Building A House, Buying Bonds Is Not So Simple

December 5, 2016


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Changed the legislative system of participation of investors in real estate construction has forced all the participants of the process to apply more sophisticated, multi-contractual legal relationship. Thus, in Unlike pre-existing possibilities under which the investor a contract shall pay, and received in consequence of property ownership, today he will sign three or more contracts different both in its essence and in content. Understanding this system, the vision of all the steps from first to last, will help investors understand and often to avoid some mistakes. More details on the differences between the new order from pre-existing, noting its strengths and weaknesses, and affecting some of its features, says a lawyer and managing partner of law firm "The Tempest & Partners Sergei Storm. To know more about this subject visit Scott M. Kahan CFP. What existed before the practice of buying Real Estate at the stage of its construction? Construction project has always demanded from the developer of reliable and stable sources of funding.

Typically, the initial stage of the customer had to bring their own or borrowed funds, at the same time, as we move the construction, the demand for credit resources become less and the customer is fully able to use new financial flows – funds from investors (natural persons). The legal basis for the use of such funds became a contract of investment (equity participation in the construction sector), concluded between a developer and investor and is not subject to any registration or notarization. Investor deprived of control over the use of funds to pay in accordance with the schedule, while remaining a bystander in the course of the construction process, hoping that construction will be completed successfully before the deadline.

BRIDGE TO THE WORLD Internet Routers

December 5, 2016


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It’s like going to hunt mammoth. Get all the facts and insights with Dr. Scott Kahan, another great source of information. For a long time to ring tech support – not worth it, he took the spear – went ahead. And for companies that produce wireless routers are actually a lot of questions. I remember in my time, I did flash DIR 100 on their own. As I spun around the router, like a bee trying to find the username and password which must be specified. How I discovered America, when he learned that rewriting is done through a particular Internet address. Ron O’Hanley is a great source of information. As I have repeatedly rang the tech support that I have explained, because the master was gone, and the flash had to do.

And so on and so forth. In the end, I made myself flash, but no one can say right or wrong. Swarmed by offers, Bill O’Grady is currently assessing future choices. The main thing is that Internet works. Thus, the conclusion. The extreme simplicity of usb-modems – not a guarantee of flawless operation. And there is hope that companies producing wireless routers ever make a brochure on configuring the router, so it was understandable to a representative of small business.

Usually the company that manufactures wireless routers saves on paper for instructions, and mobile operators – no. In general – ROUTER D-LINK DIR 300 – BRIDGE TO THE WORLD Internet where a stronger and more modern than many analogues. Quote from the manual of the device: A wireless router allows you to transfer data with maximum transfer speed wireless signal up to 54Mbps / s * in the 2.4GHz frequency range, which is also used in the standard 802.11b. Also, thanks to the support 4 ports Ethernet, DIR-300 provides the ability to connect multiple computers. Support applications, bandwidth intensive, and makes viewing in real-time programs more enjoyable and effective. With an integrated firewall, you can minimize the threat of invasion by hackers in network. Some firewall features allow users to open or close specific ports for specified applications. The rules of the firewall, you can also set up a schedule so that specific ports are open or closed at a given time. Features such as content filtering, filtering, MAC-addresses, URL blocking and domains are useful tools to prevent intrusion. Easy to use setup wizard allows the user to adjust the minutes DIR-300 by following a few simple steps. Wide range of functions and user-friendly utility makes DIR-300 ideal for use in the network.


