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Piston Oils

June 25, 2018


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Most all-season oils are produced by a low-viscosity thickening the basis makropolimernymi additives. Larry Ellison spoke with conviction. On the composition of base oils engine oils are divided into synthetic (prepared by chemical means), mineral (obtained by distillation of crude oil) and partly synthetic (a mixture of mineral and synthetic components). Motor oil in the engine performs multiple functions: reduces wear, friction between engine parts and protects them from corrosion, cleans, maintains a product of incomplete combustion of fuel and wear and tear, seals the clearance between the piston, its rings and cylinder, etc. Unlike synthetic oil from a mineral? The difference lies mainly in the molecular structure of the base (base) oil. In the production of synthetic oils 'built' (synthesized) molecules with predetermined, optimum performance characteristics, synthetic oils, in contrast to the mineral have a maximum thermal and chemical stability. Chemical stability means that the work of synthetic oils in the engine with them there any chemical reactions (oxidation, parafinizatsii, etc.) that would impair its performance. Thermal stability means maintaining the optimal value of oil viscosity in a wide temperature range, which means easy and safe engine start in the cold, while the maximum engine protection in its most high-zones when working at high speeds and loads. Thanks peculiarities of its molecular structure, synthetic oils have higher yield and penetrating ability. In its basic qualities of mineral oil, synthetic yields, however, it is thus much cheaper. General requirements for motor oil motor oil can be long and reliably perform their functions, providing a specified life of the engine, only strict compliance of its properties to thermal, mechanical and chemical effects that oil is a lubricating system of engine and on surfaces lubricated and cooled parts.

Motor Oil Myths

June 15, 2018


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Myth 1: Do not fill in a fully synthetic oil in the engine, whereas before there had been flooded with mineral – it will curdle. Not true. Modern synthetic oils based on polyesters and polialfolefinov safely tolerate mixing with the mineral, semi or other fully synthetic oils. The only exception – synthetic motor oils on the basis of glycols, which are no longer manufactured (glycols in the car used now only as a component of antifreeze). Myth 2: Before pouring the new oil must be washed with the engine, such as spindle oil. Not true. Completely drain the oil from the engine can not: tire about 10%.

The rest of the 'wash', mixing with a new one (especially a good synthetic) oil, can unbalance an additive package. Therefore any 'flushing' when changing the oil used does not need! In the extreme If you simply reduce the interval before the next oil change (up to a value-depends on the contamination and the type of 'old' oil and engine). Myth 3: You can not fill synthetic oil in older engines, you can spoil engine. Not true. Synthetic oils can be poured in today's engines, as well as in older. However, the modern synthetic oil has good detergent properties and is able to wash away accumulated in the engine deposits. These deposits can clog the engine lubrication system.

Also, cleaning old and has already lost its elasticity seals, oil flushes sediment from the gap and cause 'leakage'. That these effects were the basis of this myth. To deal with them easily, after the transition to 'synthetic', the first interval until the next oil change should greatly reduce and replace all the seals are leaking. Myth 4: If you add a good synthetic oil Additional patented miracle additive, it will work even better. Not true. Do not do it! Oil producers spend tens of thousands of hours of lab experiments, 'rolls' millions of miles on the motor booths, picking up and balancing the additive package. Any addition of any substance may disrupt this delicate balance, and the best oil just lose some of their properties. And at worst, may form 'clumps', contaminating system of engine lubrication. Myth 5: The color and smell of oil can determine its quality. Not true. Organoleptic methods to determine the quality and composition of the oils can not. And the taste of it better not even try-in may include quite toxic components. Myth 6 I want to pour the engine oil for racing Formula-1, the properties it is superior to normal, as calculated on a more stringent operating conditions. Not true. The oil that is poured into the mechanics of race cars warm up the engine before entering the operating temperature, and then 'twist' them up to redline. Therefore, oil for cars Formula-1 is designed for high viscosity and very high mechanical and thermal loads. The price of issue, in the absence of universality, as well as significantly fewer resources, a few hundred kilometers, then the oil is changed and, as a rule, along with most of the engine (or motor assembly). While the conventional 'domestic' cars means that this oil is poured into the mechanics of his car (although, of course, use the same brand). Manufacturers produce and 'racing' oil for conventional cars, usually it is sold under names like Racing, Rally, etc. usually (though more expensive). But if necessary it can be poured into engines of ordinary cars.

