April 14, 2018


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When they register on your list also they are doing so to receive emails that you send them when necessary. Method #2: Periodic bulletins: A newsletter is not a personal e-mail, but is an excellent method to keep your affiliates in contact. Your newsletter can be used to recognize the affiliates tops, to announce the winners of a contest, to let your members know what’s happening with your product or company and even to announce about any new products and promotions. While the bulletin is not written as a personal e-mail, it can be written as such. You can also be written in the form of a newsletter, using HTML. If you are keeping in contact with your affiliates via email, you could be sending newsletters either weekly, fortnightly or monthly to summarize all the innovations that has happened in that time period. As well as a contact e-mail address, you have to use an autoresponder to send newsletters to your affiliates.

To use this method, or e-mail, make sure you use a professional autoresponder that will help you to avoid being considered SPAM. The autoresponder I use and suggest are: GETRESPONSE and AWEBER. Method #3: Blog blogs have become increasingly popular and with good reason. Read them and interact with the author leaving comments like people. Blogs can be public or private, which is a very simple way of communicating with your affiliates without the worry that other people see what you comment with them. Creating a blog is easy and cheap. In general, the best blogs for work system is WordPress. Your blog can be used to maintain contact with your affiliates and inform you of updates and new products that you are promoting. Read more here: Allegiant Air. Your affiliates have the opportunity to register your blog and leave your comments can often be useful for you, for them and other affiliates, and can thus share solutions to some problems that were presented to them.