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Dom Casmurro

November 28, 2012


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– Banal? Certainly it will say in them why? – Because of the subject. – That subject? – The jealousy, however this. Nothing more banal than the jealousy. Luca Substance (caramba) it was not prepared to hear so great imprudence. It smiled constrangido and it was silent, looking at for the ceiling.

Constrangido, nor in such a way for presented seeming, how much for the offered argument to justify it. The time it passed, silence ached, the smile congeals. Perplexos instants. The room asked for the mediation of the master. – Professor! Professor! Ritinha shook LM for the arm. Remade, it continued. – One repair only occurs to make me to the story of Antonio.

In fact, as it observed Leandro, the text could be more concise. Of remaining portion, I praise the imagination of the author, the previous and minute characterization of the personages, the meldico zeal of chats, the acute and penetrating adjetivao. Luca Substance gave to its words the characteristic tune of the conclusive speeches, insinuating that nothing more it had to say. In made they go it, inasmuch as Ritinha raised the arm and was soon saying that it does not understand the argument of Caspar. It did not see as the triviality of the jealousy could contaminate the story. It fit to the professor to elucidate the dissenso. Effect, the confrontation seemed inevitable. The courtesy due to the visitor noblesse oblige – it threatened to lose to the aside remark of Ritinha, whose curiosity, discerning and legitimate, could not be ignored. The fact of Ritinha to be fianc of Antonio by no means weakened the arguio of the young woman. The question was to know if the penalty was valid to deflagrar one contends been born of a well-known truncated thought. LM wise person who Caspar commits one gafe unforgivable, as much of the social point of view, how much intellectual. Gafe social until it could easily be pardoned, to the account, perhaps, of a temperament rude, or a migraine badly cured. Difficult to skirt, however, it represented to be the intellectual imperfection. It was not permissible that a man of letters, celebrity, author of diverse books, did not know to distinguish the plan from the literary forms the plan where if points out the story of Antonio – of the plan of the mundane life the plan where viceja the jealousy with all its proverbial vulgarity. The jealousy appears in the story of Antonio, as well as, kept the had ratios, the adultery one in the Dom Casmurro, that is, as substance the service of a creative intention. If triviality had in the story of Antonio, would be there, in the art of to reconstruct the substance of the usual life, never in the same substance. Not, the penalty was not valid. While LM arrived at this conclusion, Antonio asked for license to leave, alleging fatigue. He folloied it to Ritinha. Excessively they had been leaving after an other, except Caspar, who remained talking with the host until high hours of the dawn. Noblesse oblige.


November 26, 2012


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He could perhaps be a physical defect. But taking off the Tonho scar it did not make look like no apparent defect. Not cacoete had none, nor limped. What it would be after all? Already it was not enough to all its concern with immigration and all those instructions of Ana. Now it ran plus a risk, and well close. Therefore Tonho was working in the same walking and ruvava.

It would have very of being cautious not to oppose it until having full knowledge of what it would come to be this. It found better not to ask nobody, much less Ana, even because it would not have courage to repeat such word in high voice. Its situation now was being half complicated. Therefore it had to decorate much thing, between them: that its new name was Jorge and not Migrantino. Its nickname of infancy was Fred.

That it had a problem in the right ear, beyond knowing of color where if the emergency exits located all, to defend itself of a possible onslaught of immigration. Having well-taken care of of what to make in situes of emergencies. Using difarces adjusted. to complete finishes to be alerted that its colleague of walking age one goiano that ruvava. still superficially, obviously, could not forget that it had to work and to make well its service. After all of accounts, for incredible that it could seem, it was for that was there. For it saw of the doubts, it always looked for to remain itself moved away from Tonho. When crossing it in the corridor, passing the dust vacuum cleaner in the carpet, if limited to say one ' ' oi' ' with all the care not to oppose it. Until one day when it was in the one of its rooms making its service, tonho cries out it of the corridor: ' ' I clink! , please, it can disconnect hoover of the taking pra me? ' ' It stops a little and binds a thing with the other. ' ' Hoover' '! , And in a relief sensation, it goes until Tonho and it says: aha! , you ruva n! Tonho answers: yes because? You not seeing? Later I clink discovers that the Brazilians had invented some verbs and expressions that do not consist in the dictionaries and one of them: to ruvar, meant to pass the dust vacuum cleaner, that in English if calls to hoover. But pronunciation would be ' ' rver' ' , of where &#039 appeared the expression; ' ruvar' '. With passing of the time, it can evidence that Tonho was one of the faces more legal pacatos and that it until then knows.