Where And How To Wash A Car

April 17, 2018


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Russian cities today are provided with car wash is only 30%, although the need for car wash every year is only growing. And in this area is several kinds of car washes. We distinguish them: stationary washing machines and mobile phones. Ways to wash too few: proximity, contact and automatic. Each species has its own advantages and disadvantages of them we do not talk, take a quick review of the existing car wash. Stationary sink. Construction and opening of the stationary car wash is associated with the collection of a large number of documents and lengthy bureaucratic approvals of all documentation.

A sink must approve all which can only instances and bureaucratic machine is working very, very long time, or fast and very expensive, so a stationary washing with connecting and matching is expensive and built for a long time. The advantage of this sink in that it has for centuries, if also the place chosen correctly. When a sink agreed and built, then then it works and is the subject of real estate and fixed income. She has her clients and is a permanent facility with permanent customer and revenue, which is also roughly the same from year to year. You can really increase those revenues, but this is due to additional services such as cafes, not to stand in the street or a place to see a movie, a couch coffee machine with tea and culinary products. May still be an additional service to auto-tuning, but for the lady behind the wheel can generally be put manicurist or barber shop to open. What we say about a mobile car wash is not moyku. requires the construction and connection to utilities such as the stationary scales, and long-term agreements, thus eliminating bureaucratic delays as well as reduce cost and construction time autowashing complex at times.

The main advantage of mobile car washes is that they can be installed and operated on the roads near petrol stations and service stations, near the large supermarkets, shopping and entertainment venues in the city parking lot and as a separate post in place with large concentrations of vehicles along the roads. Easy to use, require no approvals for construction and connection to water and sewer mains, a small number of staff – all this characterizes the mobile car wash. To organize your own car wash business, you only need a flat-land. Such sinks are as prefabricated and all in one. Additional information at Gary Kelly supports this article. From car washes everything is clear. But with the service in these establishments is not so. I should add that not many have our country is host to an additional service to this car wash. The biggest though you stopped to refuel at a petrol station and a car wash, and with it the same shop with 1-2 tables and a preheated pizza, next to a Motor oils wall and all that is not very cheap. If you think over all, then any complex trading must have a car wash. Would try an experiment Have you ever seen a car wash in the parking lot of cars in large shopping center? And I have not seen. And here I would really like to call the store to wash the car, to buy products or vice versa, and to come home. Doedu whether to clean the car issue, but would very much like not only to itself in beautiful clothes, but also in the car with glitter, not only in the included lamps, but also on the case.

Repair Chassis

April 16, 2018


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Eco issues and cars – the nuances of development. Chassis repairs, repair of cat cars repair Chassis actively fight for the cleanup of nature began only in the 70's, and even then not in all countries. Certainly, pollute the environment like a car, and every industry. But since the repair of undercarriage of the car, many of its industries are focused only on the transport sphere, then the work started with a clean car. Gearbox Repair During this time the cars made a lot. Emission of pollutants into carbon dioxide car engines – carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides – had fallen many times over.

Automotive repair kit, cat cars Detoxication complex developments. However, the requirements are increasing, and the system is also complicated. Is there a limit? He is not, because there is no limit to perfection. Repair Chassis Today, there are the real goal – to achieve the absence of any air pollution. Which car is under power? Only use electricity. In the chapter of such vehicles, we tried a more elaborate repairs cat cars this question and on the basis on which the designed cars of the future maintenance of the vehicle chassis.

With electric vehicles have not yet published. Not have the necessary energy source. There are hybrids, ie, cars with two power installations. They also can not fully ensure "zero", but to give temporary relief where it is keenly needed – in major cities that are choking on exhaust, they are under repair cars by Gearbox. Often this output of repair of undercarriage of the car. In our time such cars only go in the direction of the market. Often, this single model. But there is reason to hope that a few years these cars will do all or almost all firms, as they do now, minivans, SUVs or sports cars. Investments they do not burn-out – the world will be cleaner than anywhere. Of course, to say what will happen even under repair Chassis existing settlements – is not an simple. Difficult to justify anything very accurately. Here, in school we once rented a story on the question of what will be interesting in 20 years repairing cars cpr. At that time I insisted that electric cars will be the main type of transport. It turns out, was wrong However, hybrid cars are my predictions were confirmed, although it was necessary to wait for repairs ppc cars. Assist in the issue of approximation cleaner future can power country tend to suffer from a bad environment.

