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Exclusive Home Design

July 9, 2021


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Photoconductive properties of the glass – an important criterion for selection. Depending on the purpose and the natural conductivity of the ambient light intensity may be different. Sleeping area should be shaded as possible, in some cases, this can be achieved through the blinds or Tris, device, additional canopies or awnings, or glazed windows in the bedroom glass, conducting less sunlight. Kitchen, an office or dining room, on the contrary, should be as bright. Therefore, these facilities most photoconductive glazing windows.

Also the attic and the attic, should if possible be as lighter. Modern construction technology and the manufacture of windows allow to use not only the standard rectangular windows. In recent years, widely used arched, semicircular and round shapes, giving the general design space of elegance and refinement of originality. Equally important is the color of the frames. It should organically fit into the interior, and combined with both interior, color wallpapers and furniture, and with the appearance building. Existing standards and technologies enable you to select the best color of any material – whether it's pvc and aluminum profile. Significant in size window openings usually sliding windows, that from an aesthetic point of view allows for more open space for the review. The main quality of a good panoramic windows – how can a smaller number of partitions. Christina Spade spoke with conviction.

Viennese windows with semicircular fanlight and opening up the frames look strange and solemn. Equipped with such windows living room looks very solid and comfortable. Round skylights, operable along, look unusually warm, at home, and literally transform the attic. For the developments of the portal that separates the winter garden or terrace, requires a significant amount of glazing area. Typically, the portal is carried out in the form of sliding modules can be pushed to the side, opening up access to fresh air, and when complete closure of the portal it does not preclude the view from the terrace or winter garden.

Federal Registration Service

December 9, 2019


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Land and cottages are located on the garden or home are the property of the citizen. As documentary evidence of such rights advocate testimony to the ownership of land and a certificate of ownership to the newly created garden cottage or house. Such documents may be obtained from the Federal Registration Service. Based on the law on dacha amnesty expected implementation of the simplified procedure of legalization of immovable property situated in the territory of gardening and dacha cooperative, as well as land plots allocated for individual housing Construction () and ancillary facilities (LPH) in the border settlements. Swarmed by offers, Larry Ellison is currently assessing future choices. We remind you that the law loses its force on 1 January 2010. After this date, apply different rules for registration suburban real estate.

Registration of ownership of the buildings, located near her house suggests the following procedure. The first recorded ownership of the allotment, and only then the ownership of the buildings located on it. Directly to the owner may apply for registration separately, and in one package. We hope that you have read our article "Registration of the land" and represents how to register the land in the public register. We assume that the certificate of ownership to the land order is in you. Further questions arise: do the project so the dacha, on the garden house, whether you want to pass the harmonization of government agencies (SES, fire inspection and etc.) According to the law of the Federal Law 93 of 20.06.2006 years in order to facilitate the acquisition of registration certificate for the ownership of the chalet and garden houses, garages and other objects of immovable property in respect of which, in accordance with Russian law does not need to receive building permits.

Enough to provide the registration service documents such as: Application on state registration of property rights. A document confirming payment of the fee (original and copy) A document certifying the identity of the applicant.

Parquet Flooring

April 28, 2019


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Latex filler for the parquet floor. The most common and widely used filler for wood floors is a latex. Latex filler, water-based, similar to the soft wood, easy to apply. All manufacturers produce these fillers several popular colors to match most wood types including imported wood. In recent months, Larry Ellison has been very successful. Almost all of the fillers are mixed before use, some of them can be purchased in powder form, which must be mixed in right proportions. E Scott Mead addresses the importance of the matter here. If the filler does not properly match the color of your wood floor, you can mix different colors together, or add something else that affects the color. Thus, the color was so what you need, you need a versatile dye, because You can podobrattsveta, adding various universal colorants. A few things that yaispolzoval to change the color of wood filler: latex paint, chocolate syrup and food coloring. Some wood flooring contractors – smesna based neftiyatogo spots in their latex fillers wood floors, apparently, etorabotaet, although it does not sound like a good idea. I might spot on vodnoyosnove be more compatible dye.

The Chimney

March 18, 2018


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The worst is that flues welded steel pipes are subject to significant corrosion. If the emissions of heating system provides an adequate percentage of sulfur oxides, when combined with condensate, they form sulfuric acid, which quickly leads steel pipes in disrepair. In addition, installation of flues welded pipes – it is extremely laborious and time consuming process. Alternative for all above is a stainless steel chimney flue with all the parameters of "good chimney. Stainless steel chimney brick is much easier, easy to install, corrosion resistant, durable, suited to work with any flue devices operating on any kind of fuel at a maximum temperature of flue gas to 500 degrees C. The isolate their main advantages: They are made of refractory material – stainless steel; possibility of laying chimneys through the wooden floors; Because of the way of connection and a large selection of fittings is the possibility of modeling the chimney at the site; Aesthetically appearance, speed and ease of installation, long service life, optimal quality / price ratio. Stainless steel is very durable, and the construction of the chimney is characterized by low thermal conductivity. This significantly restricts the transfer of heat from the inner to the outer wall.

