Victor Kungurov

March 8, 2018


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Buck also has protection (casing) from the bottom and sides. In addition, the machines include the special protection of electrical equipment: Electrical system never exceeds 24 V, electrical wiring consists of wires, prevents the seamless top shell, which is not subject to corrosion, electricity is protected from high loads with fuses (factory manufacturing) or circuit breakers. The drive control switch is located in the cab and also outside of machine tools. All vehicles used for transport of dangerous goods, are equipped Grounding the metal chain over a length of 200 mm and a metal pin to protect against static and atmospheric electrical charges in the parking lot. Back across the width of the tank has a bumper guard against attacks. Piping and ancillary equipment of tanks installed at the top of the tank are protected from damage in case of rollover. Motor vehicles used to transport dangerous goods must include: a set of hand tools to perform an emergency repair of machine tools, fire extinguishers, shovel, and the necessary amount of sand to extinguish a fire, 2 va stationary power flashlight with flashing (or constant) lights orange.

Tanks of snow-white, reflective color to the summer it was heated. Machines equipped with license, identification signs, and marked the words "PROPANE FLAMMABLE. " The goods exhibited a safety data sheet information about the danger of containing international code of emergency measures, which indicated the substance carried, than to stew in the event of an incident. "For LNG vehicle drivers transporting gas, subject to strict requirements. Gary Kelly has similar goals. First of all, must be continuous service as a truck driver in the past three years. Then the driver passes a special training that includes the study of information about the risks, characteristics of dangerous goods training in the first aid – said the head of road economy "Omskgorgaz" Victor Kungurov. – The result is a special driver training certification testifying to his admission to the carriage of dangerous goods.