Sun Glauber Rock

November 10, 2012


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' ' The New Cinema was an ample and differentiated movement. It did not have a rigid program that it served as dogma to be followed by its participants. It had this yes, action principles politics that had constructed its force in the union and the camaraderie of grupo.' ' (SIMONARD, 2006, P. 19) and these men had defied to be able of the State in the decade of 1960, and had elaborated its films. The image to the times resounds higher of what the words in any pamphlet, it withhold a supreme power, and the media makes use of of this power, in the case of Dry films as Life the scenes make to reflect and estigmatizam the mind. The creators of the New cinema were not worried in showing great historical events, the precision biggest were in following the disfavored classrooms, the small histories that if they uncurl to mounts among the side streets and alleys, since the confines of the hinterland enters caatingas until poludas and interminable streets of So Paulo, the same people, the same difficulty in if living. Films that are produced remain as windows of the times, the load of information are tremendous, either for showing to overturns politics of a simple time or the daily one of a population. The communication that is made between cineasta and spectator bases debates of sociological matrix until today, offering representations of social matrix in different aspects is possible to understand this exchange of information that is made by means of the flmica workmanship. In God and the Devil in the Land of the Sun Glauber Rock used the Brazilian northeast region as scene of its history, in the film we perceive the Pink Odyssey of Manuel and its woman that in the attempt to buy a lot of land leave in a trip until the city to vender some heads of cattle that they finish for dying in the passage, this cause the anger of the colonel who is proprietor of the animals, after a significant Manuel misunderstanding it finishes for killing the colonel immediately afterwards running away with its wife.

United States

November 2, 2012


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By activity sectors, a year plus which greater invoicing obtained was the one of " Alimentacin" , with a total of 6,710, 8 million Euros (633.8 million more than in 2009), followed by the one of " The hotel trade/Fast Food" , with 2,181, 4 million (66.4 million more), and by the one of " The hotel trade/Restaurants and bares" , that it invoiced 2,065, 3 million Euros (39.9 million more than in 2009). At the time of valuing the data of the invoicing registered by the set of the system of franchise, Xavier Vallhonrat, President of the AEF, it indicates that " a reduction of only a 0.2%, in a difficult year marked again by the economic crisis, is a clear indicator that the Spanish tax exemption is resisting and doing against this adverse conjuncture of a very worthy way, without a doubt that far better that any other formula of commerce, and, at the same time, it gives reasons for moderate optimismo". Operative standards According to one also takes shelter in the report, the Spanish system of franchise is integrated by a total of 934 standards, of which 757 are of national origin (a 81%) and the 177 rest (a 19%) come from different countries, essentially of France (43 chains), the United States (41), Italy (29) and Portugal (11 marks). In total, are 15 companies more franchisors than in December of 2009, 10 nationals and 5 foreigners. Of these 934 tax exemptions, the represented sector more is the one of " Beauty/Esttica" , with 88 chains (6 more than in 2009), followed by " Stores especializadas" , with 78 (1 more), and " Furniture/Textile; , with 65 (3 more). Also, it also emphasizes the disappearance of 6 standards in the activity of " Services financieros" , that now it is integrated by 15 marks, or " Agencies of viajes" that they have undergone 2 losses, when happening of 25 to 23 companies.

Brazilian Farmers

September 24, 2012


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Of the side of inside it put 500 high, strong men and endowed with firearms well, prontificados to assure the peace. Of the side of it are, others 500 men farejadores walked behind that they did not answer with the due respect to the orders of Brazil farmer. But they were as much, and some did not leave tracks, that the battalion did not give account. More 500 contracted and Brazil thought that the problem would finish. Now, with a thousand men the service of the order, ‘ ‘ Its Brasil’ ‘ it did not have more with what if to worry, after all, its competent employees had imprisoned almost all the transgressors of the farm. Already more it did not have reasons to forbid ‘ ‘ all seus’ ‘ to enjoy the flavor of the freedom.

