Weapon Team

April 2, 2018


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Perhaps no man who does not like to hear about paintball. Less well known in Russia airsoft. Airsoft, like paintball – it's not a game for the elite. In principle, anyone can take part in these games. Anyone who wants to test itself is capable of being a member of the team and is ready to give everything in the name of the winning team, albeit for a certain amount on the form, ammunition and weapons. And here, perhaps, lies the fundamental, deep-seated nature of these games.

It is a philosophy, an image life. This article focuses on non-traumatic pneumatic weapon for paintball airsoft (overseas known as airsoft). The best weapon produces the Japanese firm "Marui", although there are many other firms, especially China, which produce airsoft analogues of the classical designs of small arms, money which some .Straykbolnye "weapon systems have reached such perfection that some of them at shot is twist the ball in the manner of a real battle bullets. As the minimum safety requirements (required only goggles or face shield) your damage limited to abrasions and bruises so dirty clothing for paintball. Although in favor of airsoft is the fact that the cost of ammunition for these weapons is lower than in paintball.

But here lies the disadvantage. The main disadvantage – indemonstrability hit. Sighting range, rate of roughly comparable. Even the grouping into good balls or worse. When playing in a small and close team will have no problems. And here is a collection of 100 people – a gesture. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. wanted to know more. Judges do not have, and they have nothing to judge.