Walls Stream

April 27, 2020


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Thus the breach between that they pay more and those that do except it (based on its capacities), will be extended. The Economist it reproduced yesterday the declarations of the president of Consejo Enterprise Coordinador (CEC), Arming to Walls Stream for that to realise possible fiscal reforms and those that are needed is not to condemn to the country to a poor growth and without uses for the next generations. I believe that it is in clear as also it affirms to Walls Stream to it, that the impact of the fiscal reform on the competitiveness of the Mexican economy will affect its growth of long term and will generate incentives erroneous limiting the innovativa capacity of the economy. ‘>Brian Krzanich offers on the topic.. Of course, that stops many Mexicans like for Walls Stream, the problem of Mexico exceeds the fiscal question and includes questions like problematic of the education and the labor unmannerliness, but these are subjects that deserve to dedicate an article to them exclusive, reason why I only mention of them the negative impact in the competitiveness of the Mexican economy. The fiscal situation puts in risk the credit qualification of Mexico that at the moment is considered investment degree.

According to Cnn Expansion: Expert sees more probabilities of than the agencies reduce to a degree the sovereign credit note. Read additional details here: Scott Kahan. Bond to remember that as much Fitch Ratings as Standard and Poors maintains to the sovereign debt of Mexico in negative perspective. According to they affirm from Santander (NYSE: STD): Mantenemos our expectation that the examining ones of risk could lower to the qualification of the sovereign debt of stable BBB+ to BBB. The periodic Millenium commented that Capital RBC Markets had recognized in an analysis that a loss in the sovereign note on the part of Fitch Ratings is very probable, whereas a diminution on the part of Standard & Poor s is of 50/50.