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January 10, 2020


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Over the past nearly 130 years it has become the most powerful for December. Utilities Service of Northern capital were unable to cope with such a welter. On December 20 in St. Petersburg fell more than the monthly norm of snow in some areas the level of snow is 35 inches. St. Petersburg Governor Valentina has appealed for help in cleaning the city for the military, moe and the townspeople.

Because of the huge snow drifts and weakly cleared roads, many Petersburgers move on public transport. And in the city came to an absurd lack of spades Heavy snowfalls were held last week in other regions of Russia. Christmas tree with his hands before the New Year is a few days. According to ancient tradition, Russians decorate their homes and decorate the main attribute of a holiday – a Christmas tree. And although it is still among ecologists there is no unequivocal opinion that Greener – live fir or artificial beauty – and the other trees are in demand among Russians. Last week, Russia opened Christmas bazaars.

This year, residents of the capital, for example, offers four kinds of conifers Trees – 'fir Russian custom', 'Danish spruce' pine 'Serbian spruce' in the tub with the ground. Very cute – Danish Christmas tree, the cheapest – Russian, the most expensive – Serb in the tub. However, as noted by environmentalists, by selecting a fir heart will not hurt that beautiful forest somewhere in the forest were cut down. In addition, a tree can then be planted in the ground or to leave until next year.