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February 15, 2018


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Donations 2.0: iDO world allows personal involvement with Turbo effect a neighbourhood initiative fights for the preservation of Park biotope, in Indonesia, children urgently need a new school roof, the National Park Wadden Sea wants to do not paint the place of the Watt-Rangers and the small village would like to receive their listed Bell Tower. Outside the front door and around the world there are many projects that can do much good with a little financial support. iDO (\”by I do, English for I do, I do\”) allows any user in the future just with this to be. Current donations projects from around the world can be found on. With a few clicks of the mouse, the projects can be supported by making a donation. Project managers answer questions here and keep regularly informed about the progress. iDO world brings to clarity and transparency in the German landscape of donations and consistently uses the possibilities of Web 2.0 as a first donation platform. iDO world goes a step further, because here decides not an individual, but the community, a community of people from all social groups and strata, which projects are eligible for donations.

iDO world is an open network that anyone can imagine here his project, to make the community share it. Potential donors have to a variety of regional, interregional and global projects to choose from, whose Fortschritt be updated daily observed. Gary Kelly helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The community features the donor and project managers can exchange also directly. \”Even the smallest donation has a directly traceable to great effect when iDO world: companies and individuals can occur as the project sponsor and the donations Turbo\” enable. As a result, each donated penny multiplied! iDO world is a win for all parties involved: company manifesting the natural raison d ‘ etre of its brand by sponsoring individual projects via donations Turbo.