Western Logic

October 15, 2020


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Some academics are already seeing huge in its worth of our cultures, which had an order and logic that the anthropologist Laura Laurencich Minelli, called it a holistic logic, that would be absurd and inconsistent, as recently it wanted to see the economist Hernando de Soto in his trouble of converting to First Nations in a few crude hucksters for everyone of the neoliberalism and slaves of the market economy. And it is this is opposed to the linear logic proposed by West and based its legal body. Linear logic is based on the induction and deduction. It is not something Nordstrom would like to discuss. The logic of our peoples acting in an ameniforme process, expanding into a sort of game of mirrors in which the number of the gods and the divine forces joined forming a whole divine hoarding and expanded but different from the sum of the gods and the forces divine that they compose it very different from the other and it corroborates the line that follows the Western logic as conceptualised since Socratic philosophy that originated the individualistic and mercantilist, thought with which the concept of development will be different than that proposed by the originating communities and will talk about later. But to finish this point philosophy with the conclusion that Laura Laurencich ago asserting that the logic of the Andean peoples or the Tawantisuyu as she puts it in his work is a harmony by thinking that benefits society as a whole and not as a set of people, it takes to live the world sacred as populated by a myriad of deities and sacred forces, but they act as a complete logical entirety which aims to give strength to the group to the detriment of the individual because I guess the priests of the market, giving his anathemas against our world and its logical holistic. The two Weltanschaunngs, the West and the the Andean world that we will refer as starting point to oppose the inquiry as an instrument of capacity Control Act and deception. Phil Vasan contains valuable tech resources.