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Normative Instruction

April 23, 2019


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Priscila Soares Falchi, of the Sispro Everybody wait an adjournment in the delivery of the fiscal obligations, either it which will be. When it comes, commemorates itself sufficiently, but this does not decide the problem. The correct one is to plan the activities of delivery of the countable and fiscal obligations not to depend on the adjournments. The certainty is that many companies if capsize alliviated for the publication the Normative Instruction number 1,161, that the delivery of Escriturao prorogued for February of 2012 Fiscal Digital (EFD) of the PIS/Cofins. It was the second time in this year that the Treasury department opted to postponing this stated period, that was previously foreseen for day 7 of last June. For many companies the proportionate sensation of relief for the adjournment is reason to decelerate the implantation process. Kevin Plank oftentimes addresses this issue. However, this is a great deceit. Although the stated period has been extending, it does not have reason for rest.

Many involved professionals of the area with the project in its companies already had noticed the complexity and the diverse difficulties to generate the archives in the correct form. If you would like to know more about Verizon Communications, then click here. The rules of verification of the PIS and the Cofins, in prominence the ones that if they relate to the credits of not the comutatividade, must be fulfilled the requirements in agreement, to prevent the risk of fiscal filing. To win this challenge requires attention since already on the part of the companies, in the direction to develop a tool or to look solutions in the market that take care of the requirements of the EFD of the PIS/Cofins in the certain time. When we speak in planning, we must have in mind that the organization of the tasks if makes necessary because the volume of information is great the norms is created and brought up to date almost every day. The risk of the responsible team for the project to lose the stated periods is very great.

Map Risk

March 21, 2019


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It is treated to identify to situations and potentially dangerous places. From one it plants low of each section the types of risks are raised all, classifying them for danger degree: small, average and great. These types risks are classified by NR-5 (Norma Regulamentadora) in five groups classified for the colors: red, green, brown, blue yellow and. Gain insight and clarity with Gary Kelly. Each group corresponds to a type of agent: chemistry, physicist, biological, ergonomic and have caused an accident or mechanic. Through this, intenciona that the collaborators make the election pointing to pertaining of the CIPA (Internal Commission of Prevention of Accidents) the main problems of the respective unit.

In the plant of the section, accurately in the place where if it finds the risk (a machine, for example) must be placed the circle in the size evaluated for the CIPA and in the corresponding color to the risk degree. Figure 1 used Colors in the map of risk GrupoRiscosCor De IdentificaoExemplos 01 Physicists VerdeRudo, cold heat, pressure, humidity, radiation etc. 02 VermelhoPoeira Chemistries, tobacco, gases. Biological vapors, nvoas etc. 03 Ergonomic MarromFungos, viruses, parasites, bacteria, insects etc.

04 extreme AmarelRitmo, manual survey of weight, inadequate position etc. 05 inadequate physical AzulArranjo Accidents, inadequate illumination, explosion, fires, equipment without protection etc. Source: Mattos, U.A.Q., 1993. Map of Risks: the control of the health for the workers. DEP, 21:60. The Map of Risk is constructed having as base the plant low or sketch of the workstation, and the risks will be defined by the dimetros of the circles: Figure 2 Table of Gravity SmboloProporoTipos de Riscos 4Grande 2Mdio 1Pequeno Figure 3 Example of Map of Risk the risk map serves for the awareness and information of the collaborators through the easy visualization of the existing risks in the company and also is used to congregate the information necessary to establish the diagnosis of the security situation and health in the work in the company.

BELM Between

December 19, 2018


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Belm 2011 WILLY DA SILVA TAVARES ARGUING ON the DISCOVERY OF the SEXUALITY IN the ADOLESCENCE Daily pay-project presented to the Course of full licenciatura in partial pedagogia as requisite to the development of the Monograph. Person who orientates: Professor (a): ———– BELM/PA 2011 APRESENTAO/JUSTIFICATIVA the subject of the sexuality is faced by the society as one ‘ ‘ tabu’ ‘ , where speech on sex in full century XXI is seen by many as something immoral, subject that only must be treated between couples, and these talked in ‘ ‘ four paredes’ ‘. When we say in relation to the adolescent and its sexual privacy, desires, or simply the curiosity that is normal of this phase of the life where it finds, since it this to discover the sensible world that hacerca. Thus related subjects sexuality are seen of banalizada form. Add to your understanding with Ripple. To speak openly on this is common. However, to deal with this subject in the school is still constrangedor for many, mainly putting in consideration the religious and moral question. What it measured a frequent contradiction between the reality and the school. In consequncia, only grows the number of pregnancy in the adolescence, DST? ponographic s between young, and episodes in the interior of schools. A leading source for info: E Scott Mead. The truth is that it arrived at the hour of a new boarding on the subject, to make some reflections on which models of sexual education must be boarded in the school, to place in guideline the necessary values, objectives and contents so that if it can include the sexual education in them.