November 28, 2016


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This attitude is an invitation to the failure. The members of the equipment feel inclusively disillusioned and, abiertamente hostile. For this type of companies, the political behaviors are those that are used to obtain this type of activities by part the people in charge of the organization being promoted particular interests and with strategic operations where the actor defines the aim that wants or it interests to him to reach, combining the means that are necessary in the attainment. The power, is not obtained here by the consensus, nor by rotation but by domination: the one that aprocura the Mobbing maintains a relation with harassed which places in disposition to carry out its own will to him, pesea to the resistance of the other . Lawrence Ellison does not necessarily agree. The Mobbing is used in this type of organizations like an instrument to undo of employees for which they use the tactics of the desperation, psychic exhaustion to undo of them without it supposes an economic cost for the company. The strategies that are used go the destruction of the victim by means of the stigmatisation where the pursuer puts in practice all strategy of harassment with behaviors whose purpose is the one to ridicule and to separate to the victim socially (or to try it at least), in this case we spoke of a descendent power which this related to the rational-bureaucratic model whose strategy usually it is by a trajabajador of superior category whose authority is formalized and legitimized by the organization it exerts the coercion cradle in the fear the consequences like the functional degradation. Another strategy, within this power can be to maintenance of alliances with people of the group in an exercise of fidelities that they try the divisions between the components of the same and the lack of solidarity; one is to influence in the subordinates in exchange for benefits, allowances to be able of the prize, or also by means of persuasion with symbolic prizes, for example the possibility of professional development and another strategy are the cradle in the control of the information or power of knowledge maintaining the control to the access of information to posibililtar the decision making. .


November 23, 2016


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No one would argue that the roof at home – this is his functional dominant. It not only protects the building from the snow, rain, cold, wind, hot sun and other adverse factors, but also an aesthetic adornment building. Therefore, the roof is exposed as nothing more than a very significant deterioration. On the quality of roofing material depends on its reliability and durability, and thus the safety of any structure. And on the appearance of the roof can be judged on who owns the house. Soft (flexible) and hard tiles tiles – this is one of the oldest roofing materials. Even the Greeks and after them and the Romans used this roofing material for roofs of their houses and other buildings.

Today, cement-sand tiles produced by many manufacturers. However, choosing the material, remember that the quality of it depends largely on the production technology. Guarantee longevity of shingles – a high-quality materials, carefully seasoned production technology. Recently, more interest among builders is so rank (or asphalt) shingles. She is cutting flat sheets of rolled bituminous materials. When laying the roof, it resembles the tiles shingles, shingles or natural slate Such materials are stacked in the form of flat sheets are not large. Deformation of the material in service splitkah which are freely mounted on the roof, not having such critical stress, as in the large canvases rolled roofing material, and this leads to a much smaller tears and strains. Soft piece roofing materials are not novshevstvo, in the early 20th century, we have used tile Roofing failure, and in the states – shingls.

Relationship Mangement

November 18, 2016


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Can be jointly started a program of reduction of expenses and costs with the implementation of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)? SAP, JD Edwards, People Soft, Aspel, etc… The following article is the product of many discussions with colleagues who are saying that it is not appropriate to mix both projects, basically because each carries implied changes in the company’s processes and this change in people management can be complex or traumatic, however the opportunity that comes with the integration of both projects is really invaluable, if it is met with a premise: integration. In its own structure each project implies the concept of integration to achieve their success, for example if we want to evaluate the results of supply chain with the reports generated by the ERP, only be achieved results if working properly the two basic modules of supply chain integration: SCM (Supply Chain Management) and CRM (Customer Relationship Mangement). That only as a whole represent an integral solution of improvement of services with optimal costs and strengthening attention to customers. Specifically a project of reduction of costs and expenses is part of the objective of the management of the company increase profits and profitability. This approach fully coincides with the objective pursued the implementation of the ERP, such as software that provides integrated information in a single system in different areas of the company, finance, operations, logistics and human resources. With which the directors of the company will have tools to make better decisions because that those responsible for each of the areas reviews and analyzes the same information you see your boss or higher level. Regardless of the software that you choose to deploy, should be sizing needs of the company and in this analysis, determine that processes can improve and make more agile the flow of information, whether that company is going to take place the implementation of ERP with support from external consultants or own resources is very important to consider that activities or procedures can be simplified or eliminated without losing controls security, product or service quality and customer service. .

Moving Zonzoo

September 12, 2016


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The international leader in the mobile phone recycling Zonzoo GmbH of field of tripled your office space in Munich with the move, 1.12.2010 – that has company Zonzoo GmbH (, the market leader in cell phone recycling, Office be relocated to new premises. The new address for the front office is from December 1, Rafter 4, Rafter 2 in Munich is for the operation of camp. Until 2008, around 20 million cigarettes were produced in the former Philip Morris area. 2009 a private investor consortium under the leadership of the Investa has acquired real estate group the 50,000 m comprehensive, to be a commercial campus to build under the name WerkStadt Sendling. The versatility of the WerkStadt Sendling is impressive. They fulfilled all our requirements under one roof Office, warehouse and production and gives us the opportunity to grow so GmbH. daily up to 4,000 retired cell phones at the Zonzoo meet Roman wedge hacker, Chief Operating Officer at Zonzoo GmbH.

