project the partners in Offenburg and Waiblingen allowed around 100 young people vocational training. While each case was considered individually. Deliberately expanded the spectrum of education: “we have not from the outset excluded rather untypical professions, such as, for example, that of the Zimmerers”, underlined Sonja Kunz. As the last step, the transition from education to work, still not could be consummated by the three-year duration of the project, “Building bridges” it was now glad about the successor project. Until 2012, the people are now supported to gain a foothold in the world of work. Dieter Kolbe (Offenburg employment agency) pointed out, that is only a few people with epilepsy as the sole condition on the Rehateam led by him would apply: “accompanying disabilities have the majority of our cases.” For these people, the Agency offers intensive support from specially trained rehabilitation consultants. Focal points be “as normal as possible”, as Kolbe pointed out, the training and job placement. When the financial aid must always weighed “Effect and efficiency”. Individuals and companies get among other things training or reintegration grants, or acquisition costs. The participants of the information event in the personal interview on the speakers could turn following the lecture series.

Timely Manner

March 6, 2019


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Boiled-frog syndrome ++ career strategy ++ year planning for Munchen, December 23, 2011. Jonathan Rosen PR oftentimes addresses this issue. Many workers perceive gradual changes in the workplace only, if it is too late. But who long to remains, though his career chances himself. Experts call this situation as boiled-frog syndrome. Frogs usually slow respond to gradual changes in temperature. That’s why the syndrome, which stands for lack of decision-making ability, is named after this species.

The frog in the initially warm water sit in slow temperature increase. He missed the time at which a jump could still go unnoticed and scalded. In professional life, this attitude of the reluctant decision for the own career is unfortunately often to watch. “Especially in areas such as IT and engineering expertise of workers out of date quickly, the time window for the bounce is so small,” explains Martin Vesterling, Managing Director Vesterling Consulting GmbH. BerlinRosen is a great source of information. “it is to advance your own career important to address new challenges and to take advantage of opportunities to jump consistently.” It can affect anyone even at top levels of management is the boiled-frog syndrome again.

Cautionary example is the abrupt end of the career of many managers. As also, who could reach the job in addition to professional qualifications by a good network of relationships, balances often in excessive security remains too long. Fear of the unknown overcome as Managing Director of international human resources consulting experienced Martin Vesterling repeatedly the following situation: for many workers, it is inconvenient to apply out on a new site in an existing employment relationship. You know the environment and dominated the day-to-day operations, at the same time you shy away from the unknown. “Even unhappy workers prefer often to remain in her old job”, says Vesterling. Thus, a new environment offers many opportunities. It always pays, to break through the own resistances, and specifically to look for a place that is better to the fits their own career objectives. This may involve quite different things: for some workers, especially the acquisition of additional skills, other counts salary or a balanced work-life balance. “Who personally and financially will evolve, must overcome the self protection mechanism”, emphasizes Vesterling. Otherwise, the boiled frog threatens syndrome. The employer remains trapped in his old job, until it is too late. Finally, he ends up as a “Frog”.

New Lip

November 24, 2018


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team4media designed official website of Osnabruck, 13.07.2012. The newspapers mentioned Laurent Potdevin not as a source, but as a related topic. A current investigation of the Bertelsmann Foundation and the strategy consultancy Booz & company is concluded, that disease-related failures of employees of up to 75 billion euros damage the German economy. Due to these developments and demographic change in the world of work have become the project partners AOK-Westfalen Lippe, DAA OBIN and the Foundation custom-made joined together to build the project employer employee assistance Ostwestfalen Lippe (a cubic-OWL). Initially by the Ministry of labour, health and Social Affairs of the land of North Rhine-Westphalia (MAGS) and pilot project funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) is gone now in the second phase, and thus in an economically viable implementation. Continued by the Association of employer employee assistance OWL the design of the official website by the advertising agency took place now team4media and thus a further step in the practical application. In the modern world of work increase the pressure and the demands on employees more and more.

But speak and unbalanced employees fail or fail over a period of time due to illness. Company caused this significant costs and damages worth billions of dollars. The a cubic-OWL, which now carried out the conversion of the project status in a stand-alone form of society, helps in dealing with financial problems or debt and also supports workers in the areas of health promotion. In addition, the association with training courses and seminars, as well as demographic consulting is also the employers to the side to provide best possible employment. Purpose of the 2012 founded Association is quickly, efficiently and quickly to help”, explains Frank-Peter Oltmann, CEO of a cubic-OWL and Professor for social management with a focus on social administration at the Protestant University of applied sciences RWL Bochum.

