Venezuelan Government

December 25, 2017


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Teodulo Lopez Melendez a journey repetitive that it produces only opinions about its costs. A few agreements that are pointed out how banal. The announcement of a small nuclear reactor that awakens humorous comments. Swarmed by offers, Facebook is currently assessing future choices. 69 agreements that are used by the Venezuelan Government to tie loose ends and go forward in the refinement of its geostrategy. Chavez’s recent trip can be summarized perhaps in this way. The superficial incur the same criticisms of always. The Government improves its geostrategy for sale.

I pointed out, with regard to the most talked-about cases of European intemperance towards migration, that the world has stopped being an enclosure with limits. Geopolitics sees political geography, which is fed and comes its name, though, and landforms lowered leaving descriptive geography in a before and an after. The causality of political events is a cylinder worn in space where measurement of effects moved to pre-empt the disciplinary consequences. PDVSA sold their shareholdings in outside refineries. Of Lyondell Chemical, of asphalt in Paulsboro and Savannah, participation in thousands of service stations selling fuel and CITGO lubricants and now the German Ruhr Oel the Russian conglomerate Rosneft shares.

Despair is evident by the need to geostrategic sell CITGO in the United States. Travel of Chavez responded to a perfectly defined geostrategy. Believes in a multipolar world and composed of graft, among others, by the dictatorships of Iran or Belarus, the incorporation of Syria and strategic tanker support from Libya. Looking there, a pole formed about political authoritarianism and not development, technology, growth and justice, is nothing more than suppliers of small elements substitutes of imports that knows can be denied him in the future. Geostrategy is originally a military concept. It seeks to place the military strategic problems in relation to geographic factors, these resources with geopolitical objectives. The geostrategy is then always impregnated by deep supposedly nationalist interests.