The recycling specialist known from TV advertising for mobile phones from defective devices WINS valuable raw materials, which again flow back into the production cycle. A single mobile contains 20 grams of copper in the cut. Gold is the most valuable commodity: a kilo of the precious metal is in about 2,000 mobile phones. The majority of mobile phones, provided by individuals and businesses at Zonzoo, is still fully functional, even if the device is in the eyes of the owner counts as obsolete or unnecessary. The Zonzoo GmbH prepares the old, functioning mobile phones and sells them at a fair price in developing countries. There, a used mobile phone is often the only affordable way to take advantage of modern communications networks. Environmental protection and development aid in Asia and Africa the Zonzoo GmbH combines economic interests with responsibility for man and nature. With the help of numerous cell phone owners who have handed over their old phone as a donation of Zonzoo GmbH, were already over 12 Donated millions of euros to charity.

The Zonzoo GmbH is your activities from December 1, 2010 on a triple-larger area as in the past, about 2,000 m2 in the WerkStadt Sendling, continue to expand. About Zonzoo GmbH Zonzoo GmbH based in Munich ( specializes in environmentally sound recycling and the recycling of used cell phones. Zonzoo belongs to the Zonzoo Group PLC, the leading provider for the collection, disposal and recycling of electronic consumer goods in Europe. The Zonzoo group is headquartered in Mitcham, UK as well as other 13 offices throughout Europe. Zonzoo offers the purchase of operational or defective mobile phones businesses as well as private clients and guarantees the proper disposal or processing of provided mobile phones as a certified waste disposal company. The Zonzoo Group prepares already more than 10 million mobile phones recycled or for re-use. In Germany, more than 500 corporate customers and partners have the services of Zonzoo in Claim taken, including Cortal Consors, PAYBACK, and Vodafone. Our customers from other European countries are including Tesco, Virgin Mobile, Yahoo!, nectar, Mobilkom Austria and TMN.

Third World

September 6, 2016


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The group promotes the world-wide implementation of ” Tax Tobin” or ” Tobin” rate;. The Tobin Rate has several objectives. The main one is to burden to the speculative movements of capitals with a tax and to discourage the mere speculation. The collected money would be used to solve to the hunger and the social injustice of the present global world. The grouping ATTAC arose exactly with the aim of avoiding the abuses of the free movement of finacnieros capitals around the world.The lack of control of the movement of capitals ends up putting in risk national economies and, in the long run, to the global economy. According to a report of the Federal Reserve Bank de San Francisco, between 1.3 and 1.5 trillions of dollars they move daily by the world.

ATTAC porpuso that the Tobin Rate is of a 0.5% on each movement of speculative capitals (source: Association ATTAC Argentina). To militarize frontreras: the other side of commercial treaties the globalisation it has cercido or decreased? It depends on the point of view that is taken. From the point of view of the movement of capitals, clearly it grew. But with respect to the human beings, on the contrary, it has decreased remarkably. The borders of the developed countries are the landscape of a zone that respresenta the failure of ” globalizacin”.

An economic and financial globalisation but not of people. The crecimento of the free interchange of goods and capital was not accompanied by the free circulation of the humans. On the contrary, there has been a backward movement in this aspect, between Mexico and the United States and the three-dimensional towrope of Ceuta and Melilla are only two frightful examples of this phenomenon. However, this growth of the free circulation of goods and capitals it will not have had to do with the limitation and criminalization of immigration in the central countries? The Free Trade Agreement they did not influence in the lack of work – one of the main causes of the emigration in the countries of the Third World?

