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February 18, 2016


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The company, maviance GmbH, headquartered in Leipzig has opted for XCOM Africa GmbH as a strategic management consultancy for market entry into Nigeria. maviance, which is focused on mobile applications for companies in Africa, is mainly a market for its mobile micro financial system in Nigeria. The maviance mobile micro financial system enables it to offer services at the customer in rural areas locally, for example financial institutions, which are possible only in the stores. This is also called agent banking or referred to Branchless banking. Among sales representatives of customer data can record, create new customers, collect rates of credit and make payments.

The transactions are then confirmed the customers via mobile printer or SMS and automatically sent to the server in the branch. This will increase the transparency and efficiency within the business processes and input of the data are no longer necessary. This leads to increased profitability and efficiency of the companies. The maviance mobile micro financial system is tailored to the African market and the local infrastructure conditions. Within the framework of cooperation XCOM Africa for maviance completely take care of the Nigerian market, allow market entry, and positioning the products.

Long-term goal of the cooperation is a growth strategy the Nigerian market to develop for it, leading provider of mobile solutions for companies operating in Nigeria to become sustainable. Maviance GmbH: Maviance is a young, customer-oriented software company, which has set itself the goal, African companies from the energy and the financial services sector in the long term to enable the sustainable success. This is ensured through tailor-made IT solutions. maviance uses his years of experience to bring companies into a solid and competitive position. In addition, maviance of them is convinced that companies can optimize their work through IT solutions. In this regard, maviance takes a holistic approach. The product portfolio ranges from mobile micro finance and insurance solutions to mobile solutions to the counting value of observations for the energy sector, sales and payment applications. More information under: about XCOM Africa GmbH: XCOM Africa GmbH is one of the leading German management consulting that specializes in African growth markets. The company advises German and international companies with their market entry in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Rwanda. The services include market analysis, market entry strategies, coaching, intercultural training, identification and selection of local partners, the hands on”realization of market entry.