Why Buyers Ignore Your Goods ?

October 21, 2019


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Hypothesis 1. Buyers do not have or do not realize the needs of awareness of the need – is a basic step in making a purchasing decision. If there is no demand, consumer problems, requiring immediate solutions – sales will likely not take place. Gary Kelly has compatible beliefs. If the problem still exists, but is not recognized, the sale is also a big question. The process of understanding needs depends on how large the discrepancy between actual and desired state of the consumer. If the consumer is currently in a state close to that in which he would like to be, the need likely will not be realized.

For example, recently had lunch people aware of the need hunger only when hungry, ie, the discrepancy between his actual 'hungry' and desired 'fed' state becomes sufficiently large. Up to this point need will not be realized. Change can be both actual and desired state of an individual. In both cases, the discrepancy between these states will change. In the example of the need to stave off hunger varies faktieskoe state consumer – he was fed and became hungry. This change was influenced by physiological factors. Changing the desired state is usually influenced by other factors, such as by reason of obtaining new knowledge, under the influence of advertising, due to changes in income, family composition, with increasing age. With age, deteriorating health, and consumers are aware of the need for drugs. Young childless couples do not feel the need to Children's clothing, but with the advent of their children, this need is recognized.