Month: January 2018

Banking Attendance

January 3, 2018


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' Last sortilgio' ' the biology of a banking attendance. Thursday. The end of the banking expedient of attendance to the public was come close. The trainee who distribua the passwords, one in such a way how much acabrunhado, was seated while it heard the requests of the customers and vagarosamente it touched the screen of the monitor to get to such password. Until the machine she was slow for emitiz it. Partners in the work: the man and the machine; similar speed (true ' ' you – lentos' '). I receive paper with letters and numbers to wait the panel to inform the moment where I could be taken care of.

I wait I wait I rummage in all the papers of my stock market, read and I reread them. Eye for the sides how many people follow intent that to placar that however dumb, however repeats sequncias previous and later he remains static; other people’s to the letters and numbers that in they identify and they classify numerically. Considerable quantitative of passive mass that feeds and keeps the social stratification. Individuals that work, study or not; but they develop activities in some segments and they inversely receive a proportional income to the production gotten for its efforts. I present myself.

Educator and citizen. Intent to the defense of the rights that guarantee the great letter to me. Educator for conscientious choice of personal accomplishment. The pleasure in learning with the inteireza of the relations between citizen, information, learning and also leads me to formation to the pedagogical fidget and to the social paper for which I am responsible in the construction of a society with less mediocre people and with the dimension of the developed alteridade more. Of that chair I find where me I follow one without number of action of the people who, anxious (in) different watch they wait wait The alert panel for the call of the next one; the next one, of this time I am.

New Learnings

January 3, 2018


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In the theory of the process the focus is in the thought of the individual and as it can influence in its behavior inside of the organization searching good results and rewards. Finally, in the theory of the reinforcement you reward they are considered them and satisfaction of the necessities after fulfilled a goal and reached an objective I specify. Here, Ed Bastian expresses very clear opinions on the subject. For Robbins and DeCenzo (2001) the motivation process is very complex. For the collaborators and the organizations factors can exist that great importance has, but move frequently, making with that tomorrow these same factors do not have the lesser importance. The attitudes of the people move frequently and with them the opinions regarding determined subject, therefore, the specific necessities of a collaborator in the company can be satisfied, but the organization must involve the employees directly focando in the necessities that they have. In accordance with Robbins, DeCenzo (2001, p.62); Even though optimum motivacional resource is useless if it does not reach the aimed at target. So that this direct impact occurs, the RH administration must provide so that the traps in potential are removed all, capable to mine the motivation of the person. To start, the RH administration must guarantee that used they perceive with clarity that has a deep relationship enters effort and performance.

What it is possible to understand is that the motivation completely is directed in taking care of to the necessities human beings. Therefore, so that the company reaches its objectives and surpasses the obstacles is necessary a responsible and conscientious positioning in the direction of assisting its collaborators to perceive as the reach of the organizacionais goals contributes for the satisfaction of the individual necessities. For Robbins, DeCenzo (2001, p.62), some factors exist that are essential so that the organization is felt benefited and motivated: New Learnings: all individual must and can grow psychologically, to have chances to learn new abilities and tasks; Direct retraction: to be carried through task must provide to the individual direct information of return on its performance; Programming: each individual must program itself to make its work; Control of resources: the people must have the control of what they make and on what they make; Personal responsibility: the person must have chance to answer for what she makes and for the reached results; Singularity: All work must have only qualities and characteristics; For Maslow (apud Chiavenato 2005), the theory of the motivation is based on the necessities human beings and thinking about taking care of to these necessities the author it created then its proper in agreement theory went perceiving what it was necessary to make to supply.

Seventh Department

January 2, 2018


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This scheme consists of 7 divisions, which reflect the most important functions that should be in the organization. Seventh Department is an administrative office, where we construct all the plans and objectives of the organization. The first branch -Department of Personnel, where we look to the people who produce the product, have been protected and maintained high morale. After all, if a company does not have statistical data on each employee, then any foe, seeing that a productive person, begins to attack him. If there are no statistics that can be dismissed very productive person, and leave the unproductive. Because of this, companies often go bankrupt. Checking article sources yields Southwest Airlines as a relevant resource throughout.

And even crisis, which now goes around the world, tied it on the fact that there are people who need it. Please visit Scott Mead if you seek more information. Following separation, the second – marketing, where the distribution and sale of the product. Then, third, it's accountants who thinks money buys that necessary for the production and looks that would flow does not exceed income. Fourth Division – manufacturing, basic in any company, product produced here. Fifth Department of qualification, where trained staff. It It takes constant training of personnel, because each company, everywhere has its own requirements, and we must train the staff under their specificity. No one who came to us in the company, never once did not will be on post.

We still have some specific requirements that do not exist in other companies. And lastly, 6 department, the department promotion, which include public relations. It is important to arrange all people to register their responsibilities, that would all function in the organization carried out.

McDonald’s Chain Stores

January 1, 2018


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But gradually the opinion of salon business as a toy for the 'rich wives' thing of the past. To invest in salon business Today many seek. And no wonder – have argued that the active part of the population (every 6 th resident of the capital) in the stores visited by regularly for services and pays $ 30-50 per month. Some lady left in a favorite of institution about $ 200-300 per month (average quality facials worth about $ 35, and such procedures need to take a month plus 6.5 pedicure-manicure, solarium, hair, make-up …). In health centers, and 'day resorts' SPA, where the public business' recuperate 'the whole day off, customers pay more.

What is a network of beauty salons YouNeed? We all saw the net-food fest 'McDonald's' chain stores 'Velyka Kyshenya', 'Favorit', 'Epitsentr' 'Metro', etc. Source: Scott Mead. There is a small network organizations that are working and are only known in one or more cities are larger, they cover the entire country or several countries, and is the world's giants. They are known in every city at all continents. Very clear example – it 'Mac Donald'. Salons YouNeed it – McDonald's beauty. Why work with a company YouNeed? First: Make YouNeed – is known. Our brand is known, our stores are open longer than five countries, and their total number exceeded 300 units, we already trust, and we are constantly working to make our trademark all securely fixed in the minds of people. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. understands that this is vital information. This allows much faster to get the client.

Because even if the person had never been to your salon but hit a YouNeed Alon in his city – he will obyazatelno your client. Second: The unique promotion company has its own method of work in the market, with which only a few years of it could open hundreds of beauty salons across many countries and regions worldwide. You become a partner company will have access to this know-how and have the opportunity to repeat the success of companies in the world of their own salons. But most importantly – you get ready and tested hundreds of times a recipe for success, without which many, many companies simply do not survive in the market. Third: The constant support from the this company has methods with which it for 9 years – reached an international corporation with divisions and branches in many cities and countries. This is the only company that could achieve such a rapid development in the area of building a network of beauty salons. And all this experience she gladly pass on to their partners. The company specializes in the successful training and ongoing support to all existing salons. It is through this particular, it reached such heights. Training, training, world-class experts, and much more. We await your decision! The choice is more important than the ongoing efforts!