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November 2, 2012


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By activity sectors, a year plus which greater invoicing obtained was the one of " Alimentacin" , with a total of 6,710, 8 million Euros (633.8 million more than in 2009), followed by the one of " The hotel trade/Fast Food" , with 2,181, 4 million (66.4 million more), and by the one of " The hotel trade/Restaurants and bares" , that it invoiced 2,065, 3 million Euros (39.9 million more than in 2009). At the time of valuing the data of the invoicing registered by the set of the system of franchise, Xavier Vallhonrat, President of the AEF, it indicates that " a reduction of only a 0.2%, in a difficult year marked again by the economic crisis, is a clear indicator that the Spanish tax exemption is resisting and doing against this adverse conjuncture of a very worthy way, without a doubt that far better that any other formula of commerce, and, at the same time, it gives reasons for moderate optimismo". Operative standards According to one also takes shelter in the report, the Spanish system of franchise is integrated by a total of 934 standards, of which 757 are of national origin (a 81%) and the 177 rest (a 19%) come from different countries, essentially of France (43 chains), the United States (41), Italy (29) and Portugal (11 marks). In total, are 15 companies more franchisors than in December of 2009, 10 nationals and 5 foreigners. Of these 934 tax exemptions, the represented sector more is the one of " Beauty/Esttica" , with 88 chains (6 more than in 2009), followed by " Stores especializadas" , with 78 (1 more), and " Furniture/Textile; , with 65 (3 more). Also, it also emphasizes the disappearance of 6 standards in the activity of " Services financieros" , that now it is integrated by 15 marks, or " Agencies of viajes" that they have undergone 2 losses, when happening of 25 to 23 companies.