World Bank

January 26, 2018


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The strategy of poverty reduction to be applied in the country does not meet the annual targets which means that there is a mismanagement of funds by governmental bodies;’s goal of reducing poverty possesses the World Bank. a The inflation rate is the indicator unconditional foreign credit institutions which in reality becomes a notional rate as the loss in value of money is much more macroeconomic causes. The quality of life of the countries where international policies are not improved by the high levels of expenditure on salaries that cover large the national budget (Honduras is an example of this), restricting investment in works of social, educational and health. The momentum of international agencies is to reduce public expenditure through privatization of government institutions to ensure the granting of payments owed countries. Some of the implications of this are given the effect of high levels of unemployment that exist, all this happens because the effect does not occur tropicalization that is the appropriate analysis to ensure that globalization does not affect the countries where the implant. There is perceived specific purpose which is the primary objective for the international agencies which is to regulate and reduce financial crises, as neither the structural adjustment policies have succeeded in improving living conditions have worsened rather giant steps, it only perception at the level of all countries in Latin America is the tax reduction increased layoffs nationwide either political or not. If you would like to know more then you should visit Oracle. The liberalization of markets leads to a lack of control of yourself and there is no Latin American market developed enough to absorb the shocks to which it is facing.