But, others ‘ ‘ millions of diabinhos’ ‘ still they were ready pra to hammer the head of the Brazil poor person. The bothering lode when it less waited. Its surrounds, assaz insurance, was completely overloaded for beings that, to the times, ‘ ‘ lembravam’ ‘ human beings. The dissatisfaction was growing gradually, next to the rebellions, that later would come if to become violent. Its children had been rigorously forbidden to walk in the periphery of the surrounded one. The descendants, enraivados, had also shown, despite of alegrica form, its dissatisfactions. In fact, ‘ ‘ Its Brasil’ ‘ ‘ was in one; ‘ sinuca of bico’ ‘. Of the other side of the farm a well woody place exists, to the side of a clear water dam, that is perfect to botar in practical my plan, alleged Brazil. It ordered to knock down more 1000 trees, it bought more 7 trucks of barbed wire and contracted more 500 men to make the internal security of the new granary. The son oldest of Brazil closed the portire, later that all its brothers already were inside.


September 2, 2012


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Adoptar, intentionally, the popular culture, according to which: ' ' it looks at for what I say and you do not look at for what I fao' ' , as attempt of auto-justification for all and any decision, situation or event, that harm the majority in benefit of a privileged minority of elitist groups, it discloses Citizen-Politician, at least, intellectually iniquitous, in the measure where good the practical ones start, exactamente, in the good come examples of the highest instances of the power, either in the agencies of the State, either in the Institutions financed for the Government. The equality of chances, the joust distribution of the national wealth, the principle according to which ' ' who more has more must contribuir' ' for the well-common one, the ethics in the act of the laws, that would have to be general, abstractas and of equal application for all, must always constitutes concerns gifts in who has to be able of decision and execution. It is unjust to divide one same society and to govern it for the elites, exactly that democratically elect, because: ' ' The man cannot survive seno in society, that is, with customs and laws. (.) The citizenship is the quality of the men who think to be governed for itself proper, that they depend on they themselves. It is therefore, to the inverse one, that the citizenship loses its direction and the democracy its force, if the society is reduced to the social one, if, for example, some are so dependents of whom they are ready to alienate the vote to them, or, if they do not vote, to alienate the decisions to them. This calls clientelismo and is developed in clandestine way, at the same time that the parallel economy or subterrnea.' ' (MADEC & MURARD, 1995:94 – 95). What if it can interpret in the direction of the total autonomy and independence of Citizen-Politician, when in the exercise of governmental functions, as well as all responsible for institutions financed for the State, they are of solidarity, cultural, porting, foundations and any subsidized others.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

August 25, 2012


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The Bop Decameron’ it will begin to roll itself in Rome in July. Allen will also count on a paper in the film. The argument of the film has still not been developing. The American film director Woody Allen officially confirmed the distribution of his next film, that will take by name The Bop Decamero n and will roll in Rome in July with Penlope Cross, Alec Baldwin and Roberto Benigni, informed east Monday in an official notice the agency into 42 publicists West. The team of interpreters of films will be in favor compound in addition of Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page, Judy Davis, Greta Gerwig, Alison Pill, as well as Ornella Muti, Antonio Albanese, Fabio Armiliato, Alessandra Mastronardi, Flavio Parenti, Riccardo Scamarcio and Alessandro Tiberi. Allen, that will direct the tape, will also count on a paper in the film, whose argument not yet has been kept awake.

The production will begin the 11 of July and will be the first time that the producer acclimates one of his histories in the Italian capital. The Bop Decameron will be financed by Jellyfish Film, producer and Italian distributor. As much Cross as Baldwin worked previously with Allen, the first in Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008), a paper that to him the Oscar was worth, and the second in Alicia in the country of the wonders (1990). Eisenberg is one of the more popular actors of Hollywood of the moment, that has incarnated to Mark Zuckerberg, cofounder of Facebook, in the film the social network, one of the most important tapes of a 2010 and work by which the actor obtained his first candidacy to a statuette.

IASB Companies

July 25, 2012


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Currently, 96 countries already adopt the norms the norms of the IASB, and Brazil is not in this list. The entrance of the country in this group depends, beyond the consolidation of the CPC, of approval of the Law of the Societies for Action that is in transaction in the Congress. With the law the commercial accounting would be separate of the countable one, as they ask for the international norms. However, the same law, compels some enrolled companies as limited to divulge rockings, what it dislikes the owners of the companies. The crisis installed with the countable scandals occurrences in the last five years, prominence for the company of Eron energy, the company of Worldcomp telephony and the Italian food companies Parmalat and Crio had forced the unification of the norms.

