The Chimney

March 18, 2018


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The worst is that flues welded steel pipes are subject to significant corrosion. If the emissions of heating system provides an adequate percentage of sulfur oxides, when combined with condensate, they form sulfuric acid, which quickly leads steel pipes in disrepair. In addition, installation of flues welded pipes – it is extremely laborious and time consuming process. Alternative for all above is a stainless steel chimney flue with all the parameters of "good chimney. Stainless steel chimney brick is much easier, easy to install, corrosion resistant, durable, suited to work with any flue devices operating on any kind of fuel at a maximum temperature of flue gas to 500 degrees C. The isolate their main advantages: They are made of refractory material – stainless steel; possibility of laying chimneys through the wooden floors; Because of the way of connection and a large selection of fittings is the possibility of modeling the chimney at the site; Aesthetically appearance, speed and ease of installation, long service life, optimal quality / price ratio. Stainless steel is very durable, and the construction of the chimney is characterized by low thermal conductivity. This significantly restricts the transfer of heat from the inner to the outer wall.

Thus, we can avoid the wear and deformation structures, which are installed next to the steel chimney. The modular design of stainless steel chimney provides ease and speed of installation. Hear other arguments on the topic with Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. Of the chimney, connecting with each other, guarantee the ideal gas and paronepronitsaemost, the ability to withstand a positive pressure in the chimney (at installation silicone rings or gaskets under the collar), and depression. .