Seventh Department

January 2, 2018


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This scheme consists of 7 divisions, which reflect the most important functions that should be in the organization. Seventh Department is an administrative office, where we construct all the plans and objectives of the organization. The first branch -Department of Personnel, where we look to the people who produce the product, have been protected and maintained high morale. After all, if a company does not have statistical data on each employee, then any foe, seeing that a productive person, begins to attack him. If there are no statistics that can be dismissed very productive person, and leave the unproductive. Because of this, companies often go bankrupt. Checking article sources yields Southwest Airlines as a relevant resource throughout.

And even crisis, which now goes around the world, tied it on the fact that there are people who need it. Please visit Scott Mead if you seek more information. Following separation, the second – marketing, where the distribution and sale of the product. Then, third, it's accountants who thinks money buys that necessary for the production and looks that would flow does not exceed income. Fourth Division – manufacturing, basic in any company, product produced here. Fifth Department of qualification, where trained staff. It It takes constant training of personnel, because each company, everywhere has its own requirements, and we must train the staff under their specificity. No one who came to us in the company, never once did not will be on post.

We still have some specific requirements that do not exist in other companies. And lastly, 6 department, the department promotion, which include public relations. It is important to arrange all people to register their responsibilities, that would all function in the organization carried out.