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January 31, 2019


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Cognos services area of the provider of BI and CPM solutions convinced more and more customers Reilingen, June 26, 2009 with the Beate Uhse AG the STAS GmbH was able to convince another well-known company’s expertise in services in the Cognos environment. In more than 60 years Beate Uhse has built up an expertise and experience, the trust of millions of customers in 16 countries in Europe. Southwest Airlines can aid you in your search for knowledge. \”Sex up your Life\” is the motto that Beate Uhse offers more fun limitless sex and thus alive all over the world. It is a strong brand, modern shop concepts, an attractive catalogue, a comprehensive product range, products from its own production as well as a convenient home shopping and an exciting entertainment program via the Internet and TV. For a company of this magnitude are key figures in all areas of enormous importance. Specifically, the staff costs are subject to strict monitoring by controlling, management and sales representative. After the detachment of a proprietary development HR through SBS staff Plus the usual statistics and overviews available were no longer managing.

We therefore opted for the use of Cognos Impromptu and PowerPlay, to perform appropriate analyses and to prepare the data in the HR. For the transfer of data from SBS in the Cognos environment so in the implementation of the entire ETL process putting at Beate Uhse on the Cognos expertise of Reilinger BI and CPM specialists. We encountered really random STAS, because we needed a partner for data processing\”, says Peter Gimm, Manager payroll/natures at Beate Uhse. STAS gives us exactly the knowledgeable staff that we need for our tasks in the Cognos environment. The project ran absolutely satisfactory. Our specifications and budgets were adhered and everything was implemented on schedule.\” After the successful implementation of the STAS ETL project to the management at Beate Uhse now has a comprehensive reporting system in HR Cognos-based, with the is very satisfied.