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December 30, 2019


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Since the primrdios of history, the action games are classified as the great causers of hostile and violent acts practised by people of the entire world. It is truth that today, with the technological evolution, we are each time more absolute of the certainty to that some games if approach, and very, of a scene of real violence, the point to provide to sensations and feelings of anger, hatred, fear and aggressiveness. However, diverse studies in some Universities of the United States had disclosed that players of action games possesss greater to be able of decision of what the too much people. Diverse tests had been carried through, and ' ' assassinos' ' virtual they had more than gotten a percentage of positive results of 25% on the remain of the users. It is incoherent to leave to tell that in the graphical perfection where the action games online if find, it is almost impossible the player if not to leave to take for emotions and proportionate reactions for the games.

Thus, we open one another quarrel, where of a side, people affirm that the action games provide a species of evolution of consequences, an improvement in the rapidity of the process of reasoning and etc. Of the other side some people antagonize such games, therefore they affirm that some of these already had been, and are responsible for diverse crimes already committed by psychotic that they lose the notion on the difference between the real world and the virtual one. thus, not leaving of to be true this information, the games of action suffer this preconception, exactly that of discrete form. The fact that if is played of correct form and for conscientious users of its principles, the action games are apt in providing incredible adventures to them, by which we never would perhaps take knowledge if not through them. Therefore it plays, if it amuses, it has fear, it shoots, but it knows that when the disconnect the television or the computer, we are abandoning weapons, garnet, swords and any another way that can harm the humanity.