Your Direct Line To Press And Students

April 24, 2018


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Achieve the gewunwschte target group with press releases on! Businesses to have universities and education institutions from immediately the possibility of press releases have – the magazine for higher education. Universities can use this parents, graduates and students about current events in knowledge. The news directly to the target group will be approached by Our site is used by parents, graduates and students. Universities and businesses can benefit as a result of our targeted communication”, explains Sabrina Zurwesten, Managing Director of studilux GmbH. journalists, editors and the schools and parents of pupils and students access like the editorial repertoire of back. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. can provide more clarity in the matter.

Advice, guidance, and current, some critical articles on College topics are like used sources of information for the planning and organisation of the tertiary education. In addition to the integration in the context of editorial shipped the press releases issued within the framework of an online newsletter on newspapers, magazines, TV stations, radio stations and other press offices. By the target group-specific distribution, run the messages directly to the appropriate editors. For more information about the new press room see: – the magazine for higher education, aimed at high school seniors, students and their parents. The Web site provides information and services related to the study.