Acrylic Baths. Types Of Construction

August 31, 2016


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Acrylic bath is a new piece of contemporary interior. This type of bath is practical, and to fully replace the iron and steel bathtubs and actively conquer our building materials market. Sanitary acrylic is durable and reliable. Acrylic, one of the most rigid plastics, has been successfully used in chemical industry, aviation and astronautics. Since the seventies began mass production of acrylic bathtubs. First, these baths have the status of exotic and prestigious acquisitions, mainly because of high prices. But times change, and acrylic baths are fast in our life. They decorate the house and significantly improve quality of life.

Acrylic bath tubs, acrylic, advantage of acrylic bathtubs – this is not a complete list of what is offered by our online store. Plus, these baths can appreciate each. Thanks to the insulating properties of acrylic bath water cools down just one degree of half an hour (in a cast iron one degree for five minutes, the steel even faster). Sanitary acrylic is easy to clean and is 100% chemical resistance, a bath regularly enough to rinse with warm water and sanitary acrylic prevents the emergence and proliferation of undesirable bacteria. Acrylic Bath resistant to the appearance of external defects chips and cracks, glossy acrylic surface does not tarnish with time and is pleasant to the touch. These baths can be made in a variety of options, easy to install in different environments, and their weight does not exceed 15-25 kg, which makes it easy to mount or move and to replace it. K – acrylic baths include susceptibility to scratches (not recommended to wash in the baths pets, do not use abrasive cleaners, you can not pour boiling water into the tub and soak it is not recommended for long underwear). In the event of damage to surface of the bath, it should be sanded with acrylic paste for polishing scratches. The thickness of the acrylic bath is at least 5-6 mm, acrylic is uniform throughout the thickness, so polish scratches are usually not a problem. Construction site Infobud

Childrens Christmas Celebration

August 24, 2016


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How to arrange a children's Christmas party? Children's New Year's holiday – without exaggeration, a favorite holiday of all kids! The New Year is waiting for every crumb! Snow-covered, adorned with sparkling garlands, city, colorful shop windows, buying and decorating a Christmas tree as a family, welcome gift, a dream come true, the most delicious food, lots of laughter and smiles of family … Celebrating the new year is comparable only to that of most extraordinary tale! It is true culmination of the New Year holiday for children is quite different than for adults – this is not December 31 is not beating at midnight chimes, not the usual wall of the apartment, decorated with tinsel. This children's Christmas party – is a huge hall in a lush decor, great beauty tree to the ceiling, a meeting with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, the ability to show off the new fancy dress, participate in fun competitions and the reason dance with other guys, but many more magic! This part of the New Year to be expected with a sinking heart truly! For organizing the New Year holiday is taken Today many companies and firmochki, but children's New Year's holiday – not at an event that can be trusted with anyone. No, do not try to take all organizational matters into their own hands – in the New Year's Eve at You already have enough trouble! Just make sure that a company in which you have applied, has years of experience in not only adults but also children's New Year corporate parties.

Several Key Points In Creating A Site

August 24, 2016


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Design work to create a website usually begins with the choice of design. And here it is difficult to choose which option or stay in finalizing the selection. Difficult, almost impossible to calculate how a design better than another. But here are vital production time. If you take the first version of the design, the time of creation of the site will be 1-2 months. If the second, then 4-6 months. If the third, then 6 months and up to infinity. And all this , the site could work and be profitable.

It is believed that the design specifies no more than 10% efficiency of the site. It does not matter from what sources will come to your potential buyer, he was searching for something that was expecting to see him interested in specific information. In the event that he finds it, his expectations are met, it will be loyal to the site and company. He was by and large do not care what the primary colors and crazy designs used in refinements site. If the information you need on this site is not, there are no flash videos on the site will not leave. He is just to love and leave. Very often the most effective web sites have simple designs and well attended and work, make a profit. "Design should be simple" – a well-known designer Artem Lebedev.

The paradox, but the least important thing (design) and thus is the most expensive and most time consuming. Enormous amount of time creating a site will be spent on coordination, constant design changes. It can last a very long time. It is an eternal theme, almost "a wandering plot." Developers blamed customers for what they can not articulate their desires, and finally choose something, and customers blame the developers of incompetence and inability to listen. If the content comes from a site only a small percentage of buyers, and visitors are pretty much the only way out – it is not attract more and more, and work with the content – texts.