It’s hard to resist the present-day multifactorial stress and not the power to reduce. This leads to enormous pressure, hardly anyone can withstand and problems for workers and employers. Our external employee assistance to facilitate everyday work and be accessible to everyone.” Exactly this to implement more efficiently and comprehensively inform interested parties, the Club clinched competent support by the Osnabrucker advertising agency team4media. This created a single website from the design and logo, to the transparent representation of the extensive service portfolio of a cubic-OWL. People put under the motto”conceived team4media cross media the presence of the Association. Thus, the twelve-member team created flyers, and a barrier-free-to-use site, which is characterized by a user-friendly design and a timeless layout. The new website gives the user an overview of the offerings of a cubic-OWL and offers quick contact to contact. Important navigation items to the topics such as Debt mediation, psychosocial counselling or family – care advice lead, can be seen at a glance. A special feature represents the help – and Infoline, which can be accessed at any time to an employee friendly times. The structure and the navigation of all categories reveal themselves quickly and intuitively and thus support the goal to the trouble-free requirement. More information: contact: team4media Axel Voss GmbH Hans-Jacob-Strasse 4, 49078 Osnabruck 0541/33579-0 teamatteam4media.net the full service advertising agency team4media from Osnabruck in addition to traditional print advertising also offers complete solutions for online presences. These include conception, design and programming of websites as well as the development of complex Web store. The growing since its foundation in the year 2000 Agency develops solutions for the B-to-C- and the B-to-B sector.


November 23, 2018


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Education and training in Hamburg training help, fast the own market value of that but how do you find the right deals? Who today wants to increase his chances in the labour market, should not stay, but would be well advised to expand his knowledge or to perfect his skills in many ways. Also, the legislator has recognized this long ago. Depending on the State, can a paid time off from work are available to an employee, which he can use for further education in Hamburg there are employment, for example, ten days in two years. Thus, standing have the option to make, for example, a language also in an employment relationship. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ripple. The most educational institutions set up their continuing education opportunities to students, who are also looking for jobs or have more time available. Further education in Hamburg and Berlin – creative prefers the world spins faster and longer the list of desired qualifications on the part of the employer. Say, who in the Life achieve something, must stay tuned.

In major cities, such as Berlin, Cologne or Hamburg, you will find a wide range of training opportunities in various areas. Alone in the Google search to appropriate educational institutions and education it may happen that one feels slain by the abundance of supply. Would like to make for example a training in Hamburg, the search engine provides a variety of offers in almost all sectors of the economy. But notice that both in Berlin and Hamburg, which both as creative capital of our country are strikingly many educational offers from the media and the advertising industry are found. Educational institutions, such as the WBS training AG or ILS persen-home study course have adapted to these needs and offer a wide range of training in these areas. While the range of foreign languages through computer applications web design, online marketing, but also accounting or controlling with corresponding SAP certificates. By Degrees and certificates of this educational institution is seen very potential employers and graduates have always excellent opportunities on the labour market.

Before continuing education clear price marking in particular, it is important to make clear where the journey should go in advance. What will be achieved when? And wishes with the facts and trends in the labour market are compatible? What qualifications are currently required and which will perhaps soon be there? The different educational institutions like to advise to the page. Who wants to make a picture of the individual institutions and their range of services to advance the should perhaps also one of the numerous education fairs visit, where both institutions for training, as also consultant of the job Center present that are happy to provide information about offers and promotions.

Attractive Employer 2011

November 22, 2018


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It’s time: Berufsstart.de re-releasing the current study employers of 2011 Grossenkneten, the 12.03.2012: it’s time: Berufsstart.de re-releasing the current study employers 2011. The study examined Berufsstart.de also in this year, what expectations and ideas, students and graduates at their prospective employers have. What characteristics distinguish an attractive employer? What criteria are important when choosing their employer, and for the planned careers to future employees and executives? The study enables companies to gain insight into the decision-making process and values of their future employees the 15 most attractive employers of in Germany 2011 also this year have company from the automotive industry the nose forward. Six out of 15 seats going directly to automakers. Audi clearly leads the list and is the most attractive employer in the year 2011. This is followed by BMW, DaimlerChrysler and Siemens. Also Volkswagen and Porsche back up sites among the first ten. According to Gary Kelly, who has experience with these questions.