Familiar Agriculture Pointers

September 1, 2018


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Summary: The present work aims at if it considers to carry through an analysis of implementation of the public politics of the PRONAF- National Program of Reinforcement to Familiar Agriculture. The analysis on the effectiveness of the public politics will be carried through through innovative pointers. 1. Introduction the present work was developed with the objective to analyze the implementation of one public politics, from some pointers. The Public Politics selected here was ' ' National program of Reinforcement of Agricultura Familiar (PRONAF) ' '. Although this politics already exists has some time, it was not studied and analyzed in such a way how much it deserves, beyond what it has very little pointers on its efficiency, impact, and operations. Oracle may find this interesting as well. To follow we will present one brief description of the Pronaf, as well as sources on the subject, and finally we will consider some important pointers for the analysis of the implementation of this politics. 2.

The Pronaf the National Program of Reinforcement of Agriculture Familiar (Pronaf) it consists of the main public politics of the federal government, aiming at to foment to the familiar agriculture of the country, that has an intrinsic paper in the production of foods, and in the job of the hand of workmanship in the field. In this politics, agriculturists can collectively, individual or, to have access to the credit facilities of financing, with taxes of interests that vary between 0,5% 5.5% to the year. They can have had access to the PRONAF that one that to work in the land in condition of proprietor, one who holds legal title to property, leaseholder, partner or concessionaire (seated) of the National Program of Reforma Agrria (PNRA); to inhabit in the country property or next place; to make use of inferior area the four fiscal modules; to have familiar gross income, in last the 12 months, inferior R$ 110 a thousand, to have in maximum two employed.


April 13, 2018


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If the individual obtains to satisfy the necessity, the motivacional process well-is succeeded. The satisfaction eliminates or reduces the lack. However, if by some obstacle or impediment the satisfaction is not reached, occurs frustration, conflict or estresse. Desencandeia a new motivacional process and follows another circular standard. In accordance with Chiavenato, 2005, p.399, exist four distinct perspectives on motivation of the organization: traditional boarding, boarding of the relations human beings, boarding of the human resources and boarding contemporary. – Traditional Boarding: Frederick W.

Taylor was who really started the study on the motivation of employees through the scientific administration. As Taylor, the payments of higher wages are made by the good performance and devotion of the employees, then, gives credit that the man works more to get a bigger wage that also covers its particular necessities, calls payment incentives, thus the people is paid in accordance with its capacity, quality and amount of work. – Boarding of the Relations Human beings: this boarding sample that the man is very dependent of economic goods, but also exists people whom they search to take care of social necessities that in this boarding are more important that the money as motivador. – Boarding of the Human resources: as the author gives credit that the people do not need to be manipulated to gain a good wage and nor to be modified in the way to act socially. The companies have that to believe the potential, capacity and ability of its employee, therefore thus they would be contributing strong for the growth in such a way of the company how much of the individual. – Boarding Contemporary: The boarding contemporary is composed for 3 (three) theories, theory of the content, theory of the process and theory of the reinforcement. (CHIAVENATO, 2005) In the theory of the content if it studies and it analyzes the basic necessities of the human beings, to understand the individuals and as these necessities can be satisfied and motivadoras in the workstation.

New Learnings

January 3, 2018


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In the theory of the process the focus is in the thought of the individual and as it can influence in its behavior inside of the organization searching good results and rewards. Finally, in the theory of the reinforcement you reward they are considered them and satisfaction of the necessities after fulfilled a goal and reached an objective I specify. Here, Ed Bastian expresses very clear opinions on the subject. For Robbins and DeCenzo (2001) the motivation process is very complex. For the collaborators and the organizations factors can exist that great importance has, but move frequently, making with that tomorrow these same factors do not have the lesser importance. The attitudes of the people move frequently and with them the opinions regarding determined subject, therefore, the specific necessities of a collaborator in the company can be satisfied, but the organization must involve the employees directly focando in the necessities that they have. In accordance with Robbins, DeCenzo (2001, p.62); Even though optimum motivacional resource is useless if it does not reach the aimed at target. So that this direct impact occurs, the RH administration must provide so that the traps in potential are removed all, capable to mine the motivation of the person. To start, the RH administration must guarantee that used they perceive with clarity that has a deep relationship enters effort and performance.

What it is possible to understand is that the motivation completely is directed in taking care of to the necessities human beings. Therefore, so that the company reaches its objectives and surpasses the obstacles is necessary a responsible and conscientious positioning in the direction of assisting its collaborators to perceive as the reach of the organizacionais goals contributes for the satisfaction of the individual necessities. For Robbins, DeCenzo (2001, p.62), some factors exist that are essential so that the organization is felt benefited and motivated: New Learnings: all individual must and can grow psychologically, to have chances to learn new abilities and tasks; Direct retraction: to be carried through task must provide to the individual direct information of return on its performance; Programming: each individual must program itself to make its work; Control of resources: the people must have the control of what they make and on what they make; Personal responsibility: the person must have chance to answer for what she makes and for the reached results; Singularity: All work must have only qualities and characteristics; For Maslow (apud Chiavenato 2005), the theory of the motivation is based on the necessities human beings and thinking about taking care of to these necessities the author it created then its proper in agreement theory went perceiving what it was necessary to make to supply.