Car Sales

February 20, 2018


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Sooner or later, almost before any question motorists about how profitable to sell cars. For some, it's just a necessary step to change seats on a new car, for others – a good reason to re-start use public transport. Sell your car, like the East, a delicate matter. In this case, there are two ways: first – to notify all your friends, acquaintances and colleagues about this good news, and second – place Ads in specialized newspapers, magazines or on websites. Each option has its advantages.

So, deciding to sell a car to somebody from among the relatives or friends, be prepared not only to bargaining "Neither the life and death", but as practice shows, in most cases, and the mass of claims in the future. Any failure of the vehicle, the motorist will be newly associated with you, and at every opportunity, you will talk about it. However, auto sales, plus familiar people – is reducing the risk of being deceived, that is, You can be sure that the buyer does not podsunet you "doll" (pack of plain paper). At the same time, familiar to you people can not just trade with you for decline in value, but also ask you to consider the option of selling a car in installments. When selling to strangers who found you on the property, on the installment plan can not be considered. The second option, place your ad on the site automarket and wait until the concerned people themselves will be pulled to you for details of your "iron horse", its history and price.

The most effective way is specialized newspapers and magazines that publish only the announcement of the sale of cars. In addition, there are plenty of websites registered on which it is possible to advertise cars with detailed Descriptions, photos, cars and your contact data. In this case, you should be careful, because apart from people really interested in buying your car, there are those who want to cheat you, having captured gotten your money or car. Options fraud in this area there is a huge amount. As an alternative, you can consider selling the car on the market. But it's not very convenient and not always effective tool. It was not always able and willing to "hang around" all day long in the heat or cold (depending on season) and not be sure that your machine at all buy.


July 16, 2017


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Home "market – is about half the production (200-300 thousand scooters per year), and their cargoes as herring in a barrel, not bothering packaging. To export using container, but that is typical, even trays are made of cardboard – remember the slogan of Soviet times "Savings should be economical." At the entrance to an office building hangs poster, made in Russian. This attitude is doubly nice – because Russia to Taiwan giant, at the moment, unimportant in commercial terms. Nevertheless, greeted us royally, souvenirs were presented and showed All production and to answer any questions. Even on such non-standard as on the production of aggregates for other motorcycle companies, or relations with China. See Philip Vasan for more details and insights. Later, with each of us talked and vice president of the company, Mr. Kou-Chang Su.

After the official part we were taken "to iron, first at the factory frame and engine, then – the main assembly line of scooters, and then in another building, where small quantities are collected atv and motorcycles. I had to come and our Motor Plant during their heyday, and the Chinese, so I figured: there – no show. Yes, and it could be: firstly, as I said, we are not the most important and largest customers, and secondly with such hectic work She (showing off) is simply impossible. For one 8-hour shift issue 450 engines – quite a lot. A rate of production of scooters every 47 seconds all seems unreal. I can not say that in the shops sterile clean and transparent air – this, in principle, to machining facilities can not be.

Trucking Services

March 14, 2016


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Today, transport companies offer a full range of services related to freight, which includes the packing of goods, insurance, route planning, security, the movement itself, Handling and much more there is to do with the cargo and goods. Booking transport for too easily – our specialists can quickly see how the vehicle fits more just for your cargo and transportation, and provide a large selection of vehicles with different tonnage. For a small volume of goods can be ordered gazelle, bull, for a marker – large trucks, any type – closed or side. The choice you must provide a transportation company, and if you can not decide which is better, you will advise, based on your situation and characteristics of your shipment. At present, very often with the driver when freight goes with a consignment from the customer. Thus is ensured the safety of cargo delivery and warranty in place. Even if the company has established itself as a reliable and executive partner, it will not be superfluous, as the accompanying directly interested in a quick and quality delivery.

Xenon Lamps

December 5, 2014


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The standard halogen lamp – a thing not capricious and budget, but the quality of coverage often leaves much to be desired. Going at speed, and tired eyes peer into the darkness. This situation can and must be radically changed. Assistant in this case – Xenon lights. It has many advantages, and most importantly – that it glow better perceived by the human eye. This fact is well known, not in the stone age live. Xenon light source such as hid (High Intensity Discharge) – a discharge lamp, filled with a mixture of inert gases, including xenon. The principle of the lamp is as follows.