Thus, we can avoid the wear and deformation structures, which are installed next to the steel chimney. The modular design of stainless steel chimney provides ease and speed of installation. Hear other arguments on the topic with Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. Of the chimney, connecting with each other, guarantee the ideal gas and paronepronitsaemost, the ability to withstand a positive pressure in the chimney (at installation silicone rings or gaskets under the collar), and depression. .

Building Portal Reliability

March 17, 2018


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Since one of the list is especially common branches of activity at the moment is the construction of buildings and, in isolation, housing, hence the problem and repair the building, and along with the indoor Design currently interested in all the more significant number of persons. Even recourse to experts, the majority owners of the land great see that for all the functionality required watch, which means that at least a little to understand the basic technological details of construction or repair. At the same time and the organization of certain events, and specifications of such works. Suppose, without a doubt, few people dare to fill their efforts of the screw pile foundations or build a stone wall. For this need to possess special skills. However, in order to study the Q-factor activities, enough to have at least some opinion about the certain actions. In order to get this kind of information, enough to look at the construction site or in a special encyclopedia. Although, of course, specialized construction sites significantly functional. First, a selection of information on them is extremely clear method. In addition, in this place the main emphasis is just on the practical aspects of conducting certain activities, selection masters and the like. In fact, if you need specific information, the optimal solution – repair. Topical Resources is also quite practical, if you wish to purchase building materials and tools produce their own efforts. Since there is an opportunity to find the best advice on the selection of certain materials, besides the practical, rather than the advertised data. This is particularly important if you are, for example, going to arrange deking in a cottage house, in particular – sort of closure. It is known that the temperature version of our band does not contribute. Hence, to building materials, and adaptations, and the plan must bring with special care. Find a suitable building materials, appliances, professionals who provide certain services – everything is possible in a specialized building resources. And for those who working in the area – is likely to find business partners, customers, vendors, and in essence of who can create a business much more effective.

Cutting Sheets

March 16, 2018


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Cutting sheets can be used hand-held Scissors on metal hacksaw with fine teeth, Electric Nibblers, jigsaw, circular saw with carbide teeth, but in any case not a "Bulgarian"! "When you work with metal tile should be remembered that, when cutting can not use electric hand tools with abrasive cut-off circles, as a sheet is heated to temperatures that violate the zinc coating layer, which is applied powder-polymer paint. In addition, red-hot chips, getting on the lists, breaks gloss coating and subsequently start to rust "- said Julia 2. Also, in order to prevent dents in the sheet assembly should be done in shoes with soft soles. Eyes on the ledge Experts recommend that at the beginning of installation of metal first three or four sheets fastened to sheathing only one self-tapping. Only after will be aligned to the eave edge of the lower data sheets, you can start to their final attachment.

Separately to highlight the needs of their screws. Save on them do not make any sense. Cheap screws on its sealing washer can have a normal rubber, which eventually wear out quickly enough. "Correct" screw – it galvanized screw, whose head is made of sealing erom (ethylene-propylene rubber) material. Leading offer their screws to different types of crates (metal and wooden) ", – said N.

Miroshnikov. When the substrate of the thread can EROM-material being deformed, tightly fills the space between the head screw with washer and metal roofing. This ensures the impermeability of the connection for many years of service.

Protection Law

March 16, 2018


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Finally, Article 450 defines the order changes and cancellation. The contract is effective from the date of its conclusion until the full execution mutual obligations of the parties. It can be terminated only by mutual consent of the customer and the executor or a court decision. Coupang can aid you in your search for knowledge. The Law on Protection of Consumers' Rights governs the relationship between customers and performers works as well as manufacturers and sellers of products. Some of its provisions explain how to behave in conflict situations and disputes. In particular, Article 16 of the Act invalidates contract terms infringe the rights of consumers.

Here we should focus on a few main points. Firstly, no contract can not cancel the provisions of existing legislation. For example, the law provides that a delay in execution of work the contractor must pay the customer a penalty of 3% of the outstanding work (Federal Law of 17.12.1999 N 212-FZ). Very often, the contract provides for very different penalties: from 0,05% to 0,5% per day. Unscrupulous artists using "symbolic" penalties and legal illiteracy of customers, sometimes allow themselves a serious breach of the terms.

However, the stipulation in this case wrongly, because infringes the rights of consumers in relation to those provided by law. Therefore, the claim should be 3% per day, and no less. Secondly, the acquisition of certain goods or services may not be a prerequisite acquisitions. Thus, the store may not sell the shell only in conjunction with a drain trap, if the latter is not part of a complete set, provided by the manufacturer.


