Urban Poverty

February 28, 2018


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URBAN POVERTY. Urban poverty is a phenomenon that many Mexicans are suffering at present, as a result of the global financial crisis, without being the only reason, in this condition not only lack of opportunity refers insufficiency of basic needs but rather work, the competitiveness that is present, which makes it very difficult finding a jobinsecurity, poor quality of health services and the lack of opportunities for education to name a few, are as a result do not satisfy basic needs. Happens that this topic is of great importance because now the urban poverty has greater presence than rural poverty, even though there are still different States of the Republic Mexican with a lack of electricity, water, ceiling, etc. Now the metropolis divided the territoria in industrial zones, residential areas and areas in which the majority of citizens who maintain conditions that do not meet the needs. But the cities still maintain the same demands, so that neither dan possibility to get what you need with a lower price. It is a contradiction that while there is no work the basic basket prices will increase. The private sector has been Allied Government and any way us has favored all citizens since much of the task of the Government the private sector has done it, but it happens that with the economic crisis the private sector has not been able to respond as we would like and the unemployed are on the rise in the Government already there are many hopes and debts and needs do not stop. The theme is present so we must train people with knowledge and values that can take this country forward in the not so distant future. With minds innovative work to increase productivity and this allows us to satisfy us at all.