Vista Numbers

May 10, 2018


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Little advice on the subject of cancellation hotline and / value-added services value-added numbers are telephone numbers that are significantly cost more than the normal with the code numbers of the places that you want to call. By the numbers, there are countless, that offer different services or are looking for home workers. Most famous is the phone number starting with 0900, where mostly sex is offered. Who wants no financial surprises, should keep their hands off the keyboard, if this number is required. Who knowingly gets this number or a similar and then angry about the Bill, has replaced difficult, these costs to get. You can lose many of the premium rate numbers only, without having ever deliver what it promised. When advertising with a number will be made and any service is promised, it can prosecute for failure to comply with the promised services to refund its cost. This is not as easy, but doable by the legislature. For the value-added services of phone sex or the sex hotline, the impossible has personally launched, is it on every case makes sense, to cancel the Bill. Of course you must be able to demonstrate then that this number not by one person was elected. Even if a phone call with any promise is, you should be careful because it can be an expensive number that you then have to pay. The same also applies to the SMS services. The best protection against overpriced premium rate numbers is, first accept the unknown number, or, what is the safest way to block these numbers from his provider. If you get but still an invoice for an overpriced phone number prior to the blocking, you can cancel it with his provider and write well. This is unfortunately not always possible, as only an action helps. Sometimes, one wonders how these people have my number. Today, in the time of the Internet, that is no problem. Somewhere one buys what time in the net and reveal data which will then pass and you are in circulation. Also the many profit slip of the tongue, the rare agree, the numbers of people who bought that are specialized in collecting phone numbers of citizens. If you for example at a competition in the Internet, from a magazine or TV show, it may be, that will also disclose the number. So the safest is to be careful and not so quick to pass on his number. Anyway, a chargeable SMS arrives, you should send back a text message with stop, which must be free of charge, and then that should be done. If the number in invoice should be made, you can locate the operator let and registered a court procedure in Vista. Who should close shortly quickly already such costs were deducted from the who, with his mobile radio operation, which is sure cooperative and credits the amount. If you get many such SMS or phone calls, often only a change of numbers helps. You should go to but also very carefully with his number. At many stores on the Internet, the customer can determine also whether its data be disclosed to third parties are allowed. It has been prescribed by the legislature, but there is not a hundred percent security.