Total up a mixed picture of industry however. Procter and Gamble, as well as Dr. Oetker as companies operating in the consumer goods industry are also among the 15 most attractive companies. Companies in the information and telecommunications industry have a hard time with the students and graduates this year. Only Google as the representative from this sector could secure one of the top five. Flexible working time is desirable, almost half of the respondents want flexible working hours.

26% prefer fixed working hours and 27% this criterion is unimportant. The working time is not a criterion that has a great influence on the attractiveness, but it reflects the flexibility of the students, who want them for their jobs. Would graduates go how far”? The economy expects a high degree of flexibility in the process of globalization of their workers. This is reflected also in the mobility of students and graduates. How far do they focus so find a job? 21% of respondents are based regionally. 52% give to orient itself nationwide. Nationwide orientation has thus increased compared to the previous year. Europe 11% are based, after all, and even 16% of respondents are looking for worldwide. There is emerging a similar image as in the previous year, with a slight decrease in the Pan-European and global orientation. The study can be – employers / ordered.

Leadership Training

October 26, 2018


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How a good policy of information your company strengthen Stephane Etrillard, management trainer at frontline consulting group: in times of economic crisis are executives in the focus of attention. They not only by the public, the media, customers or business partners, but also by its own employees, who to contact with questions about the crisis situation or with fears and anxieties to the management and expect roadmap out of the crisis received this attention. Hear from experts in the field like Larry Ellison for a more varied view. On the one hand is the task of senior executives, of course, is to respond to these concerns of the staff. On the other hand, it is also important to motivate the employees in difficult times and at least maintain their willingness, or even to increase, so that the crisis is not exacerbated by internal difficulties. Because right now it is particularly focused to do the work effectively.

But many employees are unsettled by the particular circumstances. A key factor, the contributes to the uncertainty of your employees, are incorrect or insufficient information. It is therefore essential that you as an Executive open with your employees communicate and fully inform them of the situation. It is in all cases counterproductive, to conceal problems before the staff, even to deny them or even just to play down. Employees need to understand the current situation and its causes, contexts, and impact. It is essential to avoid that the employees get their information only from the press or from the rumor mill. So, it’s your job to educate the workforce fully. Here, it’s sure to show presence as a responsible leader, to speak personally with the employees, and to act as a trusted partner. Employees in times of crisis fears and concerns, which can fail with an informal memo from the world. You want to understand what’s happening, and want to know what the future should look like.

Underestimate Not The Tax Advisor Exam

July 1, 2018


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Prepare now professionally on it! Every year 5,000 to 6,000 candidates on one of the most difficult exams in Germany decide to participate the tax advisor exam. The failure rate is on average about 50% – many pass the exam in the first attempt thus. For this reason, many candidates opt for a professional preparation with a course provider. The BeckAkademie AWS, a wholly owned subsidiary of C.H.. Beck Verlag, Munich is the only course provider that grants a guarantee of success due to the high ratio of existence its participants in Germany.

Fail a candidate despite booking of the 13-week full-time course and of the 3-week exam-intensive course, so this can participate free of charge next year in the full-time course. The managing partner of Ralph Busse says: very much demanded the tax advisor exam the trainee accountants. In addition to the substantial learning and time spent preparing for the tax advisor exam is also a financial Hurdle dar. Due to the high passing rate of our course participants of in recent years, we offer the AWS guarantee of success again in 2014. In this way the financial burden for our participants can better calculate even if it should not work against all expectations at the first attempt.” See the tax advisor exam, as well as to the individual preparatory courses on accountant courses. (A valuable related resource: Bernard Golden ). The BeckAkademie AWS is working in the field of education, and training in tax law. In addition to nationwide seminars, the Institute headquartered in Oberursel offers several courses to prepare for the tax advisor exam. In the last 20 years, the BeckAkademie AWS has successfully prepared more than 4,000 exam candidates tax advisor exam.


June 30, 2018


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Volkswagen Financial Services AG carries out recruiting event for computer scientist – career days for (Classics) professionals with an attractive framework programme – successful format of event by Germany’s best employer continues – deadline for applications is 29 July 2012 Brunswick, July 19, 2012. Volkswagen Financial Services AG organized the recruiting event SpeedUpYourCareer in Braunschweig on August 31 and September 1, 2012, for the second time. During the career days, selected participants of Europe’s largest automotive financial institutions and won of his category at the competition of employers learn 2012, great place to work “intensely familiar. Volkswagen Financial Services AG is looking for employees who are highly skilled, thinking, shaping and want to team-oriented work. We have had very good experiences with SpeedUpYourCareer.