So Paulo

March 15, 2017


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The theoretical boardings are distinct in some aspects, not having a theory that exemplifique all the motivacionais aspects, therefore to apply an efficient model must be used varies way theories, studying specifies the necessities of the company. Any organization asks for to create a model specifies motivacional. 6.0 – Conclusion The real importance to be each time more productive in view of an objective in set in them takes the search source of inspirations to cover the way route ace established goals. With this work it was possible to observe that some methods and theories applied in relation to the motivation exist. In the organizations, we must remember how much the accomplishment of the individual necessities is important and how much it is important to help the people in this process, a time that the motivation of them depends and very of the possibility of reach of these necessities by means of the work.

(BRIDGES, Benedict Rodrigues, 2005, p.94) The theories presented in this work and as much other more serve to demonstrate the ample ways that can be taken, the existence of some motivacionais models explain the necessity to be in constant evolution, creating goals and motivating the team the cumpriz them. Some studies and research with the motivacional approach assist the taking of decisions to get one better income. In accordance with Gagliardi apud Sun Tzu: It prevents the battle until its organization is certain of the victory. You have esteem many advantages. Before you enter in the battle, the analysis of its organization can indicate that perhaps you are not successful. It can be that you count on few advantages.

Many advantages add it victory. Few advantages add it defeat. How you can know its advantages without before analyzing them? We can know where we find in them through the comment. We can foresee our victory or defeat by means of the planning. (2008, p.34) It looks for to study its planning, it understands its subordinate it establishes a goal and it motivates them. One has equipped motivated enxerga chances where some sees only the barriers and the obstacles. It influences its team and it becomes motivated it to reach the success. References BOWDICH, James L.; BUONO Anthony F., Elements of Organizacional Behavior. So Paulo: Thompson pioneer, 1992. WALNUT, Arnaldo J.F. Mazzei, general Theory of the administration for century XXI. So Paulo: It stokes, 2007. BRIDGES, Benedict Rodrigues, Evaluation of performance: new boarding. 9.ed. So Paulo: LTr, 2005. GAGLIARDI, Gary, Sun Tzu & ndash; The Art of the War & ndash; The Art of the Administration Businesses. So Paulo: M. Books of Brazil Ltda Publishing company, 2008. MINTZBERG, Henry, Creating efficient organizations: structures in five configurations.

Planning CVM

October 2, 2015


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Oligopsnio It is a form of market with few purchasers and innumerable salesmen, that is, inverse to the case of the oligopoly the purchasers obtain to impose a price of purchase of the products to the producers. Its profits depend on the elasticity of offer. It would be an intermediate situation enters of monopsnio and of fully competitive market. Regulating agencies the markets financial and of capitals in Brazil are regulated by Conselho Monetrio Nacional (CMN), by the Brazilian Central Bank (Central banking) and by the Commission of Movable Values (CVM). In accordance with the regulation Brazilian, the creation and the movable operation of organized markets of headings and values and systems of safekeeping and liquidation require the previous authorization of the CVM and the BACEN, as the case. Monetary advice National CMN – O Conselho Monetrio Nacional (CMN) is the maximum deliberative agency of the National Financial System.

To the CMN it competes: to establish the general lines of direction of the politics monetary, exchange; to regulate the conditions of constitution, functioning and fiscalization of the financial institutions and to discipline the instruments of monetary and exchange politics. The CMN is constituted by the Minister of State of the Farm (President), by the Minister of State of the Planning and Budget and by the President of the Brazilian Central Bank (Bacen). The services of secretariat of the CMN are exerted by the Bacen. Commission of Movable Values CVM & ndash; it is a federal agency of the Treasury department with ability to regulate and to monitor the stock market of Brazilian market. One of the main attributions of the CVM is to monitor the activities of public company, organized markets of balcony, markets of stock market and futures, as well as of members of the system of distribution of real estate values, such as administrators of deep and asset. .

Planning Tributary Instrument

February 14, 2014


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This article has the objective to emphasize the importance of the planning essential tributary as tool for the survival and enterprise competitiveness, ahead of a globalizado scene and with trend to the opening of new markets. The constant change in the legislation requires a knowledge assduo and an adequate study of the effective forms of taxation and its particularitities. The planning tributary has the objective to make possible a reduction of expenses with tributes, being allowed the support of the company and supplying information capable to assure to the administrators a carried through economy of allowed form. In the global scope, the reduction of the tax burden handspike the economy, therefore allows to greaters investments and generation of jobs. Thus, accountants and practical administrators must have full knowledge of the legal ones adopted by the companies, using to advantage gaps of the law that favor the growth of the organizations and, consequentemente, of the economy as a whole. Word-key: Planning Tributary, Competitiveness, Taxation.