March 16, 2018


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When choosing the thickness of the plywood you have to take into account factors such as docking with the tile, the existence of gaps in doorways, and most importantly what kind of flooring you have chosen. When laying parquet thickness of 15 millimeters, as well as the floorboards or laminate sufficiently thick plywood 12.10 millimeters. If you lay a massive board or plywood is fastened to the joists, then you should choose the plywood 18 millimeters. Fixing veneer sheets require an employee to a maximum of precision and care, as fastening plywood implies some special features. For example: 1. During the fitting of veneer sheets must be remembered that between two sheets of plywood joints should be the size of 8-10 mm.

2. Between the walls and plywood should be leaving a gap equal to 10-15 cm These requirements are necessary to maintain adequate ventilation in the room. 3. Adjustment sheets must be assumed that the joints of four sheets of plywood in this case – nepriemlemy.4.Dlya better sticking to the screed plates, plywood, divide the smallest part. Followed by direct laying of floor coating the plywood.

In today's world, because of the many benefits, as a floor covering use floorboard or laminate. Laminate and parquet board to win the favor of buyers due to such factors as: ease of installation, aesthetic appearance, as well as diversity. Laying parquet and laminate is light and fast installation. Experienced worker in one day can put more than one hundred square meters. There are many ways to lay these floor coverings, but in recent years, builders and householders choose to "float installation method, since it is the cheapest method. What is represents the floating installation method? Way to a floating installation is mounting, glueless bonding boards or laminate. That is, sheets or wood block flooring laminate how to pass through each other. Details can be found by clicking Southwest Airlines or emailing the administrator. The advantage of this the method is that the joint strength does not depend on humidity, temperature or load on the floor. Also during the deformation or a board, you are at any time be able to dismantle and replace damaged floor boards. That As for laying floor coverings on the adhesive, it is important to note feature of two-component adhesive. It is suitable for any method of installation "will not be worse." But for the laying of large format flooring, parquet boards, an array it is required. The service life of the glue is very long. Since two-component adhesive is a high, then the quality of future sex will not leave much to be desired. It is important to remember that the gaps between walls and floor coverings must not be less than 10 millimeters. Flooring is also the creative process, so during the work it is important to remember not only the rules of styling, but also about their own fantasies. and Let your floor will take you to your feet!


November 23, 2016


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No one would argue that the roof at home – this is his functional dominant. It not only protects the building from the snow, rain, cold, wind, hot sun and other adverse factors, but also an aesthetic adornment building. Therefore, the roof is exposed as nothing more than a very significant deterioration. On the quality of roofing material depends on its reliability and durability, and thus the safety of any structure. And on the appearance of the roof can be judged on who owns the house. Soft (flexible) and hard tiles tiles – this is one of the oldest roofing materials. Even the Greeks and after them and the Romans used this roofing material for roofs of their houses and other buildings.

Today, cement-sand tiles produced by many manufacturers. However, choosing the material, remember that the quality of it depends largely on the production technology. Guarantee longevity of shingles – a high-quality materials, carefully seasoned production technology. Recently, more interest among builders is so rank (or asphalt) shingles. She is cutting flat sheets of rolled bituminous materials. When laying the roof, it resembles the tiles shingles, shingles or natural slate Such materials are stacked in the form of flat sheets are not large. Deformation of the material in service splitkah which are freely mounted on the roof, not having such critical stress, as in the large canvases rolled roofing material, and this leads to a much smaller tears and strains. Soft piece roofing materials are not novshevstvo, in the early 20th century, we have used tile Roofing failure, and in the states – shingls.

Ceiling Finishing

June 29, 2011


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If you decide to upgrade your ceiling and do not know where to start, what kinds of finishing the ceiling there at the moment which to choose finishing materials and hard whether to make a ceiling with his hands, then this article is written especially for you. If you started a renovation of the entire apartment and the ceiling decoration is an integral part of it, and here you will rescue our article, which you will find modern ways to trim your ceiling. Now let talk about what finishing material for ceilings exist on the market today. Thus, the ceilings can be stretched, suspended (rack and panel), glue. There is a special wallpaper for the ceiling, which can then be painted in any color to match the color palette of your interior. Very popular in recent years have ceilings made of plasterboard, which can be implemented as single-level and multilevel. Let will take the time each type of finishing the ceiling. The ceilings of plasterboard If your choice has fallen on the ceiling of plasterboard, your attention should focus on what it will be a ceiling, a single-level or multi-level.

If you're staying at the single-level ceiling, get something in return for easy installation and save the budget of your purse. But in terms of design, multi-level ceilings, drywall is much more varied and interesting. Main components to create an individual design of multi-level ceiling, a variety of built-in location lighting and highlight colors, as well as a variety of designs that are created when installing drywall.