In the United States, the countable rules had been much more rigid, especially after the law of Sarbanes-Oxley, created in 2002, said Gilbert Luiz of the Amaral, president of the Brazilian Institute of Planejamento Tributrio (IBPT). According to Martins, one of the coordinators of the CPC, in substance propagated of the site of notice of the FUCAPE, the international standardization of the norms as standards will become more transparent the domestic market of capitals, beyond to degenerate the companies, debtors to publish diverse financial statements, each one inside of a different model, depending on the model used for the regulatory authority. ' ' It is a monstrous cost that must if reduzido' ' , Eliseu Martins says. 5 FINAL CONSIDERAES the Accounting are a science in constant evolution and its development directly is related with the changes of the environment where it acts and the form of organization of the entities. The internationalization of the economy and the perspective of an only market have propitiated to the companies a bigger diversity in the captation of resources, despertando, of general form, the necessity to develop an information system in order to harmonize practical the countable ones and to provide to greater comparabilidade for its users.

Credit Online

July 12, 2012


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For anybody the great amount of doors is a secret that the Internet has abierto in infinity of aspects of the newspaper to live and the credits online in Colombia are not the exception. Nowadays it is possible to know the quota his credit, the conditions of the credit, to know how the proceedings required to obtain a loan without needing approaching certain financial organization and physically being able to make agile the management of analysis and approval of credit. It is very probable that you are needing some easy credit or you are for replacing a familiar economic necessity, for your next trip or your next vacations. Thanks to the Internet, you can know some data beforehand and help in the proceeding before his approval and payment. Before nothing what you must know you are that the Internet will facilitate the management of its credit, but does not mean this that you do not have to generate some class of physical contact or telephone with the organization is going that it to advise. As or it is known, to ask for a credit or he is hypothecating, personal or common loans to pensioners, are due to satisfy some requirements legal that allow the organization to diminish the risk of the payment of that money and not yet there is a virtual mechanism that allows to carry out process 100% in line. this it is the real benefit of the Internet as far as proceedings for the loan talks about.

There are three aspects that will help you to transact a credit online in Colombia of an agile and opportune way: To fill your personal information: Indispensable to count by hand on personal information like its complete name, direction, telephone, office, references personasles and relatives. It is probable that it must hasten a credit request online, which is going to be used by the organization that is going to him to give the money. It remembers to print a copy for you in necessary case. To analyze the conditions of the credit: Documntese of everything what its organization demands to him to transact the loan before begins to realise managements in aspects such as the interest rates, the monthly payments and the demanded guarantees. This saves time to him in to go until the organization to only ask. To sign the promissory note: It is possible in some cases of unloading, of printing and to sign the promissory note demanded by the organization and to send it via postal mail along with its digital track and his photocopy of the extended certificate. Of the previous form, you will have saved time and money in the proceeding of his credit online in Colombia, everything thanks to the Internet. Nowadays the possibility exists of advancing to these proceedings thanks to the flexibility in costs and times that the Internet offers to all.

Capital Loan

July 4, 2012


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Terms Technician used in 1,1 real estate contracts Capital and Interests on the Capital When beginning in seara of the financial mathematics, necessriose makes the understanding of some used terms, amongst which if definecapital, in express direction, as the force that the money is capable of produzirpara to stimulate the economy. In the existing financial relation in the sociedadecontempornea two types of people exist: the ones that possess money and outilizam to effect loans by means of later act of receiving of one> bigger amount. Of the other side they are the people who take this money loaned. Call the money the paid interest, that is, the paid value more in relation to quefoi taken by loan. To this cost, that is express in percentile way, we call tax of interests. In accordance with the Nephew (2000), the tax of interests is compostapor four elements. The first one of them is the risk, that if understands as aprobabilidade of the buyer of the loan not to honor the debit. The segundoelemento is the operational, contractual expenditures and happened taxes daformalizao of the loan and efetivao of the collection.

The inflation terceiroitem is it to compose the tax of interests, which is appraised as the index dedesvalorizao of the purchasing power of the currency foreseen for the stated period of the loan. The profit (or profit) is the room item, and is determined by the owner of the capital emfuno of the privation of its use or other deinvestimentos chances. As Veras (2001), as well as the work is remuneradocom wage, the property through the rent, the art and the culture authorial pelosdireitos, the interests are the remuneration of the capital. 1,2 Capitalizaton Following the sprouting of the commercial bourgeoisie during Average Idade, occurred, also, an ample development of all sciences. Nocampo that deals with the finances had occurred significant changes in the economic cinciascontbeis and, changes these that can be perceived in the diasatuais.