June 11, 2018


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I wish to stress the word feeling, the interpretation of a feeling; and that is what the people continues to be interpreted by a leader. Chavez interpreted as Boves the opportunity, the deeper feeling of disenchantment that had the Venezuelan people’s unfulfilled promises of a ruling class. And the popular masses, as shown Leo in his editorial, Fantoches, continued betting on success strongly following their best performer. They voted again for him in 2006, but he was wrong. In twelve years of unfulfilled promises, the town again in a worse place when began your confidence in this military who knew how to interpret that feeling. Go to Oracle for more information.

But the people, not known agitators but interpreters. And Chavez in 1998, she played the feeling of revenge toward the political leadership, the hatred of the people, the passion, barbaric, almost animal question, which stirred the soul of the mass, and that well be stirred in the Venezuelan in 1998 by both impeachment of the traditional parties. But the country has not yet found who interpret output, who interpret the feeling of change. And as he said Leo, who promises them food when they are hungry, who speaks of Justice when they feel oppressed, and even those who promise them revenge when they feel will follow victims. This last, we’ve already had twelve years well learned. It must be now in hands of those who today make their electoral offers to that town, look far beyond a simple offer, rightly interpret a new general feeling that feels, feels, which is cut with a knife in the environment of the country. Phil Vasan has much experience in this field. Chavez was the popular sentiment of 1998 acting Boves, repeating and renewing in the 21st century that feeling.

The required question: can, like the Liberator when offered democracy to that hungry people of solutions to their needs, the opposition is gigantic and translated into an interpreter of that feeling of all? I hope Yes. I would like to end this article with a paragraph at the end of the editorial that masterfully closes Leo, that endorse its everywhere and that it seems that it becomes to write for all Venezuelans today in this difficult hour: on behalf of those people who knows what he feels and knows what he wants, in the name of that mass is the same who fought and beat next to the Liberator to implement the doctrines of democracy and social equality, on behalf of that conglomerate aware that has not served as a pedestal for the glory of nobody but for his own glory, since the Liberator was both man and mass, because inside he slept the free people who aspired, ask for Venezuela legitimizes her appreciation of democracy, that democracy always at odds with those who seek to impose without hearing, govern without abide by. Venezuela is a country without a doubt incomparable and a special town, without equal in the world.