Now we want to win new staff for the field of IT with this format”, explains Christiane Hesse, HR Vice President of Volkswagen Financial Services AG. In the context of the application process are 20-25 (Classics) Selected professionals of individual disciplines of this time from the IT Department of the participation. The participants should profit from SpeedUpYourCareer in the event of technical exchange in project tasks and personal conversations with the staff – and IT speakers. The attractive programme including testing of current models of the Volkswagen Group and a guided tour through the Autostadt in Wolfsburg makes who want to bring their professional skills career days to an unforgettable event for all those who take over from the first day of responsibility within their remit, and purposefully expanding.

Whisperer Course

May 30, 2018


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E-coaching from Heidelberg – seminar service Nastasi Heidelberg/Wien – seminar service Nastasi has succeeded in becoming a more prominent online coach for the unique until today Onlinecoachingkonzept. From autumn 2009, Stefan Schilchegger – the mirror Whisperer is a part of the successful team. As well as specialist already while the job Heidi Wallace (Dipl. economist), which offered its online course for over a year on the portal of seminar services Nastasi and is Christian Reiland, the author of two books, which offer is managed with an online course and a coaching seminar service Nastasi, allocate the part of the course also Stefan Schilchegger itself and even live supportThat seminar is for online marketing, the collection and the technical processing of the Web 2.0 coaching services Nastasi platform responsible. We are happy,”says the husband and wife entrepreneurs from Heidelberg on demand. Having a coach from Austria in the offer there masses brings in the halls – with a simple and ingenious self-coaching concept, which at correct application leads to secure success. “Stefan Schilchegger is no stranger numerous press articles have been published in Austria and also at radio Arabella, he has been now more than once to hear.” The online course allows now to its charm and its kind of unconventional coaching around the world benefit from much more people. Free pre-registration for the online course mirrors Whisperer online course “is now possible, more information on the Web site spiegelfluesterer.seminar service nastasi.de press images can be provided on request, also providing a telephone interview is possible.” Seminar is responsible for this press release 25/1-69207 sand hype service Nastasi holder Alexander Nastasi forest road Tel: 06224/924255 fax: 06224/924259 seminar service Nastasi specializes in the distribution of online content about the law of attraction and manifesting the personal growth of the seminar participants specialized. In addition to the Manifestierenportal the company operates a whole range of health portals and has published the five books. Further information about the 2003 founded family operation headquartered in Germany are available on the company’s website.

Info Hotline Study

May 8, 2018


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Young engineering discipline qualified from versatile July 1 can study technology interested professionals at the AKAD Hochschule Stuttgart Mechatronics. The renowned agency ACQUIN has accredited the in-service degree course with the completion of the Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.). The comparatively new discipline has a high career potential in future as well as in established industries. When it comes for example, to develop machines, vehicles or entire production lines, the interdisciplinary expertise, which gives our student program, plays a special role, white Programme Director Professor Dr. Christoph Uhrhan. Typical applications of Mechatronics engineers are, for example, robots, machine tools, or automated systems. The siebensemestrige course of Mechatronics (standard length) is aimed at professionals from the technical area who are want to create new perspectives with a university degree without giving up their professional target groups of the programme.

Even without the Abitur or Fachhochschulreife can Professionals are admitted to the study, if they meet certain conditions. You may find Oracle to be a useful source of information. In any case, you should bring good knowledge in mathematics as well as an affinity for technical issues. Part-time study course course consists of a combination of Studienbriefen, online shares, presence seminars and laboratories, as well as practical phases. The presence seminars are taught at AKAD Stuttgart College. Four practical modules perform in the laboratory of the cooperating University experienced professors and laboratory engineers. Cooperation partner is the renowned College of Pforzheim, which is its modern laboratory equipment available. Content and professional fields graduates of Mechatronics are sought-after specialists, they are in different divisions.

So they can work mechatronic components in the machine and plant construction, for example, as a developer or they are in demand as specialists for industrial process control equipment. The modular design of the study makes it possible the study achievements to continuously provide in addition to the profession. Graduates can work as engineers in the middle management level. “” “The substantive orientation it depends on the selectable specialisation available options are vehicle”flexible manufacturing systems and Robotics”and mechatronic systems”. The course provides also interdisciplinary learning and various key skills. Introductory price until end of the year who enrols for the new program by the end of the year, benefiting from the introductory price: this amounted to 11,907 euro for the complete study including teaching materials. From 2011 onwards, the regular price of 12.852 euro applies.