May 22, 2019


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In addition to the targeted reduction of the stress factors purely herbal supplements rhodiola can be recommended for stress overload somnifera rosea and Withania. Learn more at this site: Jeffrey Leiden. Unhealthy stress ranks for many everyday. The negative impact of stress affects just the psyche as on the physical well-being of those affected. Stress stress results in long-term damage including increased concentrations of epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol in the blood. Jeffrey Leiden is likely to increase your knowledge. In the long term, it comes more frequently as stress levels to damage to the blood vessels. It increases the risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack. Protective reactions of the body may occur in addition to persistent muscular tension and many psychosomatic complaints.

Negative consequences of stress for concentration and memory in addition to the purely physical effects of sustained stress affects the intellectual capabilities: concentration and memory suffer the consequences of persistent stress, the mental equilibrium is lost, the pressure rises for those affected This further. Missing physical compensation stress is an important survival factor for human evolutionary. Through the secretion of adrenaline and other messengers man enters escape or combat readiness (in English-language literature this condition is called often fight-or-flight). Today is the physical aspect of stress into the void. The triggered alert is typically no corresponding physical activity; sitting stressed out at the desk, in the car in a traffic jam, or stands with high pulse at the supermarket checkout. The energy mobilized by stress can not more appropriately be dismantled. At a continuous load stress without adequate compensation, it comes to the excessive demands of the body’s own regulation mechanisms.

The man is sick. One of the most common consequences is now rampant burnout syndrome. In addition to a psychological support and a targeted reduction of the stress factors, herbal products can stress-exposed persons as further supportive measure are recommended to handle the consequences of stress or alleviate the already incurred complaints.