UNI Union

April 3, 2018


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The 14 of past January fulfilled 1er. Year of existence SINTRATELMEX and although not development an official commemoration, the workers and the workers affiliates celebrated of heart by the profits secured in this first year. Within the secured profits it is the restoration of 7 workers dismissed, the failure to favor in first instance for the restoration of another one and the process in course of 5 union workers but also dismissed for being. The failure to favor as far as the legality of the union since the company, not satisfied with the dismissal with several workers and the persecution which the union was put under, decided to demand the legality and to ask for the liquidation of the union. In addition during the first year, the organization consolidated like the union of the telecommunications but young of Colombia and in continuous growth. The union already counts on affiliates in several cities of the country which have been satisfied sectional committees and. The development and maintenance of the union have not been easy, since it has had to face difficulties economic due to the expensive judicial processes that it has had to confront, it has lived in constant confrontation with the company to defend the rights of the workers, each one of the affiliates has undergone economic problems by the decision of the company to change the contractual conditions unilaterally, to sink them in one gets worse substantial of the income and in addition they have had ideological confrontations within the organization, as a result of the lack of union experience.