At the initial ignition of the lamp to its electrode voltages are connected and under the influence of electromagnetic fields in the lamp bulb starts the ionization process of particles with the formation of a gas-discharge arc. After that, required to maintain the arc voltage is reduced to 80 volts. Unlike halogen lamps with xenon lamps instead of incandescent spiral built two electrodes, which are stationary. At a certain distance from each other filled with gases and metal salts of gas charging tube of quartz glass. With the help of high-voltage pulse gas between two electrodes becomes electrically conductive and is an electrical discharge. Therefore, the xenon lamp is called as lamps, gas discharge.

When The electrons move between the electrodes and electrically charged gas in such a way that this energy is manifested in the form of light. Color temperature of an electric discharge is determined by what a mixture of gases, and what mix metal at the same time apply for these xenon lamps. Color selection is depending on the gas used. hid xenon lamp radiation, emitted by the spectrum closest to the sun's daylight. In result, you get bright illumination and less eye fatigue when driving at night. Xenon lamps have twice as much light intensity as compared with classical halogen, with a much lower current consumption. Along with this they will surely emphasize your car among hundreds of others. In the laboratory, tuning and design Car-Lab you can purchase a set of xenon light for 3000 rubles! He includes: * 2 lamp * 2 blocks ignition * connecting wires and braces. The main characteristics of a xenon lamp: power consumption of 35W 12V input voltage color temperature of 4300K (yellow), 5000K (white), 6000K (white and blue); 8000K (blue) hid lamps can be used in passing beam, driving and fog light without replacing the standard wiring. Currently, xenon lamps are available with virtually all the most common caps: H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11, H13, H27, 9004 (NV2), 9005 (HB3), 9006 (HB4), 9007 (HB5), D2R, D2S. The advantages of xenon lamps in comparison with halogen: * large light output due to higher (by a factor of 2-3) versus power flux to the power energy consumption, which provides nearly a twofold increase illumination of the road in the dark * significantly longer life (1000-2500 instead of 300-500 hours) * large economy (35W instead of 55-100W) * stability flux, regardless of possible fluctuations of voltage the car * greater comfort due to excellent visibility of the road at night and in adverse weather conditions, which allows the driver to get rid of undue stress, * vibration resistance (no filament) * lower heating temperature.

Service Station

September 16, 2014


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I met once with his longtime friend. Conversation. Knowing me as an expert on cars, he naturally turned the conversation to his VAZ-2110. That said, went to the carburetor car problems is not known. Traveled all over Russia or once my machine is not misled, and if it happened some breakage on the little things I could fix myself, but here where polezesh is the same injector! After one incident, I am afraid to do it somewhere else to go.

-And what's the case, I tell him. Yes, there was one adventure. A lot of money and hassle was worth it. Went to the weekend at the cottage as a family. On the way stopped at a landing on need.

Only began to leave, the car stalled and will not start. I went out, opened the hood, looked at the wires, injectors, Sensors and think: where to climb? I do not know, shut the hood and went on the road to vote. Dragged us to the city to the nearest service center. Drove the car on diagnostics. Determined that refused to petrol pump. Replaced within an hour, and we go, only now back home. , Gasoline pumps, which have removed you took? – Interest. No, why he failed me. "Well, , lit you servismeny the full program. Pump since died could not, although cases were, but it is very rare. In only two electrical fault – no contact, where it should be and have a contact where it should not be.

Disassembly Trucks

September 15, 2014


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Responsible owners and drivers of such vehicles are aware that most of the damage requires a professional approach. To further there were no negative consequences, they must be done to proven commercial stations. Save on quality maintenance and repair work is not worth it, because it affects not only the state of the repair trucks, but also state of the business, and sometimes even people's lives. Quality warranty service, do not neglect including breakdowns for insignificant, since it even easier to avoid problems rather than later to reap the solid results of such negligence case. On this day there are a large number of stations that specialize directly in the repair and maintenance of trucks, so-called freight station. There is still a cargo berth quality professional servicing should not be neglected even for minor faults, it is far easier to prevent a problem than to address the significant implications of such neglect. To date, There are many stations that specialize in the repair and maintenance of trucks, so-called freight station.