Cutting Sheets

March 16, 2018


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Cutting sheets can be used hand-held Scissors on metal hacksaw with fine teeth, Electric Nibblers, jigsaw, circular saw with carbide teeth, but in any case not a "Bulgarian"! "When you work with metal tile should be remembered that, when cutting can not use electric hand tools with abrasive cut-off circles, as a sheet is heated to temperatures that violate the zinc coating layer, which is applied powder-polymer paint. In addition, red-hot chips, getting on the lists, breaks gloss coating and subsequently start to rust "- said Julia 2. Also, in order to prevent dents in the sheet assembly should be done in shoes with soft soles. Eyes on the ledge Experts recommend that at the beginning of installation of metal first three or four sheets fastened to sheathing only one self-tapping. Only after will be aligned to the eave edge of the lower data sheets, you can start to their final attachment.

Separately to highlight the needs of their screws. Save on them do not make any sense. Cheap screws on its sealing washer can have a normal rubber, which eventually wear out quickly enough. "Correct" screw – it galvanized screw, whose head is made of sealing erom (ethylene-propylene rubber) material. Leading offer their screws to different types of crates (metal and wooden) ", – said N.

Miroshnikov. When the substrate of the thread can EROM-material being deformed, tightly fills the space between the head screw with washer and metal roofing. This ensures the impermeability of the connection for many years of service.